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My Cousin Rachel review – Rachel Weisz makes a magnificent villain. My Cousin Rachel is a highly enjoyable mystery thriller of the sort that modern communication and the internet have made impossible to set in the present day.

My Cousin Rachel review – Rachel Weisz makes a magnificent villain

It Comes at Night review – devastating dystopia packs a frightening punch. Peter Travers: 'It Comes at Night' Is Unnerving as Hell - Rolling Stone. No false promises in the title: It Comes at Night comes right at you, leaving you unnerved, maybe even a little unhinged – and completely exhilarated.

Peter Travers: 'It Comes at Night' Is Unnerving as Hell - Rolling Stone

You want horror that screws with your head? This is your ticket. It's the work of Trey Edward Shults, a writer-director whose 2016 indie debut feature, Krisha, was shot for practically nothing in his parents' house in Texas, with his family members and himself cast in key roles. More importantly, it showed the seeds of a talent ready to spread its wings – the kind of young artist who could make a personal drama so intense it would make John Cassavetes flinch.

His sophomore film goes a different route. Muscles, mullets and Malkovich: has Con Air got even weirder with age? A ridiculous movie when it was released in June 1997, Nicolas Cage’s bumpy flight Con Air only seems more absurd 20 years later.

Muscles, mullets and Malkovich: has Con Air got even weirder with age?

The debut of UK director Simon West, it is a thundering action blowout so loud, haywire and sentimental that – in perhaps the ultimate backhanded compliment – it is often misidentified as a Michael Bay movie. Certainly it feels like a natural bridge between two of Bay’s pre-Transformers hits: 1996’s The Rock, where Cage first seemed to get a real taste for being an action star, and 1998’s Armageddon, another high-concept blockbuster hip to the benefits of recruiting an overqualified ensemble.

All three movies bear the glossy, golden-hued, MTV-derived imprimatur of mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer. But thanks to some unpredictable recipe of casting and charisma, Con Air remains the oddest of 1990s popcorn movies: half disreputable prison flick, half gleaming Aerosmith video. How 'Wonder Woman' Tackles Superhero Movies' Greatest Foe: Sexism - Rolling Stone. Wonder Woman is the first female-driven superhero movie to hit multiplexes since 2004's disastrous Catwoman – and in between these two comic-book–cinema poles, there's been a glut of films with masked and/or caped dudes fighting injustice and taking on imposing foes.

How 'Wonder Woman' Tackles Superhero Movies' Greatest Foe: Sexism - Rolling Stone

But what's remarkable about this blockbuster (opening-weekend box office haul: $100.5 million domestic, $223 million globally) is that it may be the first comic-book film in which the obstacles aren't solely demigods, diabolical villains or a dark, tragic backstory but, rather, a society predisposed to hold back women. And while the new movie, which stars Gal Gadot as the mighty Amazon warrior princess, takes place near the end of World War I, the film couldn't be timelier or more in tune with real-world gender imbalance. This Creepy Crime Drama Will Give You the Chills. When I call Corey Asraf and John Swab — co-writers and co-directors of the blistering crime drama Let Me Make You a Martyr, which stars goth-rock icon Marilyn Manson as the homicidal hit man Pope and Sons of Anarchy alumnus Mark Boone Junior as Larry Glass, a sleazy local drug lord — they are driving south to Austin, Texas, to catch the sold-out theatrical release of their movie at the Alamo Drafthouse.

This Creepy Crime Drama Will Give You the Chills

The cerebral revenge film is one part Inception and two parts Pulp Fiction, a mesmerizing and violent tale of two adopted siblings who fall in love, get on drugs and plan to kill Glass, their abusive drug lord daddy. “In the film, I feel like everyone is dying for something whether they want to or not … whether it’s noble or not,” Swab says. “In the world of addiction and abuse, Corey and I really wanted to tell something that was … true to those kind of struggles.

That was our main focus.” Wind River (Trailer) - The Awesomer. ‘Happy End’: Isabelle Huppert’s Demented Black Comedy Is the Feel-Bad Masterpiece of the Year. Storytelling with Sound - The Awesomer. How Robert Eggers Wove the Nightmares of The Witch Out of Historical Documents. The Witch is easily one of the most disturbing horror films in recent memory.

