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Abby the Librarian

Abby the Librarian

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Teaching Multilingual Learners Online WIDA as an organization does not advocate for or endorse any of these technologies for instruction. Schools, districts and states are responsible for making choices about appropriate and applicable technologies and products. Since many schools are moving to online instruction, WIDA reached out to educators in the WIDA International School Consortium to identify some of the unique opportunities and challenges for multilingual learners in online environments. Some international educators have been teaching online for more than a month, and we have framed these insights around the 2019 WIDA Guiding Principles of Language Development. Many thanks to Esther Bettney and Tan Huynh for their contributions. Join the conversation to share your insights and continue the discussion online.

Eye-LIKEy chats with Maria Carluccio artist + author When I was a kid I once got in big trouble for scratching doodles of houses into a soft leather tabletop (hey, it was the '70s). From that point on I knew I was hooked. I always thought that it was cool to be able to draw what you could see but it was magical to draw what you could feel or imagine. I still think that. Joining a meeting by phone Overview You can join a Zoom meeting via teleconferencing/audio conferencing (using a traditional phone). This is useful when: Cozy Homemaking Nothing much to say today but wishing a super happy birthday to a most wonderful & stunning person on this planet, someone who's been a light on my path, and who taught me so many things in/of life. Happy birthday sunshine, I love you so very much ! And a little something for you here ... ox

Parent & Afterschool Resources: Kindergarten Home › Parent & Afterschool Resources › Kindergarten Kindergarteners have just started down the exciting road to reading and writing. These materials are designed by experts to help them on the journey outside of school. Bingo Game Use this printout to play bingo with your child on a wide variety of topics.

Croatan Cottage: A Beautifully Restored Sears Roebuck Kit House in North Carolina Croatan Cottage in Manteo, North Carolina started life as a Sears Roebuck kit house in the early 1900s called “The Vallonia.” At the time it was described as “a prize bungalow home already cut and fitted,” that you could buy for just $1,979. Here’s how it looked in the original catalog: After the house was delivered in kit form by boat to the Manteo waterfront, it was unloaded and assembled here. This is how it looks today:

Lockdown Librarian: Ways to Connect to Your Patrons Now that most of the world is in some sort of lockdown, librarians are finding new and inventive ways to reach out to their patrons. As a school librarian in London, UK, I’ve been keeping busy reaching out to the students that I serve. It’s a bizarre situation that we’re all in but we are all in it together. For the first two weeks of this mess I couldn’t read one page, my mind couldn’t focus. Over time I was able to start reading and now I’m back to where I was before.

We’re back! For a minute. And then we’re moving… July 8, 2013 by Rain Hannah Back from vacation, the Etsy shop is open for business, and we are home in the foothills of Los Angeles for about a minute before we pack up the Casas Fabulous and Sexypants and head off on a new life adventure. We are moving from LA County, population: 9,862,049 to Tuolumne County, population: 55,365. The town we are hoping to move to is in the High Sierras and has approximately 155 residents, according to the last census. Flipgrid: A Modern Tech Tool to Practice the Age Old Art of Speaking – Canadian School Libraries Journal By Sarah Murray Traditional models to access learning usually require the teacher to rush from group to group to assess learning. This can be chaotic with the cacophony of students talking within their groups, managing those who are off task and engaging those who are actively disengaged. Paolo Friere, a Brazilian educator and philosopher, and author of Pedagogy of the Oppressed, stated “If the structure does not permit dialogue the structure must be changed”. Flipgrid is a tool that not only destabilizes the traditional structure of the classroom with the teacher as the predominant voice, but furthermore allows for the collection of authentic voices that can be responded to over time. Flipgrid prides itself on building a student-centered community of learners where all learners have a voice.

How To Use Flipgrid for Book Clubs How do students in your classroom share their responses to reading? How can you participate in a book club with educators nearby or far away? I’m so excited about the way educators are leveraging the power of digital tools to connect readers of all ages.