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Significant Prevalence of Legal Malpractice Claims. Attorneys handling medical malpractice and personal injury cases know how tedious the medical record review process is.

Significant Prevalence of Legal Malpractice Claims

To relieve the stress, many of them utilize the solutions provided by medical record review companies that take care of important processes such as medical record organization and medical record analysis and provide a clear view of the case. In most instances, attorneys manage to secure a fair compensation for their clients. However, there are instances when they face legal malpractice claims following alleged inappropriate handling of a case that result in harm/damages to their clients.

According to the ABA (American Bar Association), around five to six percent of all private attorneys face legal malpractice charges each year – a rather scary statistics! As a recent Legal Intelligencer article points out, it is rather difficult to trace the figures regarding legal malpractice claims and the reasons for this are: However, there are many legal malpractice cases. Why Outsource Medical Peer Review? Medical Record Review for Emotional Trauma Lawsuits.

Both plaintiff and defense attorneys handling personal injury cases require medical record review for attorneys, a service provided by a medical record review company.

Medical Record Review for Emotional Trauma Lawsuits

The review is provided by an expert team comprising physicians and registered nurse consultants who make available expert case analysis, case chronology and summary. These services help the attorney evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the case in hand. Whether preparing for deposition and trial, or developing cross examination questions, this service will prove useful. Detailed medical records are necessary to prove physical as well as emotional damage following a personal injury.

While physical injuries can be established via X-rays, scans and photographs, emotional injuries and damages are difficult to prove. Probable Causes of Emotional Trauma. Why Medical Record Retrieval Is Important for the Insurance Industry. Why is medical record retrieval important for the insurance industry that is usually more focused on claims review?

Why Medical Record Retrieval Is Important for the Insurance Industry

An insurance policy may be associated with long-term care, disability, life or health. Whatever the nature of the policy may be, record retrieval services have a major role to play. These services support insurance claims agents by compiling a comprehensive health history of the concerned person so that the insurance company can take a proper payment decision on the basis of the medical records retrieved. In addition, payers can save costs associated with using in-house resources for requesting, tracking and managing the records. Key Medical Records to Review in a Product Liability Case.

One of the most common and routine surgeries, hip replacements have benefited people by providing pain relief and increased mobility.

Key Medical Records to Review in a Product Liability Case

Unfortunately, metal-on-metal hip models from Johnson & Johnson, Stryker and DePuy are seen to create problems. This is because metallic debris released by friction between the hips’ metal components can lead to dangerous physical reactions and hip failure. Factors that Add Value to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Workers’ Compensation Claims. Medical Record Review Need Rising With Opioid Abuse. As a medical malpractice attorney you’d know that prescription drug overdose cases are seen more and more often in the United States.

Medical Record Review Need Rising With Opioid Abuse

This is a personal injury case that would involve detailed and comprehensive medical record review to prove causation. Reviewing medical documentation can be quite tedious, especially when you are untrained in medical matters and terminology. In this regard, you could consider medical record review for attorneys, a reliable service provided by medical review firms. Coming back to the topic of prescription drug abuse, opioid overdose kills a number of Americans with many people in the United States taking opioids for pain.

In such cases, the possibilities for misuse, addiction and accidental overdose are manifold. Opioid Abuse – a Result of the Patient Developing an Addiction Disorder Prescription drug abuse could occur if: Once an injury or death is caused by a prescription drug, the doctor is very likely to face blame. Connecticut Supreme Court Ruling Holds New Hope for Tobacco Victims. Tobacco use is a dangerous tendency that leads to the development of diseases like lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, periodontal disease and so on.

Connecticut Supreme Court Ruling Holds New Hope for Tobacco Victims

Tobacco is one of the leading causes of preventable death and disease across the world. It is estimated that it kills thrice the number of people who fall victims to drugs, alcohol, suicide, homicide and car crashes. It is through a comprehensive medical record review that evidence is obtained regarding the specific disease condition of the injured person. Once they develop a serious condition like lung cancer, smokers can sue the tobacco industry. Some Important Facts to Know About Social Security Disability Insurance. Social security disability insurance is a program that benefits millions of disabled Americans and their families and you qualify for this disability insurance only after a comprehensive medical record review.

Some Important Facts to Know About Social Security Disability Insurance

The applicant’s specific health condition must be among the list of impairments charted out by the SSA (Social Security Administration). To ensure that their disability claims are successfully submitted and they have good prospects of securing benefits, many applicants rely on social security disability attorneys. Law firms and attorneys taking up such cases find medical record review services for attorneys immensely supportive because it helps them quickly decide whether a case is worth taking up. reported recently that the number of people receiving SSA benefits crossed 60,000,000 for the first time at the beginning of 2016. The average monthly benefit that each beneficiary received was $1228.12 in December; $1229.85 in January, and $1230.70 in February.