How Robert Eggers Wove the Nightmares of The Witch Out of Historical Documents

As the core family of witchcraft-fearing 17th-century New Englanders devolves into hysteria, the film one-ups itself in unsettling scenes that are near impossible to shake days after watching. Part of what makes the most bloodcurdling moments so startling is that they hail from a very real place in the American past. Writer and director Robert Eggers spent the years leading up to his Sundance-award-winning film enmeshed in research of fairy tales, Calvinism, and the difference between bone and linen corsets.

Blade of the Immortal review – Takashi Miike's samurai bloodbath shows signs of life. For those who are fascinated by Wolverine’s healing factor, boy is Blade of the Immortal a treat.

Blade of the Immortal review – Takashi Miike's samurai bloodbath shows signs of life

Adapted from Hiroaki Samura’s manga of the same name, it follows Manji (Takuya Kimura), a samurai during the Shogunate era who can not die. Prick him and he will bleed, impale him with a humongous sword and he will emit a gruesome gurgle, but with time (and without any novocaine) his innards will put themselves back where they ought to be, enabling him to continue slaying his enemies. This peculiar gift isn’t due an a mutant gene, but because an ancient, veiled woman empowered him (or is it cursed him?)

With the Sacred Bloodworms of the Holy Lama as he lay dying on a battlefield, still seeking vengeance for the death of his mentally impaired little sister. Why she does this is open to interpretation, but there’s not too much time to dwell. The 25 Best Time Travel Movies. No sequels allowed: the 12 best alternative movies to watch this summer. For audiences weary of watching superhero reboots set up superhero spin-offs while teasing superhero sequels, the summer can be a difficult, dry time at the movie theater.

No sequels allowed: the 12 best alternative movies to watch this summer

And while the true Oscar-eager prestige films are still mostly reserved for the colder months, independent distributors and some smaller studio sister companies have become aware of the arthouse gap that exists while sequels dominate. Here are this summer’s 12 best blockbuster diversions: Hounds of Love While examples that break through to the mainstream might be rare, Australian horror films have always carried with them a darkly distinctive edge. James Franco: Stanley Kubrick’s “Blood Meridian” is the perfect western for these times.

This piece originally appeared on Trop, which publishes weekly reviews of fake movies.

James Franco: Stanley Kubrick’s “Blood Meridian” is the perfect western for these times

What follows is James Franco's critical take on Stanley Kubrick's "Blood Meridian. " Director: Stanley Kubrick; Cast: Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, Michael Shannon as “Toadvine,” Tim Blake Nelson, and Leonardo DiCaprio as “The Kid” It is well known that Marlon Brando had once solicited the directorial duties of Stanley Kubrick for the film that would eventually become Brando’s directorial debut and the only film he would ever direct, the existentialist western, “One Eyed Jacks,” in which he also starred opposite his forever faithful co-star Karl Malden (“Streetcar Named Desire”—stage and screen, “On the Waterfront”).

And Kubrick? What “Top Gun” has in common with “The Odyssey” IN THE SUMMER of 1986, on the verge of fourteen, I accompanied my friend and her family to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a two-week beach vacation.

What “Top Gun” has in common with “The Odyssey”

The small cottage we stayed in was without a television, and after just two initial days of sunshine, a unrelenting rain came in. At first, we busied ourselves with chocolate milkshakes and gossip, several successful trips to the hermit crab store, and stuffing our first bikini tops with potholders. Coens, Pekinah, & The Western. Okay, I have to get all of this Coen brothers stuff out of my system. First, I recently stumbled across a Creative Screenwriting podcast interview with the Coen brothers conducted by Jeff Goldsmith. A few interesting things were said. The brothers don’t do outlines, they don’t do research (“We’re not big on that. We’re from the make-it-up school.”), nor do they ever have, with the exception of adaptations and remakes, a clue as to how their stories will end.

