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Raising Children Network

Raising Children Network

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National Law Home Introducing the National Quality Framework The National Quality Standard theconversation Homo sapiens is a very moody species. Even though sadness and bad moods have always been part of the human experience, we now live in an age that ignores or devalues these feelings. In our culture, normal human emotions like temporary sadness are often treated as disorders. Manipulative advertising, marketing and self-help industries claim happiness should be ours for the asking. Yet bad moods remain an essential part of the normal range of moods we regularly experience.

Heuristic play Heuristic play is rooted in young children’s natural curiosity. As babies grow, they move beyond being content to simply feel and ponder objects, to wanting to find out what can be done with them. Toddlers have an urge to handle things: to gather, fill, dump, stack, knock down, select and manipulate in other ways.

Johns Hopkins University: New Horizons for Learning Welcome to New Horizons for Learning - a leading web resource for identifying and communicating successful strategies for educational practice. The Johns Hopkins School of Education does not vet or endorse any information contained on the New Horizons website. Information posted on New Horizons prior to January 1, 2014 can be repurposed as long as the repurposing party provides attribution to the original author of the material being used. Information posted on New Horizons after January 1, 2014 is considered open access information and can be repurposed without attribution to the original author. In all cases, attribution should be given to the New Horizons website. For questions, contact

Safety Centre : About the Safety Centre The Safety Centre aims to reduce unintentional injury through: A selection of safety products are installed or displayed in the Family Resource Centre and visitors can complete a "Self Guided Tour of Safety Products". Families with a special needs child or those wanting individual advice on home safety are welcome to make an appointment with a safety consultant in the Safety Centre. Since 1979 the Safety Centre's mission has been to reduce injury mortality and morbidity by supporting communities to improve health, safety and wellbeing.

Interpreting & Translation - Community Relations Commission Language Services unit provides comprehensive interpreting and translation services in 106 languages and dialects, including Auslan. Our services are available to all New South Wales Government departments and agencies, as well as private and commercial organisations, community groups and individuals. Our professional interpreters and translators play a vital role in achieving our mission. The provision of linguistic services through the Commission is part of the New South Wales Government's commitment to ensuring the full, fair and equal participation of all people in programs, services and processes, and enables the New South Wales' Public Service to achieve community participation by breaking down barriers. Interpreting

Popular social media sites 'harm young people's mental health' Four of the five most popular forms of social media harm young people’s mental health, with Instagram the most damaging, according to research by two health organisations. Instagram has the most negative impact on young people’s mental wellbeing, a survey of almost 1,500 14- to 24-year-olds found, and the health groups accused it of deepening young people’s feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. The survey, published on Friday, concluded that Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter are also harmful. Among the five only YouTube was judged to have a positive impact.

Child development: 0-3 months child; development; child development; three; months; physical development; social; emotional; crying; hearing; seeing; sleep; activities; speech; language; baby; jiggle; jiggling; birth; newborn ; At birth a baby does not know or understand anything. It quickly learns to recognise the smell and voice of the person who feeds them and holds them most often but they do not know this is their 'mother'. However, even from birth, they start to communicate with you and give you little signals when they are tired or hungry, or awake and alert.

Great books for kids under five Help you child develop an interest in reading If you've re-read your child's books umpteen times, it may be time to re-stock the library! Here's a list of well known faves for children under five. Triple P – Positive parenting program and support Home » Triple P positive parenting program “The Triple P program is not telling us how to be a parent; it’s giving us the tools to be better at it.” Louise, mum of two. Kids don’t come with an instruction manual. Whether you’re a mum, dad, single parent family, step parenting or a carer – the Triple P positive parenting program can help you with a specific problem, or provide tips on parenting and help with understanding your child’s development and behaviour.

Forget hookup culture. The 'talk' your kids need is about relationships When I was 11 years old, copies of the now defunct Australian teen magazine Dolly started mysteriously showing up in my family’s living room. At the time, I thought my mother was buying them for her own entertainment, and passing them on to me when she was done the way she did the other magazines she read. But with a couple of decades hindsight, I now realise the magazines were purchased for my benefit. At that point, I was already educated in the basics of sex and puberty. But the magazines provided answers to the questions that would plague my adolescence.

Television Viewing in Infancy and Child Cognition at 3 Years of Age in a US Cohort + Author Affiliations OBJECTIVE. To examine the extent to which infant television viewing is associated with language and visual motor skills at 3 years of age. MEASURES. We studied 872 children who were participants in Project Viva, a prospective cohort. School holiday activities The Victorian School Holidays will start on 28 June - are you ready to entertain your children? Below are a range of activities you might consider to entertain them with over the school holiday period. Arts Centre Melbourne - Kids and Families

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