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Establish the %$#! Out of Your Brand (Right Now!) with These 37 Free Resources

Establish the %$#! Out of Your Brand (Right Now!) with These 37 Free Resources
There’s so much information available to help online entrepreneurs become successful, I’m surprised more of us haven’t gone cross-eyed. What I’m not surprised by is the number of online entrepreneurs who are still struggling, who are reading blogs and soliciting advice, waiting for someone to throw them a frickin bone. When I first started out, I was stuck in that place, and it usually happened for one of two reasons: I didn’t know enough about the technical side of building a brand, so my creative voice became lost within the learning.I took advice I read too literally and didn’t make it my own. And sometimes, the advice was just too vague: Be authentic. Since there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do this, how do you know if you’ve found your right way? What helped me move from amateur (or rather, completely lost) blogger to seasoned, was getting to know each and every step of the process. Below are 37 amazing articles that will help you get to know each crucial aspect of building a brand. Related:  money

37 Facebook Pages Every Smart Entrepreneur Must Follow While every online entrepreneur will make their mark differently, there are certain aspects of doing so that are essential building blocks to everyone’s success. The most important essential? Always being open to new learning experiences. That’s how you become great. Below is a list of 37 Facebook pages to enhance your learning. Enjoy! Blogging Blogging Spice Up Your Social Media Amy Jeff Likeable Social Mari Social Media Social Media Social Media Productivity Dumb Little Man – Tips For

smallbusiness.foxbusiness In both the business environment and in personal life it is essential to know how to get what you want — and get people to say "Yes" to your requests. But, how do you approach people so that they are more likely to agree to your proposal, sales pitch or ideas? Two researchers, Jonathan Freedman and Scott Fraser, conducted an experiment to find out how to get people to do something they would not normally do. The researchers went door to door in a small neighborhood asking people to put signs outside of their home to “Drive Carefully.” Only 20% of people said "Yes" when asked to put up a large sign. However, researchers found that they could get 76% of the residents to say "Yes" if they asked them to first put up a smaller three-inch sign. This study is the perfect example of how starting with a small request will help you get a "Yes" to bigger request later. No. 1: What is your big ask? No. 2: Work backward. No. 3: Plan your first yes approach. No. 4: Encourage trust. Citations:

Chronicle: Gold hybrid nanoparticles kill cancer Dickson Kirui A transmission electron microscope image of a gold hybrid nanoparticle that could be used to treat cancer. The gold in the middle is surrounded by two pieces of iron oxide. Another weapon in the arsenal against cancer has been invented at Cornell: nanoparticles that identify, target and kill specific cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. Led by Carl Batt, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor of Food Science, the researchers synthesized nanoparticles -- shaped something like a dumbbell -- made of gold sandwiched between two pieces of iron oxide. To kill the cells, the researchers use a near-infrared laser, which is a wavelength that doesn't harm normal tissue at the levels used, but the radiation is absorbed by the gold in the nanoparticles. The research is reported in the Feb. 15 online edition of the journal Nanotechnology. "This is a so-called 'smart' therapy," Batt said. Gold has potential as a material key to fighting cancer in future smart therapies.

Little Known Ways to Brand on the Cheap: 99 Tips for Poor Web Startups “If you build it, they will come.” That might have worked for Kevin Costner in the Field of Dreams, but if you’ve built a good site and are expecting people to just show up, you’ll be waiting a very long time. The days of setting up shop and automatically getting traffic just by being online are over. Today, if you want to have success on the web you need a unique angle and a reputable brand so that visitors have something to remember you by. Branding distinguishes you from your competition, and having a unique identity is especially important on the Internet, because buying from a competitor’s site instead of yours is just a click away. If you have heard of branding, then you’ve probably heard two things: it takes a long time to see results, and it’s expensive. Branding in the Blogosphere Yes, you can use a blog to develop your brand. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. SEO and Reputation Management 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Social Media/ Bookmarking/ Wikis/ E-Profiles 22.