May I Recommend a Post-apocalyptic Movie, a Brilliant Thesis about Society: Joon-ho Bong’s ‘Snowpiercer’, Based on the French Graphic Novel ‘le Transperceneige’ Note: If you are a post-apocalyptic movie aficionado and appreciate the ones that provide an in-depth critique of our civilization and the problems that we face, then you should skip the write-up below and just watch Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Snowpiercer’, especially if you enjoy accessible Korean movies – the dialogue in the movie is mainly in English. If you do plan on reading what’s below, please keep in mind that I don’t like providing spoilers, so I’ve refrained from discussing too many details, but instead have approached this write-up as a recommendation. The write-up will probably make more sense post-viewing. There is a certain intensity about Koreans.

I realized this during the early 1990’s while attending university. One of my roommates was Korean and he was kind enough to introduce me to his world. The Importance of Living: Lin Yutang Meets the Dude – An Esoteric Take on 'The Big Lebowski,' Part 2. [Readers may wish to read An Esoteric Take on The Big Lebowski prior to reading this post] Razzle, dazzle, drazzle, drone, time for this one to come home Razzle, dazzle, drazzle, die, time for this one to come alive And hold my life until I’m ready to use it Hold my life because I just might lose it Because I just might lose it Lin Yutang – from Paul Westerberg’s Hold My Life. Review: 'Prometheus' is a Visually Stunning Epic Failure. An Esoteric Take on The Big Lebowski. More than a movie The Big Lebowski is the kind of miracle that, more rarely than occasionally, slips through the cracks of the Hollywood machinery. That’s because the Coen Brothers’ previous film, Fargo, earned seven Academy Nominations and won two, for best original screenplay and best actress in a leading role, Frances McDormand, incidentally Joel Coen’s wife.

So, with a lot more clout behind them, the Coen Brothers embarked on their next project, The Big Lebowski, in which the leading role of the Dude is sublimely played by Jeff Bridges. The Dude, by the way, was inspired by a real man, Jeff Dowd, a publicist who helped the Coen Brothers in launching Blood Simple, their first film. Kristen Wiig, Alice Munro And Negative Space In Fiction : Monkey See. Hide captionKristen Wiig plays Johanna Parry in Hateship Loveship, adapted from an Alice Munro short story.

IFC Films Kristen Wiig plays Johanna Parry in Hateship Loveship, adapted from an Alice Munro short story. [This piece discusses the plot of both the Alice Munro short story on which Hateship Loveship is based and the film itself, although it's frankly nothing you can't intuit from the trailer.] The Alice Munro short story "Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage" begins with a plain and awkward woman named Johanna arranging a shipment of furniture and shopping for a dress. The 5 Most WTF Moments From 'The Counselor'

“RoboCop”: An ’80s classic reengineered — but why? A review of Her by Ray Kurzweil. (credit: Warner Brothers) Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist. Over the years, my membership in NYFCO has introduced me to some truly great animated films, all of which I would regard as superior to the typically overpraised Hollywood blockbuster. Two of them were Brad Bird films: “The Iron Giant” and “Ratatouille”, films that respectively deal with a friendship between a young boy and a giant robot from outer space, and a French rat who aspires to be a gourmet chef. I also loved “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Toy Story 3”, films targeting a more youthful audience than Bird’s animated features. 25 Things You Didn't Know About the Original ROBOCOP ~ The Geek Twins. The RoboCop remake is due to be released on February 12, and I thought it would interesting to take a look back at the original, which had a rich and complex production. Here are twenty five facts about the making of RoboCop that you probably didn't know about. 1.

Movie mistakes - goofs, bloopers, pictures, quotes and trivia from thousands of movies. 50 best movie twist endings of all time. 10 Alternative Christmas Eve Movies. Fancy something different to watch this Christmas Eve but still want to retain the festive spirit? Here are 10 alternative Christmas movies a little different from the usual fare: 50 Best Documentaries of All Time. Movie Review - 'Her' - A Man And His Machine, Finding Out What Love Is. Hide captionIn the sci-fi romance Her, a lonely man (Joaquin Phoenix) finds love in a rather unexpected place — with a computer operating system named Samantha.

'The Great Beauty': High Culture Without the Highbrowness. Golden Ratio On Film: The Math In There Will Be Blood's Cinematography. The Onion Looks Back At 'The Shining' The Onion Reviews 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' The Onion Reviews 'Gravity' Chris Hadfield ejected from movie theatre for loudly heckling Gravity. WATERLOO, ON – Responding to numerous patron complaints, the staff of the Empire Theatres Waterloo reportedly removed famed Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield after he would not stop heckling a screening of Gravity, the space thriller that has recently dominated the domestic box office. Eyewitnesses reported that during last night’s 9:15pm Real3D screening of Gravity, a lone man (later identified as retired ISS Commander Chris Hadfield) began muttering under his breath and chuckling to himself.

