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Thank You for joining the Summit! (read on for access to your free bonuses) - Holistic Oral Health Summit. 1. Thank You! A confirmation email is on the way to the address you provided (check SPAM or JUNK folders if you don't receive it). Please click the link in the email to confirm your registration! Make sure to add both and to your address book so that you can get our emails!

2. Do you use Gmail or Google Apps? Our email is probably in your "PROMOTIONS" tab! 3. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on PinterestShare on Google PlusShare via Email 4. Essential Oils for Oral Health from Dr. Why Leaky Gut Causes Tooth Decay and 5 Ways to Cure It from Dr. The 3 Most Important Things to Know Before Seeing a Dentist from Stuart Nunnally, DDS, MS Reversing Disease: An Overlooked Solution from Ronald Hunninghake, MD. Homemade Probiotic Toothpaste. Silica from horsetail a good source of calcium - is 'biological transmutation' real? A surprising but possibly highly effective 'calcium' supplement. Before we begin, here are some horsetail tips Should you decide - after reading the below evidence - to include horsetail in your dental health regimen (as I have done), here are some tips: Look for a source of quality horsetail - you may save money by buying the whole herb.

If the latter, pulverise it and take some of it daily. According to the below article, several grams a day were effective in dramatically speeding up the healing of bone fractures (while intake of calcium showed little effect), a similar result might be observable in teeth.The article suggests a dose of 500 mg for maintenance (horsetail has a few contraindications). Here now is Earl Staelin's article, published in Well Being Journal, March/April 2006, Volume 15, #2 (out of print) (subscription information available from 1-775-887-1702). By © Earl Staelin Emphases and small edits (particularly for brevity) by Healing Teeth Naturally Americans have been taught that they need lots of calcium .... . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. Inexpensive mineral- and trace-element-rich foods - seaweed, organic blackstrap molasses, eggshells. For optimising dental and other healing and in an effort to make up for previous nutritional deficiencies (yes, including those we may have sustained while developing in our mother's womb, see Minerals and Trace Elements), it seems advisable to eat a nutritious mineral-rich raw-focussed diet based on organically grown food1, and regularly include seaweed and blackstrap molasses as natural superfood "supplements".

Incidentally, the advantage of using foods rather than isolated mineral supplements to add minerals to one's body is twofold. One advantage lies in the balance of elements provided in foods. While taking isolated minerals and trace elements may be helpful, there is a possible concern of taking too much of a good thing and since these elements tend to "compete" with one another, to actually incur a deficiency in another vital element by overdosing on the one ingested. Organic blackstrap molasses:an abundant source of alkalizing minerals Other suggestions Eggshells Footnotes. NEERLANDs Tuin - reuzenschaafstro, Equisetum hyemale 'Robustum' Schaafstro. Schaafstro (Equisetum hyemale) of schuurbies is een vaste plant die behoort tot de paardenstaartenfamilie (Equisetaceae).

De naam schaafstro is afkomstig van de ruwe stengel, die vroeger gebruikt werd als schuurmiddel. De plant komt van nature voor in Eurazië en Noord-Amerika. De plant wordt ook wel in de siertuin gebruikt. De plant wordt 40-90 cm hoog en vormt wortelstokken. In juni tot augustus verschijnen er sporenaren op de top van de stengels. De sporen groeien uit tot bladgroenhoudende voorkiemen (prothallia). De plant komt voor vochtige, matig voedselarme grond in loofbossen. Gebruik[bewerken] Plantengemeenschap[bewerken] Schaafstro is een kensoort voor het verbond van els en gewone vogelkers (Alno-padion). Namen in andere talen[bewerken] Duits: Winter-SchachtelhalmEngels: Dutch Rush, Rough HorsetailAmerikaans: Scouring RushFrans: Prêle d'hiver niet meer gangbare namen in het Nederlands[4][bewerken] KannewasserLidrus,Ruwe paardestaartSchrijnwerkersbiesSchaafgrasSpaanse biesSchuurbies.

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