EMR, Malpractice Risk and Medical Record Review. Medical records are vital to a personal injury attorney representing an injured person or the defense attorney representing the physician or other care provider.

EMR, Malpractice Risk and Medical Record Review

These valuable documents provide a complete picture of the nature and extent of the injuries, the amount of pain and suffering and so on, via a comprehensive medical record review. You need to obtain copies of all relevant current as well as earlier medical records if you are to represent your client adequately. This is the age of electronic medical records (EMR) with many hospitals, doctors, clinics and other healthcare providers using EMRs to provide health services.

The electronic health record is expected to provide all healthcare information regarding a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, current and previous medications, allergies and immunization records, imaging records, lab results and reports and other details. Obtaining Medical Records for Medical Record Review Purposes. EMR, Malpractice Risk and Medical Record Review. 9 Mistakes to Avoid when Preparing an Independent Medical Evaluation Report. Fee Regulation for Attorneys of SSDI Claimants. Social security disability applicants are often represented by attorneys who review the relevant medical records to evaluate the merit of the case.

Fee Regulation for Attorneys of SSDI Claimants

They provide legal counsel on whether the applicant is likely to be granted benefits. Federal law regulates the fees for all attorneys representing claimants applying for social security disability benefits. The statute states that the attorney is to receive 25% of the claimant’s retroactive benefits or a flat fee (at present it is set at $6, 000), whichever is less. A Look at Social Security’s Special Services for Beneficiaries. Social Security is one of the most efficient government programs that keeps millions of Americans out of poverty.

A Look at Social Security’s Special Services for Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries include those who receive SSDI and SSI benefits. Disability benefits are granted on the basis of a detailed medical record review of the applicant. The applicant’s disability should fall under the list of impairments compiled by the SSA (Social Security Administration) and considered eligible for disability allowance. The SSA has always attempted to go the extra mile for its beneficiaries by offering special services. Compassionate Allowance for Seriously Ill Patients Sensitive to the difficulties faced by applicants who are seriously ill and to help them avoid the long waiting time for decisions on their disability applications, Social Security created the Compassionate Allowances list that includes 225 serious health conditions. Medical Record Review Key for Workers Compensation Claims. As in other personal injury claims, medical record review is an important part of workers’ compensation litigation. The work-related injury must be well-documented in the claimant’s medical records.

It is of utmost importance that every time a claimant sees a doctor, the doctor knows that he/she is treating a work-related injury. Medical Record Review in Product Liability Cases. Many Americans depend on medical devices with the hope to improve the quality of their life, and many others use prescription drugs to address various health conditions. Medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers constantly introduce new products with the best interests of users in mind.

However, sometimes these products prove to be defective and cause injury when they should have been beneficial. Lack of adequate testing, failure to warn consumers about risks involved etc. lead to adverse events and product liability lawsuits. In any product liability case – for instance those involving artificial hip implants, knee implants, transvaginal mesh, or failed drug – review of medical records is the initial step to evaluate the extent of injury and whether the injury is a direct result of the faulty product. The plaintiff’s entire medical history including the medical records dated may years before the injury date may be requested by defense attorneys. Why It Is Important to Utilize HIPP-compliant Medical Record Review Services. As a personal injury attorney handling hundreds of medical records for medical record review, you need to be extra cautious regarding the confidentiality of these documents. More importantly, if you happen to use medical record review services, it is your onus to make sure that they have reliable security measures in place to protect the medical information you entrust them with, and are HIPAA-compliant.

When you deal with confidential health information, you may need to become an actual "business associate" under HIPAA and HITECH Acts and this carries specific obligations and compliance measures. Failing to meet the required standards may lead to serious penalties. Social Security Disability Benefits for Musculoskeletal Disorders. Applicants with painful musculoskeletal impairments may qualify for social security disability benefits on the basis of a detailed medical record review. This type of impairment is a physical problem that affects the spinal cord, arms, joints and legs. Candidates with severe symptoms that prevent them from engaging in gainful employment can apply for disability benefits. Musculoskeletal Disorders That May Qualify for Benefits Major dysfunction of a joint: According to the SSA website, this condition may qualify if it is characterized by chronic joint pain, severe anatomical deformity, and abnormal motion or limitation of motion.

In this case appropriate imaging studies would be reviewed for findings of body destruction, joint space narrowing, or ankylosis of the joint. Detailed Medical Charting Helps Avoid Malpractice. Falsification of Medical Records – Creates Grave Consequences for the Patient and Provider. Social Security Administration Requested to Overhaul Its Representative Payee Approach. Developing Medical Case Chronology and Reviewing Medical Records in Product Liability Litigation. Medical record review is the first important step in product liability litigation. Product liability claims are those that involve defective medical products such as defective hip implants, breast implants, medications, and birth control devices that have caused injuries to patients.