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Establish the %$#! Out of Your Brand (Right Now!) with These 37 Free Resources

Establish the %$#! Out of Your Brand (Right Now!) with These 37 Free Resources
There’s so much information available to help online entrepreneurs become successful, I’m surprised more of us haven’t gone cross-eyed. What I’m not surprised by is the number of online entrepreneurs who are still struggling, who are reading blogs and soliciting advice, waiting for someone to throw them a frickin bone. When I first started out, I was stuck in that place, and it usually happened for one of two reasons: I didn’t know enough about the technical side of building a brand, so my creative voice became lost within the learning.I took advice I read too literally and didn’t make it my own. And sometimes, the advice was just too vague: Be authentic. Since there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do this, how do you know if you’ve found your right way? What helped me move from amateur (or rather, completely lost) blogger to seasoned, was getting to know each and every step of the process. Below are 37 amazing articles that will help you get to know each crucial aspect of building a brand.

Chronicle: Gold hybrid nanoparticles kill cancer Dickson Kirui A transmission electron microscope image of a gold hybrid nanoparticle that could be used to treat cancer. The gold in the middle is surrounded by two pieces of iron oxide. Another weapon in the arsenal against cancer has been invented at Cornell: nanoparticles that identify, target and kill specific cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. Led by Carl Batt, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor of Food Science, the researchers synthesized nanoparticles -- shaped something like a dumbbell -- made of gold sandwiched between two pieces of iron oxide. To kill the cells, the researchers use a near-infrared laser, which is a wavelength that doesn't harm normal tissue at the levels used, but the radiation is absorbed by the gold in the nanoparticles. The research is reported in the Feb. 15 online edition of the journal Nanotechnology. "This is a so-called 'smart' therapy," Batt said. Gold has potential as a material key to fighting cancer in future smart therapies.

10 Secrets of Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur I've been an entrepreneur most of my adult life. Recently, on a long business flight, I began thinking about what it takes to become successful as an entrepreneur--and how I would even define the meaning of success. The two ideas became more intertwined in my thinking: success as an entrepreneur, entrepreneurial success. I've given a lot of talks over the years on the subject of entrepreneurship. But what else does it take to succeed as an entrepreneur, and how should an entrepreneur define success? Here's what I came up with, a Top 10 List: 10. That means you’re willing to sacrifice a large part of your waking hours to the idea you’ve come up with. 9. This focus and intensity help eliminate wasted effort and distractions. 8. We all know that there is no such thing as overnight success. 7. Everyone will teach you to focus on goals, but successful people focus on the journey and celebrate the milestones along the way. 6. 5. 4. Everyone needs people who have complementary sets of skills.

This is So Cool! Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office Thursday this week Google made it a lot easier for people to collaborate with each other using Microsoft Office by officially launching Google Cloud Connect . The service has been in Beta since November 2010 , but is not available for anyone. It rely on Google elastic and flexible cloud to store and share any Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel document. Basically Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office is a simple plugins you download here and install. It takes less than 2 minutes and then you will find a new toolbar at the top of your Office applications. Advertisement Once it has been installed you just login using your google gmail/docs account and then it is connected. Google release a video on youtube showing in more details how useful this software is! Tagged as: google cloud connect , google docs , Microsoft Office

Advice for Starting a Business By Leo Babauta Recently I encouraged my 13-year-old daughter Maia to start a vegan cupcake business, and it’s so exciting to watch her get started. As I talked to her about starting, she had some worries: She didn’t know how.She didn’t know what kind of business to create.She was worried she’d fail. Do any of those sound familiar? Those were my worries too, when I had a day job and thought about building something of my own. Worry about not knowing what to do, how to do it, and whether you’ll fail … these stop so many people from starting. I’ve launched numerous ventures, from ebooks to courses to my Sea Change membership program and more. Today, I’d like to share the lessons I’ve learned about starting a business, in hopes of encouraging you to get started making something you love. Look for opportunities. Get started, my friends! The Habits of Entrepreneurs My new video interview series launches Monday: Why is this series important? More soon!