andrewhansen Ok, friend, here it is. This is how I think anyone reading, can go from $0 to $100 a day in affiliate/ad income with almost no work and but a minor investment in 2012. Is this a plan for income overnight? This is not a “new” concept either. (Note: If you were able to buy one of our Unstoppable Authority Sites last week, you can implement this on them. Overview This plan is about good keyword research, extreme(ly easy) long tail traffic, and outsourced content. It’s based on the idea that the long tail of search becomes longer by the day, and as much as we see those exact money keywords becoming ever more competitive… the tails of those keyword markets are growing longer too. Anyone who’s gotten traffic from the search engines knows that when you look at your traffic sources, you always get traffic from long tail keywords you didn’t even know existed; much less intentionally targeted. This plan is how you can take advantage of that fact with minimal effort, and maximum long term reward. 1.

This is So Cool! Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office Thursday this week Google made it a lot easier for people to collaborate with each other using Microsoft Office by officially launching Google Cloud Connect . The service has been in Beta since November 2010 , but is not available for anyone. It rely on Google elastic and flexible cloud to store and share any Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel document. Basically Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office is a simple plugins you download here and install. It takes less than 2 minutes and then you will find a new toolbar at the top of your Office applications. Advertisement Once it has been installed you just login using your google gmail/docs account and then it is connected. Google release a video on youtube showing in more details how useful this software is! Tagged as: google cloud connect , google docs , Microsoft Office

A Spectacular List of 240+ Tips, Tricks and Resources for Content Marketing, by @attendly From beginners to old-hats, we all have something to learn about content marketing. We know you have better things to do than spending your days scouring the web for the info you need, so we’ve taken the liberty of doing that for you. Behold our epic list of the very best tips, info and resources to kick-start your content marketing strategy. Understanding content marketing Using content marketing for SEO results Tips for setting up an editorial calendar Building followers on social networks Building an email subscription list Creating effective calls to action Generating content ideas Tool to help you find content Clipboard (Bookmarking service) (News curator)Curate Me (News curator)StumbleUpon (Social discovery service) (Social link curator) Must-see slide presentations Must-read blogs Must-follow Twitter users Must-circle Google+ users Must-listen podcasts Must-join LinkedIn groups Must-follow Pinterest boards Best brands using Instagram for content marketing Slideshows

www.entrepreneur The times change, the tools change -- but human nature is perpetual. As Daniel Pink once said, “There’s a gap between what science knows and what business does.” The study of psychology and its application for marketing to consumers has been brought about by the attempt to bridge this gap. For the lay marketer, the problem is finding practical sources of inspiration. Related: The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding As one extra step in helping marketers and salesman improve their ethical persuasive efforts, I compiled a list of 10 must-know psychology studies in my 10 Ways to Convert More Customers (Using Psychology) resource. Designed by my talented team at Help Scout, below you can get the key takeaways in infographic form. Related: A Scientific Take on Viral Marketing Click to Enlarge+ Related: The Psychology of Getting More Done (In Less Time) Limited Time Offer Get a FREE Strategy Session Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Beautiful Abandoned Places and Ghost Towns Abandoned places and things of the past fascinate me. Here are a selection of my favourite ghost towns and disused buildings/theme parks. Please feel free to share yours in the comments or with us on twitter @pixel_clouds! An unfinished hotel haunts a Spanish coastline This abandoned water park in Russia was never completed Japan’s Abandoned Amusement Park Częstochowa, Poland’s abandoned train depot 1984 Winter Olympics bobsleigh track in Sarajevo El Hotel del Salto in Colombia Merle Spurrier Gymnasium Pool – University of Rochester (Chris Seward) Disused Cooling Tower of a Power Plant, Belgium Taipingshan National Forest in Taiwan Broken Wooden Bridge, Pittsburgh Little Belt Railway – Paris, France Abandoned amusement park, Dunaújváros, Hungary Six Flags Amusement park, New Orleans Hubei province, China Dadipark, Dadizele, Belgium Taken by the tides Kadykchan, Russia Kowloon Walled City Hashima Island, Japan Sanzhi UFO houses, Taiwan A short film about post-apocalyptic hell-hole, the Salton Sea