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Great Northern Camp Stove, Military Surplus, Major Surplus at Sportsman's Guide

Great Northern Camp Stove, Military Surplus, Major Surplus at Sportsman's Guide

homemade woodburning boiler I shudder everytime I hear of someone trying to make a steam boiler or operate one without any training. Boiler explosions level buildings! Stick with an open system - PLEASE! That means it cannot build pressure, anywhere. Say you've made one with an old 500 gallon tank, filled with water. You closed it off or sealed it, because you got tired of refilling what was steaming off. The question for everyone with a "boiler" is: What are you gonna do with the excess heat. If you vent too fast - kaboom! If a 40 gallon water heater can easily level a house, imagine what a 500 gallon tank could do. My advice, STAY AWAY FROM PRESSURE VESSELS unless you've got the training, certification and license.

Ellos MARC ASHLEY IS BEATING THE HIGH COST OF ENERGY Marcus Ashley's solution to the skyrocketing cost of home heating is the “overgrown doghouse with a smokestack” that sits in his backyard. That doghouse is really a scrap outdoor wood-burning furnace that provides Marcus and his wife with all the hot water they can use. It keeps their Massachusetts home at a constant and comfortable 68° F, and warms a greenhouse that's attached to the residence. “Everybody told me this setup wouldn't work the way I thought it would,“ grins Marcus, “and maybe they were right. After all, on really cold days I do have to go out once in a while and throw in an extra stick of wood. "Well enough" is an understatement. How a Wood-Burner Heater Works The heart of the wood-burner is a heavily insulated industrial oven salvaged from a capacitor factory. Ah, but Marcus Ashley's wood-burner has other secrets too. Actually, there's more to the regulation of the combustion that takes place in Marcus's furnace than even the above paragraph indicates. Mr. Problems?

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