All Is Lost—And Who Was Doing the Thinking? The twisted mind of “Ender’s Game” Guilt, history and “Ender’s Game” Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir. How to Make a Massacre: Tobe Hooper on Masters of Horror. Puhnner Blog - Movie reviews - Spout. Tiny Terror: Roman Polanski. Why 'Back to the Future' Is Secretly Horrifying. The Horrifying Secret 'The Matrix' Reveals About Humanity. Side Effects – review. Slavoj Zizek On "They Live" We Know What The Shining Is Really About, And We're Going To Tell You. Perhaps. The 6 Weirdest Theories About "The Shining"

The Onion Looks Back at ‘Jaws’ Open Thread. Criterion Collection edition of Seconds, directed by John Frankenheimer and starring Rock Hudson, reviewed. Review: All Night Long (1962) - Jon Fortgang, writer and editor. Rancid Popcorn » patrick mcgoohan. Ryan Gosling: “Do I look like a feminist?” “The Conjuring”: Right-wing, woman-hating and really scary. ‘World War Z’... for Zionism? Being There 1979 : Film Analysis/Review -Symbolism, Esoteric Paradigms, and the Creation of Reality. “28 Days Later” Luhrmann’s “Gatsby” is like “crayoning Donald Duck into ‘The Last Supper’”

The Shining: Kubrick's Gold Story 1/4 film analysis by Rob Ager. THE THING film analysis (update) "Was Childs infected?" part 1/2. ALIEN film analysis PT 1 by Rob Ager. A CLOCKWORK ORANGE in-depth analysis by Rob Ager 2010. In the Year of the Pig - The Screen:' In the Year of the Pig,' Documentary, Bows. This Is What Defeat Looks Like: Zero Dark Thirty Reviewed. Cut! Not Enough Hollywood Directors Know When To Quit.

‘Disturbing’ & ‘Misleading’ by Steve Coll. Perfectionist, my ass! ‘Full Metal Jacket’ review by Jacob Olsen. Locked Inside the Kubrick Cult. Mstrmnd. THE SHINING (1979) analysis by Rob Ager. Thunder Road is one of the first, and finest, automotive action movies off the Hollywood lot. Is ‘The Great Gatsby’ a Movie or a Shopping Promo? The Julie Taylor Test: How to tell if a TV actor is bad. 'Trance' Is an Intelligent, Multi-Layered Film. 'Oblivion' Suffers From Derivative Elements. Everything you were afraid to ask about “Upstream Color” Upstream Color is the first masterpiece of the year. The Place Beyond the Pines starring Ryan Gosling, reviewed. Muscles, Fire, Guns, the New Frontier and Inner City Savages! - the Right Wing Mythology of Eighties' Action Films.

Oscar Travesties, Day 5: Objectively Terrible Art - Hollywood Prospectus Blog. Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln and the Myth of Hollywood. Netflix Movies On Streaming That Are Actually Good: 7 Tools To Help You Find Them. Pick of the week: A Nazi’s daughter’s painful awakening. ‘Lore,’ by Cate Shortland, Views Children in Postwar Germany. Steven Soderbergh’s Caper Film ‘Side Effects’ Arthur J Bullock Jr's review of Prometheus [HD] “Side Effects”: A chilly, mysterious thriller ends a strange and brilliant career. "Prometheus": A Movie About Alien Nephilim and Esoteric Enlightenment. Quentin Tarantino talks to himself. Andrew O’Hehir’s 10 Best Movies of 2012. ‘Barbara,’ Directed by Christian Petzold. 2012 In Review: 10 Films Worth Going Out Of Your Way For : Monkey See. Pick of the week: Kathryn Bigelow’s mesmerizing post-9/11 nightmare.

“It’s a Wonderful Life”: Occupy Bedford Falls! Is feminism worth defending with torture? “Killer Joe”: Matthew McConaughey’s comeback gets creepier.