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Au croisement du droit et des sciences de l'information.

Au croisement du droit et des sciences de l'information.

De la bibliothèque à la bibliosphère There are many different forms of energy. In this article on going to talk about a few of the more popular forms of energy, heating and power sources. Solar water heating solar water heating technologies mainly based on flat plate collectors, which absorb solar energy that raises the temperature of the water running through them to between 60°C and 80°C. The hot water can be used for various applications in homes, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, and many other places. Hot water at this temperature also has applications in industrial processes for direct heating or as boiler feed water. 5 Free Online Tools to Create Your Own Infographics Infographics and data visualizations have become incredibly popular ways to impart information while keeping your audience engaged. As a result, a slew of user-friendly, free online applications have been created which enable users to create their own information graphics. Here are five such tools that I think are particularly valuable: Wordle - Create beautiful and fully customizable word clouds with this free tool.

Phil Bradley's weblog: Alternatives to Ning As you're probably aware, Ning is closing its doors to its free service, and people will have to either migrate their groups elsewhere or start paying. Before looking at that, let's get the important stuff out of the way - what are the alternatives? I've found a few that you might want to consider taking a look at. I should say that I don't use these myself, so they're not personal recommendations. Basic is free, advertising driven. 10 Feb swefn: Listings for forthcoming events at Electric Knife. I’m playing in the daytime on Sat 22nd - That event will finish in time for people to get to the Japanese noise fest at Cafe Oto which is also on over that weekend. 11 Nov

Inside Société Perrier: The Present and Future of a Content Strategy For the past two years, Perrier has been working to win its groove back. Synonymous with classy bubbly water for decades, Perrier wants to resonate with club, music, art, and culture aficionados — people who like a little fizz. The company hired the Mirrorball agency in 2011 to devise a re-branding strategy that would pump the right kind of content to a fresh base of social consumers — people who would share the news, information, and features that Perrier produced. Titled Société Perrier, the effort now spans nations. Perrier’s content is sourced from elite and sought-after scene-makers in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Mexico City, and Dubai — to name just a few.

5 Myths About the 'Information Age' - The Chronicle Review By Robert Darnton Confusion about the nature of the so-called information age has led to a state of collective false consciousness. It's no one's fault but everyone's problem, because in trying to get our bearings in cyberspace, we often get things wrong, and the misconceptions spread so rapidly that they go unchallenged. Best Practices for Content Curation for Nonprofits at Social Media for Nonprofits Conference On January 30th, I’m speaking at the Social Media for Nonprofits in New York City. (You can get a discount of $20 off the registration by entering the code “Beth” when you sign up although the discount only works on the more expensive tickets). This year, since content curation, is a social media competency that I’m focusing in my own learning and teaching , I’ll be doing a conversational presentation on the topic.

Why Don't You Love Flock? A few days ago, the social web browser Flock released version 2.5 of their software, integrating Facebook Chat, improving Twitter functionality, and adding a new broadcasting feature called "Flockcast." As we evaluated the upgrade, a thought occurred to us: this browser should be the epitome of everything we love about the social web and yet the company has seen only moderate success. Flock has been downloaded 7.5 million times but has just 1.1 million active users. It's a great pleasure to welcome to the fold of the crew our newest member, David Sano! His first descent into the maelstrom of avantgarde metal music is this review of PRELUDIUM's Redemption. Enjoy! And with this brief text I take my leave - I, aVoid, Andreas, am today resigning from my position as chief editor of Marketing Automation Solutions B2B marketing departments everywhere are turning to marketing automation in droves, but many are finding out the hard way that adoption alone isn’t a guarantee for success. If you’re currently struggling to implement a marketing automation platform, or are worried that you’re not maximizing your ROI, you’re not alone. The fact is while usage is soaring (Forrester predicted 19% of B2B organizations would be implementing marketing automation this year and another 17% would be expanding their usage), when it comes to initial execution many companies actually stumble. That’s where consultant companies like LeadMD come in. We asked CEO Justin Gray to share his insights into dealing with the most common pain points for companies implementing marketing automation and provide tips for smoother adoption and long-term success. What are some of the common problems companies come to you with in regards to implementing a new marketing automation platform?

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