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There’s so much information available to help online entrepreneurs become successful, I’m surprised more of us haven’t gone cross-eyed. What I’m not surprised by is the number of online entrepreneurs who are still struggling, who are reading blogs and soliciting advice, waiting for someone to throw them a frickin bone. When I first started out, I was stuck in that place, and it usually happened for one of two reasons: I didn’t know enough about the technical side of building a brand, so my creative voice became lost within the learning.I took advice I read too literally and didn’t make it my own. And sometimes, the advice was just too vague: Be authentic. Tell a story. Since there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do this, how do you know if you’ve found your right way? What helped me move from amateur (or rather, completely lost) blogger to seasoned, was getting to know each and every step of the process. Plan 2. 7 Ways To Craft A Consistent Social Media Brand by Kristi Hines 3. 4. 5. 6. Design

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smallbusiness.foxbusiness In both the business environment and in personal life it is essential to know how to get what you want — and get people to say "Yes" to your requests. But, how do you approach people so that they are more likely to agree to your proposal, sales pitch or ideas? Two researchers, Jonathan Freedman and Scott Fraser, conducted an experiment to find out how to get people to do something they would not normally do.

General Management - Managing Online Reputation: What to Listen for, and Where The cost of managing an online crisis or reputation issue can seem limitless: PR, advertising, loss of sales, lost productivity, distracted executives, competitive maneuvers, additional customer service, litigation—all can burst budgets. Worse, bad news travels online at turbo-charged speeds: A negative tweet or nasty video can end up on mainstream media within hours. Think Domino's pizza prank, Kenneth Cole's Cairo tweet, or Gap's logo redesign. A 2011 global study on crisis preparedness by Burson-Marsteller & PSB found that 79% of business executives expected a crisis within 12 months, about 59% had experienced a crisis in their current or previous company. Yet, although 81% said digital and social media increasingly influence reputation during a crisis, half the companies polled still didn't have a crisis plan.

12 LinkedIn secrets to supercharge your social networking To know me is to know that I love—love—LinkedIn. At 150 million members and growing, LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking tool, and it’s not just for job seekers. Frankly, if you’re in the professional world and not using LinkedIn, I’m not sure what you’re thinking. Chronicle: Gold hybrid nanoparticles kill cancer Dickson Kirui A transmission electron microscope image of a gold hybrid nanoparticle that could be used to treat cancer. The gold in the middle is surrounded by two pieces of iron oxide. Another weapon in the arsenal against cancer has been invented at Cornell: nanoparticles that identify, target and kill specific cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. Led by Carl Batt, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor of Food Science, the researchers synthesized nanoparticles -- shaped something like a dumbbell -- made of gold sandwiched between two pieces of iron oxide. They then attached antibodies that target a molecule found only in colorectal cancer cells to the particles.

andrewhansen Ok, friend, here it is. This is how I think anyone reading, can go from $0 to $100 a day in affiliate/ad income with almost no work and but a minor investment in 2012. Is this a plan for income overnight? No. 200+ Infographic Resumes, an escalating trend - Blog About Infographics and Data Visualization Pinterest Board of Infographic Resumes Back in January of 2010, I posted 16 Infographic Resumes, A Visual Trend that highlighted the start of the trend of infographics and data visualization moving into resumes. Why 16? Because that’s how many good examples I could find at the time on the Internet to showcase the concept. Two and a half years later, that post continues to be one of the most viewed blog posts on Cool Infographics with an average of 3,500 views every month. A 2.5 year-old blog post!

Why the Top Ten Facebook Pages Are Successful Whether your business has a Facebook page or if you have a personal fan page you’ve probably wondered what successful Facebook page owners are doing. This blog post covers the top 10 Facebook pages from brands that you’ll more than likely know. Regardless of your business size, there are some good tips here that you can implement to take your Facebook page user experience to the next level. Remember there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, take these tidbits tweak some of them out and make them your own! #1: Red Bull

This is So Cool! Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office Thursday this week Google made it a lot easier for people to collaborate with each other using Microsoft Office by officially launching Google Cloud Connect . The service has been in Beta since November 2010 , but is not available for anyone. It rely on Google elastic and flexible cloud to store and share any Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel document. www.entrepreneur The times change, the tools change -- but human nature is perpetual. As Daniel Pink once said, “There’s a gap between what science knows and what business does.” The study of psychology and its application for marketing to consumers has been brought about by the attempt to bridge this gap. For the lay marketer, the problem is finding practical sources of inspiration.