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Paris Restaurants, dentistes, bars, salons de beauté, médecins

Paris Restaurants, dentistes, bars, salons de beauté, médecins

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The power of just ONE user review for travel companies NB: This is a guest article by Anthony Rawlins, CEO of Digital Visitor, a social media and marketing agency for travel and tourism organisations. Forget the controversies for a moment, there is no doubt that online reviews provide significant benefits for organisations in any industry. Earlier this year we wrote an article highlighting the power of online reviews – however in this article, we aim to strip it right back to look at the power that simply ONE review can have… In short: Tastefully British - Tea room, British gift shop, and grocery Bubble Tea History Bubble Tea is the catch-all name for endless unusual names of this drink such as:- tapioca pearl drink, tapioca ball drink, pearl shake, pearl tea, black pearl tea, big pearl, boba tea, boba ice tea, boba nai cha, milk tea, bubble drink, zhen zhu nai cha, momi, momi milk tea, QQ, BBT, PT, and many other names. This drink is far from the plain-looking tea that you are generally familiar with and it is hard to explain to the uninitiated. It is non-alcoholic and non-carbonated. The tea is sweet, though it has less sugar than a typical soft drink. There are a huge variety of flavors to try.

FastSquare support site Description FastSquare is quick and simple way to "check in" to venues in foursquare. Features Check in from your favorites list Check in from your history Check in on the map Quickly search venues Customize dialog after check in Geolocation and augmented reality:Info wins the virtual cities "The idea is to display real-time information useful to users: now you can find pizza with his mobile phone, but nothing on the public service," said Hugues Aubin, Chargé de Mission the city of Rennes, in charge of the project."

Go beyond just a few stars: See what makes a business shine Today, we launched a new feature to rank and show distinguishing aspects for businesses on their Place Pages. By taking a look at a Place Page, you can quickly get a better sense of what people are saying about a business and view relevant snippets about each specific aspect (say, the price, the service, or the infamous deep dish pizza) from all over the web. You can then dive deeper by going to the source and reading the full reviews. The new color-coded bars will give you a simple numeric overview of the how the business rates on each feature. Let's say your in-laws are visiting over the holidays and you want to take them to a nice dinner while they're in town.

Cheqqer sites axed by TUI, reviews to stay on tour operator brands TUI Travel has closed its two Cheqqer user generated content websites after less than two years, although the two million reviews will remain on existing sister operator sites. The two sites, targeting travellers in the Netherlands and Spain, were closed yesterday following a “business review” by TUI. First opened in September 2009 in Holland, Cheqqer then launched in Spain in June 2010 and was expected to see a wider European roll-out over time. TUI says all of the two million reviews added to Cheqqer in the intervening period have been integrated into a single database and can be used across any of its raft of websites, as well as with the operator’s website that originally had the customer.

Bubble Tea- Delicious Despite the Choking Hazard Oh, bubble tea. My favorite drink of all time. I was first introduced to bubble tea four years ago during my first trip to China. Just like America has vending machines and gas stations for your quick soda caffeine fix, China has bubble tea stands lining the streets. Whether you order a fancy bubble tea in a glass or a quick to-go drink in a disposable cup with a vacuum-sealed plastic cover, the drink is always delicious. Sure, it might seem a little scary at first. Latitude - Centre d'aide Google Mobile Google Latitude was retired on August 9th, 2013. Products retired include Google Latitude in Google Maps for Android, Latitude for iPhone, the Latitude API, the public badge, the iGoogle Gadget, and the Latitude website at What does this mean for me?

How Location Services Could Impact Health Care Imagine a hospital that could respond to medical emergencies armed with real-time information about exactly where all its doctors were located. Inside the hospital, which cardio specialist is closest to the 4th floor? Outside the hospital - if an on-call physician is racing to get to a patient's side, how far away are they and when can they be expected to arrive? From emergency to non-emergency to everyday preventative health care, location tracking technologies could make a big impact on our health and well-being in the future. While two million consumers use Foursquare today to find the best nearby coffee shops and bars, what if in the future they used it to locate the best pediatricians, emergency clinics, or even restaurants that catered to their unique health needs? Some intersection between location and health care has already begun, but what we've seen so far is likely only the beginning.

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