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Grainger Industrial Supply - MRO Supplies, MRO Equipment, Tools & Solutions

Grainger Industrial Supply - MRO Supplies, MRO Equipment, Tools & Solutions

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The Official Site of Martin Yate's Knock 'em Dead! The universally accepted gold standard for job search and career management strategy in an uncertain world. Topics Include: How To Build Social Networks, Get More Interviews, Turn Interviews into Offers The most financially important document you will ever own,when it works, you work; when it doesn't you don't. ©2014 Knock em Dead and Martin Yate, CPC. All Rights Reserved. Variable Speed Blowers are built for optimal service life., AMETEK Technical Indust Designed for Gas-Fired Burner Systems: Nautilair® 7.6" (192mm) variable speed blowers for gas-fired burner systems incorporate brushless DC motors to enable reliable performance in excess of 20,000 hours with minimal maintenance. These pre-mix burner blowers are designed to deliver a measured air/fuel mixture to optimize combustion and reduce nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide emissions. Applications include commercial and residential boilers, water heaters, furnaces, foodservice equipment, kilns, and fuel cells, among others. They offer practical alternatives to conventional fixed speed or two-speed blowers, intake damper systems on fixed speed blowers, or inverter-driven variable speed blowers. When used with a modulating gas valve, these compact, lightweight, rugged, versatile, and high-speed solutions can satisfy a wide range of system designs.

Chandeliers, Wrought Iron & Bronze Chandeliers We now offer international shipping through global provider, Borderfree. As you shop, you will see prices in your selected currency. You can change where you would like to ship your items in the top right corner of our website. Educating this Generation on Green Seventh Generation has created Science Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities for elementary, middle, and high school students on indoor and outdoor environments. All curricula are designed to increase students' awareness around personal and environmental health and enrich their time in the classroom. Teachers and administrators can download PDFs of the curriculum at Curriculum is available for elementary, middle, and high-school instruction and includes the following: Hands-on activities with an emphasis on the applied sciences requiring minimal materials and preparation Discussion guides about indoor and outdoor environmental health and conservation Carbon Calculator to determine a family's carbon footprint

Military Career Development - Military Times EDGE Serve your community. Follow a clear command structure. Carry a gun. Pulse Output WattNode AC Electric Power and Energy Meter The WattNode Pulse is a true RMS AC watt-hour transducer with pulse output (solid state relay closure) proportional to kWh consumed. The WattNode provides accurate measurement at low cost to meet your needs for sub-metering, net-metering, energy management, and performance contracting applications. The complete Pulse Output family measures 1, 2, or 3 phases in 2, 3, or 4 wire configurations. D-Link DCS 930L mydlink-enabled Wireless N Home Network Camera Network camera - fixed The DCS-930L, Wireless N Home Network Camera, is a versatile monitoring solution for your home or small office. With mydlink included, this camera provides the simplest way to access and manage your camera, whether via your computer or app on your iPhone, Android or tablet. No ... more » The DCS-930L, Wireless N Home Network Camera, is a versatile monitoring solution for your home or small office. With mydlink included, this camera provides the simplest way to access and manage your camera, whether via your computer or app on your iPhone, Android or tablet. No technical knowledge required!

Getting Schools to Go Green As eco-savvy parents, we try to instill green values in our kids at home. But once we put them on the school bus, we relinquish a lot of control over their green choices. Letting them ride the bus is a pretty sustainable act, but once they get to school, there's no guarantee the produce offered in the cafeteria will be pesticide free or that the cleaning products used in the gym will be nontoxic. So how do we encourage our kids' schools to become more environmentally conscious? Here are a few tips, several of which I plan to try at my daughter's preschool: Find out if there are any green initiatives in place.

Business Organisation - Introduction to Corporate Culture Richard Bowett develops the concept of business culture and looks at how and why a positive business culture should be an objective of management The Importance of Business Culture It took a long time for the importance of business culture to be recognised as an important factor in business success (or lack of success). Study of Japanese business methods from the 1970s onwards was part of the answer, and Japanese businesses take from Japanese society a strong emphasis on a strong and co-operative group culture in the face of adversity. Sifting through the mounting problem of e-waste (CNN) -- Clouds of black smoke from burning plastic hang over the sites of Nigeria's vast dumps, as tiny figures pick their way through slicks of oily water, past cracked PC monitors and television screens. Toxins from dumped electronics in developing countries has been seen as a growing problem. But it isn't just a cut from broken glass these mainly young scavengers are risking.

Jobsparx - Jobs Administrative / Clerical Houston SPCA Now Hiring: • Animal/Community Coordinator • Animal Cruelty Investigator • Client Care Supervisor • Community Outreach Manager • Director of Communications & Marketing • Donor Engagement Specialist • Field Services Manager • Staff Veterinary Technician Here's the dirt on how to compost by Ashley Tate and Sharon Tanenbaum (Real Simple) -- Composting upgrades garden soil, keeps plants healthy, and can even lessen planet-unfriendly greenhouse gases. Here's how to do it. Composting is a smelly process. If you notice a stench, make sure you have enough browns in the pile.

City of Houston The City of Houston can’t function without great employees. We’re always on the lookout for talented, caring people to join us. If this is the first time you are applying using our on-line job application, you will need to create an account and select a Username and Password. After your account has been established, you can build an application by clicking on the "Build Job Application" link.

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