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Le Wagon - Apprenez à coder

Le Wagon - Apprenez à coder

Year of Code ChooseYourBoss The Entrepreneurial Age Nivi · February 25th, 2013 The entrepreneurial age will be as important as the industrial age and the information age. In the industrial and information ages, we learned how to put physics and information to great use. In the entrepreneurial age, physics and information will be replaced by entrepreneurship: the ability to serve a customer at the highest level of quality and scale, simultaneously. This is not a statement that the winners are going to win. Differentiation is being commoditized Physics, information, hardware, software, marketing, press, business development, recruiting, training and every damn thing a business needs to do is quickly becoming available as a service. It is no longer effective to rely on any type of differentiation—organizations must focus on delivering the best product in the world to as many people as possible. Scale is getting easier The challenges of scale are now diminishing rapidly. But scale is not being commoditized Why? Comment on Hacker News →

Je Rêve d'une Maison Robotutor No human teacher can keep up with thousands of students in massive open online courses. Smart software can now stand in, offering personalised guidance TENS of thousands of students across the world will log in to online classrooms this week. To address this problem, researchers at Stanford University in California have built an artificially intelligent tutor for online students that can break down and assess submitted code. Codewebs runs machine-learning algorithms on a database of code submissions from thousands of students in courses offered by Coursera, one of the largest MOOC providers. This index means a human instructor can pick one submission, write feedback, then have it automatically sent out to all of the students who wrote similar solutions to their problem sets. "The program understands assignments incredibly well," says Chris Piech, a Stanford researcher working on Codewebs. AI tutors could help with other subjects, too. Online education: only for the rich? Recommended by

POP - Prototyping on Paper Aide création entreprise : Toutaide, Le portail des aides publiques aux entreprises Bourse d'échanges Autour des MOOC Une page autour des MOOC, cours de masse en ligne et ouverts (Massive Open Online Course) Une collecte de références initiée par Michel Briand, avec la participation de Clément Dupiech, IMT Atlantique à compléter c'est un wiki ouvert ! Nous nous dirigeons vers un nouveau modèle radicalement ouvert, asynchrone et collaboratif. Sommaire Actualité Agrégations Agrégation via scoop it Massively MOOC “Examining the development of the Massive Open Online Course” par eLearning and Design, 53 pages août 2013.MOOC Francophones, MOOCs, E- learning, Formation, Education numérique... par Vincent Datin 27 pages août 2013.Easy MOOC, MOOCs and online Education:les évolutions technologiques au service de l'Education par Lucas Gruez, 32 pages août 2013 dont 5 en français. Réseaux sociaux Sites et blogs autour des MOOC et de l'innovation pédagogique Mooctivity, moteur de recherche "Your MOOC catalog and social network. Les MOOC francophones Les MOOC à l'Institut Mines Télécom Les MOOC proposés (140) Hiver 2020 (1)