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Caring for Your Oral Microbiome. By Dr.

Caring for Your Oral Microbiome

Mercola While often overlooked, your dental health can have a significant impact on your overall health. It's difficult to achieve high-level physical health if your oral health is ignored. Dr.Gerry Curatola, founder of Rejuvenation Dentistry, has over 30 years' experience in biological dentistry. As Curatola notes, your mouth is your "gateway to total body wellness. " Inflammation is known to be a disease-causing force leading to most chronic illness, and gum disease and other oral diseases produce chronic low-grade inflammation that can have a deleterious effect on every major organ system in your body. Oral disease can therefore contribute to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer's, just to name a few. There's also a 700 percent higher incidence of type 2 diabetes among those with gum disease, courtesy of the inflammatory effects of unbalanced microflora in your mouth.

Caring for Your Oral Microbiome. 4 Factors That Determine How Amalgam Fillings Affect Health. Heal Cavities, Gum Disease, Naturally with Organic Oral Care – Toothpaste recipes included. Fluoride: Emerging Research may Conflict with Traditional Dentistry. Fluoride: Emerging Research may Conflict with Traditional Dentistry Posted on Wed, May 21, 2014 Bob Johnson DMD Traditional dentistry touts the benefits of fluoride to prevent caries/ cavities in your teeth.

Fluoride: Emerging Research may Conflict with Traditional Dentistry

This has been the conventional wisdom since the 1950’s. Continued research by the dental community and outside researchers has occurred since that time. As a result dentists and the traditional dental community recommend giving fluoride treatments and to legislate fluoridation of public drinking water. Fluoride - What's the Big Deal? Fluoride - What's the Big Deal?

Fluoride - What's the Big Deal?

Posted on Wed, Jul 17, 2013 Mark McClure DDS The dental profession has embraced a full range of fluoride treatments, including topical fluoride, fluoride in tooth paste and fluoridation of the water supply. For many dentists, to be against fluoride is the craziest thing that they have ever heard of- why would anyone be against anything that prevents tooth decay and is so good for you? But Is This the Real Story About Fluoride? Fluoride actually has two issues, one topical application in the dental office or tooth paste, the other is water fluoridation. Those dentists and their professional organizations (ADA) that proclaim to be science based in their decisions, when they really examine the science find - only sodium fluoride has been studied for safety as a water additive; not Hydrofoluorisilicic acid, which is the waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

The Research on Fluoride. Mercury-Free Dentists: Pioneers for 21st Century Dental Care. By Dr.

Mercury-Free Dentists: Pioneers for 21st Century Dental Care

Mercola Less than a generation ago, only three percent of dentists were mercury-free. Dentistry's best-kept secret was that amalgam fillings had mercury, a neurotoxin that can permanently injure the developing brains of children and fetuses. The secret was enforced by tyrannical dental boards, which threatened to pull the license (the right to practice) of dentists who spoke out -- and who did in fact pull mercury-free dentists' licenses in California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, and New York. Other mercury-free dentists faced unrelenting pressure from their peers to conform. Yet half of America's dentists have still not changed. Mercury Undercover Despite the progress, we have plenty of work do to. Most Americans are Deceived by Inaccurate Terms. Why I'm In Love With Oil Pulling (And Why You Should Be Too) Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste Recipe for Oral Health.

How to Naturally Reverse Cavities and Heal Tooth Decay. There is a common belief today about cavities that once you have tooth decay, that cavity can NOT be reversed.

How to Naturally Reverse Cavities and Heal Tooth Decay

Then the only solution to oral wellness is to have part of your tooth drilled out and filled with a synthetic material. However, it’s been proven that there are ways to reverse cavities naturally. In fact, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal, cavities and tooth decay could potentially be reversed with diet. (1) A study was performed on 62 children with cavities, and they were divided into three different diet groups. Group 1 ate a standard diet plus oatmeal (rich in phytic acid). The results found that Group 1 who had a diet high in grains and phytic acid had an increase in cavities. This study, along with the backing of many doctors and dentists, proves we have been misinformed about what causes cavities and how to reverse cavities naturally. The Cause of Tooth Decay West A.

Weston Price traveled the world searching to discover what causes tooth decay. Avoiding your dentist can save your life. (NaturalNews) The standard practice of dentistry is dangerous to American health.

Avoiding your dentist can save your life

The American Dental Association continues to maintain that mercury fillings and root canals are safe dental procedures, in spite of the overwhelming evidence against these practices. Routine high speed drilling saves dentists time, but also unwittingly destroys teeth, requiring root canals to save them. The fluoride treatments and fluoridated toothpaste recommended to "protect" teeth, actually harm teeth and health. The fact that a nutrient dense, high fat soluble vitamin diet can prevent cavities and avoid the need for orthodontia is unknown for most individuals.

The majority of Americans have no idea how dangerous modern dentistry really is. The ADA states the following: "Dental amalgam is considered a safe, affordable and durable material that has been used to restore the teeth of more than 100 million Americans.