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Intact care

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Balanitis - Posthitis - Balanoposthitis. Balanitis is an inflammation+ of the glans (balanus), but is not necessarily an infection*.

Balanitis - Posthitis - Balanoposthitis

Balanitis may occur together with posthitis (inflammation of the foreskin), when it is known as balanoposthitis. Balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO) is a separate and distinct condition. For more information on BXO, visit Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans. Balanitis can occur in both circumcised and intact (non-circumcised) males.6 Van Howe reported significantly more balanitis in circumcised boys as compared with intact non-circumcised boys.10 Balanitis has a wide variety of causes, including physical trauma, an irritant, or an infection.6,8,13 Infectious balanitis may be caused by yeast, fungus, bacteria, or virus infection.6,8,9,13 Identification of the cause is essential for successful treatment.6,13 Use of the flow chart in the National Guidelines to assist in obtaining a diagnosis and selecting treatment is recommended.

August 2012. On Monday, August 27, 2012, at 12:01am ET the AAP is scheduled to release their newest policy statement on circumcision.

August 2012

While the rest of the world moves in a direction far away from the forced genital cutting of healthy babies and minor children, with many nations implementing bans on the practice, this new AAP statement takes an awkward, pro-cutting slant, and one that it not grounded in sound medical evidence. What follows is the critique of one scholar, Petrina Fadel, who serves as the Director of Catholics Against Circumcision. For a full pdf copy of the AAP's statement (31 pages) write to to request. Dear AAP Board Members: I am writing to you to request that you withdraw or rescind the newest 2012 AAP Circumcision Policy Statement.

Hands Off My Foreskin! Dr. Martin Winckler on the Care of Baby Boys. By Martin Winckler, M.D. © 2013Lire en Français ici.

Hands Off My Foreskin! Dr. Martin Winckler on the Care of Baby Boys

Embarrassing Bodies - Tight foreskin causes pain for child. End Routine Infant Circumcision. Thank you Kari for sharing your following story with us and all of our fans!

End Routine Infant Circumcision.

Our story is a good one, beginning with a column in TIME magazine. Nearly due with my first baby, a boy, I read a piece by a Jewish author about how circumcision is not warranted and how he thought it was wrong to do it to a helpless baby. I hadn’t thought much about it up until that point, and we don’t follow any particular religion, but then it got the wheels spinning. Even then, being a woman I didn’t feel my opinion on it mattered as much as my husband’s so I left it up to him. I gave him the article to read and a few days later asked him what his thoughts were. We are American but we live in Germany and had our son in a German hospital. I felt ridiculous for having to ask how to take care of a normal penis but he was kind enough to explain it all to me. When we got back to our house I did meet with resistance in the form of my mother-in-law. Caring. Questions Regarding Normal Separation of the Prepuce. MCatLvrMom2A&X at Mothering posted with author's permission Photos © 2010 Danelle Frisbie and Jennifer Quesada.

Questions Regarding Normal Separation of the Prepuce

Painful Urination During Prepuce Separation. By Jennifer Coias © 2010 I've received several questions from parents regarding painful urination.

Painful Urination During Prepuce Separation

Ballooning in the Intact Child. By Jennifer Coais © 2011.

Ballooning in the Intact Child

Birley: Management of Recurrent Balanitis. H D L Birley, M M Walker, G A Luzzi, R Bell, D Taylor-Robinson, M Byrne, A M Renton Abstract Objective - To evaluate clinical features and diagnostic investigations in patients with recurrent or unresponsive balanitis in order to institute rational management.

Birley: Management of Recurrent Balanitis

Design - Forty three patients presenting to a genitourinary medicine clinic with recurrent or persistent balanitis were studied. All patients were asked whether they had a history of atopic illness and about their practice of genital washing. All patients were investigated by taking a swab specimen from the preputial area for bacterial and viral culture and 30 underwent biopsy of the affected skin. Follow up was between three and six months. Setting - Outpatient genitourinary medicine clinic, St.

Results - In 31 (72%) of the patients a diagnosis of irritant dermatitis was made. Conclusion - A history of atopic illness and of the practice of penile washing are important aspects in the evaluation of patients with recurrent balanitis. How to Care for Your Intact Son. The number one reason for problems of the penis is unnecessary infant circumcision (and the consequences of this surgical removal of the prepuce organ).

How to Care for Your Intact Son

The second reason for penile problems and complications is well-meaning adults who retract, over-clean, and 'mess with' intact boys' foreskins before they retract naturally and completely on their own. Sometimes this natural, gentle retraction does not occur until the pre-teen years. This is 100% normal. In fact, a recent Dutch study shows that the average age for retraction among boys is 10.6 years of age. Raising Intact Sons. [Note: The contributing author to this article is unknown.

Raising Intact Sons

It was available on the web for several years when I helped to edit the original copy for a human sexuality course, and then the website expired and it was no longer available. I thought it was rather informative and wished to make it available to parents once again. If you are the author of the following excerpts, or know the author, please drop me a note so that I am able to post the correct citation. I have updated the links.

Photos are not a part of the original text.] Foreskin care. Key points to remember about foreskin care.