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Apps to track your habits and goals. Apps to track your habits and goals I’ve been tracking my daily habits for a couple of years now.

Apps to track your habits and goals

Originally I did it purely as a reminder to do certain things every day. Now I track my habits to help me measure how successful I am with each one in my monthly reviews. Tracking things you do every day can get complicated, especially if you’re tracking several habits at once. These apps below range from simple checklists to habit-building social networks, to personal data hubs. 1.

Productive might look familiar if you’ve ever used the iOS app Balanced. Productive’s stand-out feature is that it groups habits by time of day, so in the morning you’ll only see habits you want to do early, and afternoon or evening habits will show up later in the day. 2. (formerly known as Lift) has evolved a lot since it was first released. It’s also one of the few cross-platform apps that you can access from an iPhone, Android phone or on the web. Untitled. You’ve undoubtedly seen the abysmal statistics on how terrible we are at keeping New Year’s resolutions.


Well, these top goal-setting apps might just give you a fighting chance – starting in January or whenever you have an important goal to achieve. The problem with most goals is that they remain just that: lofty hopes and dreams for the future. But with a little planning and follow-through, they could turn into monthly milestones and weekly tasks and daily sub-tasks and eventually a check mark on one of your goal-setting apps. Here are the top seven goal-setting apps recommended by entrepreneurs, who have some of the trickiest goals and the least free time – so you know these apps are efficient: (free) With over 10 million users, prides itself on merging daily tasks with personal goals. “I use’s calendar (and tasks app) to help me manage my day-to-day activities, which keeps things that I need to get done front and center for my life. OptimizeMe ($3.99) Evernote (free) 7 Apps to Help You Achieve Your Goals and Build New Habits.

Hopefully, by now you have written goals for this next year.

7 Apps to Help You Achieve Your Goals and Build New Habits

If not, my new course, 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever, can guide you through the process. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock/Lonely But as much as I believe in having a set of written goals, it is not enough. You have to take action and then systematically measure your progress. Fortunately, there are numerous apps designed for just this purpose. Recently, I went on a search to find an app for my own use. Goal: “Something you are trying to achieve.” Some applications track all of these items. I have not reviewed each of these extensively. Nozbe: Strictly speaking, this is a task management app. IrunurunYou begin by entering the action or habit you want to track. Will you find the perfect app? Or upgrade to a self-hosted WordPress blog? Five Best Goal Tracking Services. 17 Best Tools and Apps for Building New Habits and Goals.

These online tools will help you stick to the new habits and goals you made over New Year's.

17 Best Tools and Apps for Building New Habits and Goals

February 29, 2012 Change is tough. Making new habits stick is tougher. Now that the New Year’s Resolution frenzy has quieted down, I thought I’d share 17 Web tools to help you create and nurture new habits and goals. There is no shortage of systems and approaches to guide you to successful goal completion and healthy habit building—but this post is meant to steer you to the Web-based services and tools that can help you stay accountable to those lofty ambitions. You can use these for personal or business goals, but I tried to find ones that could help the small business owner. 1. 2. 21 Habit is named after the standard (or not so standard) wisdom that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. 3. 43 Things is one of the more popular goal-setting and new habit sites with over three million users.