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Eco-friendly Clothing & Accessories

Eco-friendly Clothing & Accessories
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Auralís NOUVEAUTÉ : Ethical Fashion Brands UK | Ethical Fashion UK | Tiger Lily 2013: The Year of Sustainable Fashion — Sustainable Fashion In less than 24 hours, we will be welcoming in the new year and saying goodbye 2013! But, before doing that, we thought it would be a great idea to look back at this year and see what 2013 brought to the sustainable fashion industry. So without further ado, here is our top 5 picks of 2013 sustainable fashion events! 1. In July, the SOURCE Summit 2013 conference was held at the Crystal in London. 2. September saw the Green Carpet Challenge and Net-a-Porter launch a world wide exclusive capsule collection, where all the pieces were created in accordance with GCC® ethical criteria and produced to the highest sustainable standards. 3. This year also saw the creation the annual commemorative day Fashion Revolution Day. Check out Fashion Revolution Day Facebook page here. 4. Estethica has become one of the industry’s leading showcases of eco sustainable design, supporting over 100 pioneering designers and promoting awareness about ethical fashion around the world. 5. What do you think?

March Eco Look – City Traveler | Oreeko Last month for the February’s Eco Look, I anticipated spring with a seventies-inspired fashion look and for many, spring is finally a reality. Despite the season you live in, I always try to keep in mind versatile attire that can be worn all year round. The inspiration for this month came after visiting the zoo a couple for days ago (blog soon to come). The beautiful colors, designs, shapes of nature and the animals were a real muse. The City Traveler Look - is a mix of city meets jungle, by using stylish, young and fresh eco, organic, vegan and ethical clothes and accessories for the modern eco-conscious woman on the go. The Look: The List: 1. Tip: Don’t be scared of trying out different patters and colors together. 2. This top can be worn in many ways, either with jeans or with an elegant skirt (or in this case with red shorts). 3. I’m totally obsessed with shorts because they are super easy to accessorize and they are perfect for all seasons. Tip: 4. 5. 6. 7. Cheers.

3Fish – Fairtrade Organic clothing company Sew & Laine | Coworking place, Culture Textile, Showroom. Espace hybride An Ethical Boutique: Vegan, Sustainable, Charitable, Fair Wage Fashion – Bead & Reel Chiara Gadaleta – Ser Sustentável com Estilo A Comunidade de Paraisópolis em São Paulo convida para um dia de moda, beleza e claro muita dança e música. Veja a programação. Serviço: Dia 14 de Junho Das 10 às 16hs CEU Paraisópolis : Rua Dr José Augusto de Souza e Silva, s/n – Jardim Parque Morumbi Da Redação SSE O “Bordados de Passira” é um projeto colaborativo, feito a dez mãos amigas, que se juntaram em prol de uma boa causa: capacitar as artesãs da AMAP (Associação de Mulheres Artesãs de Passira), em Pernambuco, para que elas possam ganhar autonomia e vender seus produtos pela internet. Para aquecer a torcida da Copa do Mundo, uma parceria das boas acaba de ser firmada entre São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro. A Bioart, responsável pela beleza dos desfiles da ultima edição do SP.ECOERA, participa da 10* Natural Tech, Feira Internacional de Alimentos Saudáveis e Produtos Naturais e Saúde. Antropologia da moda, Consumo e Inovação. Abre hoje, sábado 31/05 a exposição “handMADE ” na Galeria Nuvem. O Manifesto ” E VOCÊ SE VESTE DE QUÊ?

Green Fashion: Die besten Modelabels Bei H&M und Co. sind Klamotten zwar schön billig, aber den wahren Preis zahlen andere. Die Hersteller in der Utopia Bestenliste dagegen machen nicht nur schicke Kleidung, sie übernehmen auch Verantwortung: für die Arbeiter, die ihre Mode herstellen und für die Umwelt. Hier finden Sie zertifizierte Öko-Labels, deren Kleidung in vielen Läden und Online-Shops erhältlich ist. Kriterien für nachhaltige Modelabels BioDie Baumwolle stammt überwiegend aus Bio-Anbau, Wolle aus kontrolliert biologischer Tierhaltung; in der Produktion werden möglichst wenige schädliche Chemikalien eingesetzt. Viele Hersteller in unserer Liste sind GOTS-zertifiziert. Strenger, aber auch weniger verbreitet ist das IVN Best-Siegel, das die aktuell höchsten Ansprüche stellt. Mode ohne Ausbeutung und Gift: 6 Tipps für nachhaltige Kleidung Fair Das GOTS-Siegel steht auch für einen Mindeststandard an sozialen Kriterien: keine Kinder- oder Zwangsarbeit, Arbeitsschutz und Mindestlöhne in der Verarbeitung.

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