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How to Photograph Newborns A Guest Post by Steph Tan. Among the many different photo shoots one can do, I’ve always considered newborn photography as one of the most challenging. Having great equipment and great technical know-how is never enough. For me, this is the genre of photography where the human touch is most important. Here are a few simple tips to make the most out of a newborn session: 1. Have a plan, seek permission for everything that you want to do, and make sure the parents are onboard. 2. While you have a plan, be ready to mix them around or chuck them out of the window if necessary. 3. For every stage of a baby’s life, they reach milestones, which are gems in their baby history. 4. These little ones are growing everyday. 5. Everyone’s excited about the new baby! 6. Before the shoot, ask permission to use some props you’ve been itching to try out. I hope these help.

Heuristic play Heuristic play is rooted in young children’s natural curiosity. As babies grow, they move beyond being content to simply feel and ponder objects, to wanting to find out what can be done with them. Toddlers have an urge to handle things: to gather, fill, dump, stack, knock down, select and manipulate in other ways. In their book, People under Three, Elinor Goldschmied and Sonia Jackson coined the term heuristic play, to explain how to provide a more structured opportunity for this kind of activity. Heuristic play with objects is not a novel idea. To provide for heuristic play, practitioners collect natural materials like fir cones, conkers, seashells, and pebbles, as well as ribbons, short lengths of chain, and ‘found’ objects like curtain rings, jar lids, sturdy cardboard tubes, the circles from inside sellotape, and empty cotton reels. For the heuristic play session, a large floor area is freed for a specified period; an hour is good, allowing time for children to help pack up.

More Baby Photography Tips There’s a real baby theme on DPS this week. Our editor Darren just had his 2nd son earlier in teh week and yesterday we published a baby photography tips post and today we have another one from Candace Lindemann from the Mamanista and Mama Saga blogs. We didn’t plan to have two posts on baby photography on the same week – but when they both were submitted on the same day we thought it’d make a nice series! Babies are an attractive, yet elusive subject. Light of My Life Before we even get to that adorable baby, let’s talk about lighting. Natural sunlight is often the most flattering light for human subjects, especially the warm, soft rays just after dawn and just before dusk. If sunlight is not available, a soft shaded desk lamp can also set an intimate scene. Set the Scene Speaking of scenery, considering your surroundings will improve your shot greatly. Consider the outdoors and its seasonal settings. As Soft As a Baby’s… You can also surround your baby with luxurious, soft fabric.

Over 100 of the Best Newborn Baby Photography Ideas, Tutorials & Tips Want to learn more about newborn photography? Oh baby… look no further, because we went on the hunt all over the web for the VERY BEST tutorials, tips, inspiration, ideas and how-to’s to help you get started! We’re excited to provide such a comprehensive list of well over 100 amazing links! Find tutorials and tips easily by category for photographers, parents, safety, posing guides and many more. This is the Ultimate FREE Newborn Photography Guide! As we find more great tutorials, we’ll update this post, so be sure to pin this to your Pinterest board or bookmark this page for reference. Tips & Tricks for Newborn Baby Photography Tips For Photographers: Newborn Inspiration for Lifestyle Photographers: Photography Tips For Parents: Newborn Photo Editing Tutorials Pullbacks, Behind-The-Scenes & Studio Spaces DIY – Photography Props, Backdrops, Crafts and Flooring Newborn Posing Tutorials Safety Tips for Newborn Sessions Newborn Photography That Inspires Us Newborn Photography | Posing Inspiration

3 reasons why your baby photos look better in B&W — PatB Photography Three reasons why B&W photography is perfect for your baby photos You may not have thought about it before. But black and white is the perfect choice for your baby photos. And here’s why. As you know black & white photography has been around since the beginning of photography. 2/10/2012 – There will always be a few exceptions, see this beautiful newborn baby who looked perfect in colour due to having no redness on her face. Below are a few baby photos from a recent photo session with a newborn baby. Comparing the size of hands between mother and daughter Newborn baby picture looks perfect in black & white. Mum with her newborn baby And this is what mum thought of her baby photos: SarahCambs “I took part in a maternity shoot last year with Pat and was blown away with the results he managed to capture the most important part of my life in gorgeous photos, my husband had a truly special and individual birthday present. Have your thought about pregnancy photography too? SarahKent Don’t miss out