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Lee Child (Jack Reacher)

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Jack Reacher (2012) Second Son (0.1) A Wanted Man (17) The Affair (16) Deep Down (16.5) Worth Dying For (15) 61 Hours (14) Gone Tommorow (13) Nothing To Lose (12) Bad Luck And Trouble (11) The Hard Way (10) One Shot (9) The Enemy (8) Persuader (7) Without Fail (6) Echo Burning (5) Running Blind (4) Tripwire (3) Die Trying (2) Killing Floor (1) Jack Reacher. Fictional biography[edit] Regular references are made to the fact that Reacher's given name is Jack, that it is not a nickname for John, and that he has no middle name.

Jack Reacher

His military record officially refers to him as Jack (none) Reacher. From the time he was a boy, his family, even his mother, called him simply "Reacher", an affectation that has stayed with him, but was never given to his brother. Demeanor and personality[edit] In 61 Hours, it is stated that an Army psychological study of reactions to fear in children showed him as having abnormally fast reflexes and aggression levels at the age of six.