Beautiful Abandoned Places and Ghost Towns Abandoned places and things of the past fascinate me. Here are a selection of my favourite ghost towns and disused buildings/theme parks. Please feel free to share yours in the comments or with us on twitter @pixel_clouds! An unfinished hotel haunts a Spanish coastline This abandoned water park in Russia was never completed Japan’s Abandoned Amusement Park Częstochowa, Poland’s abandoned train depot 1984 Winter Olympics bobsleigh track in Sarajevo El Hotel del Salto in Colombia Merle Spurrier Gymnasium Pool – University of Rochester (Chris Seward) Disused Cooling Tower of a Power Plant, Belgium Taipingshan National Forest in Taiwan Broken Wooden Bridge, Pittsburgh Little Belt Railway – Paris, France Abandoned amusement park, Dunaújváros, Hungary Six Flags Amusement park, New Orleans Hubei province, China Dadipark, Dadizele, Belgium Taken by the tides Kadykchan, Russia Kowloon Walled City Hashima Island, Japan Sanzhi UFO houses, Taiwan A short film about post-apocalyptic hell-hole, the Salton Sea

75 Startup Tools And Apps So you have a new business or startup idea and based on your analysis and research you have conducted, your confident that there is a market for it. Ok, now what? You need to possibly find a cofounder and team to start planning, seek funding and successfully execute the plan for a pilot or full launch. There are so many resources and tools out there that can assist you in managing and excuting your startup or new business idea more eficiently and effectively. As a result, I have produced a list of my favourite tools and applications covering the various disciplines you will need to undertake in order to successfully execute and launch your startup or new business. Here are just a few tools and applications that I have used over the years in managing and delivering small to large projects. Brainstorming Ideas | Simple online application that helps you create colorful mind maps that you can print and share with others and it's FREE. MindManager Creately Springpad Evernote Branding | Notebox

Ending Ageing — An update from Aubrey de Grey's co-author (Includes interview) Ageing - or aging as they say in the US, is something we all have to do, but only if we're lucky. And here to talk about it is... MR: My name is Michael Rae; I'm one of Dr de Grey's research assistants, and coauthor of his book, Ending Aging . The new, paperback edition has an Afterword covering some of the advances in SENS science that were made after the publication of the hardback. Gerontologist and Othello player extraordinaire Aubrey de Grey and two members of his team at SENS, including co-author Michael Rae. The same trick has been used to generate a functional (although so far short-lived) set of lungs and a liver.

200 Words That Make Money Since the initial writing of my post 14 Words That Lose Money, I’ve had a number of requests for a post on words that make money. So, here is a list of 200 Words that make money. I’ve put in bold those words that you might want to consider using in various areas of your e-commerce store to persuade buyers (although product descriptions could also benefit from many of the others as well.) Benefits Advantages Simple Proven Want Right Best Own Fun Deserver Unique Value Happy Invest Investment Powerful Easy Discovery Involved Profit LoveGuarantee Vital Understand Understanding Good Health NaturalSave Dynamic Results Trust ReasonsFREE NowGift Silver Diamond Platinum Deluxe Top Great Greatest Fantastic AwesomeOnlyEffectiveRush Genuine Luxury Breakthrough TreatQuality Service Integrity Training TrainedLifetime Experience Truth Superior Latest Organic Prize Win First Future Related articles other people have read:

Energy Tower: Power for 15 Earths? Researchers have designed a product that its inventors claim could easily produce between 15 and 20 times the total electricity the world uses today. Not only that, it could also be used as a desalination device and may be able to reverse the effects of global warming. Those are pretty big claims, but the researchers from the Technion - Israel Institute of Science seem confident that the "Energy Tower" could be a major solution to the world's problems. As project founder Professor Dan Zaslavsky explains, the Energy Tower works on the basic principle of convection: hot air rises and cold air falls. Any kind of water - from a sea or drainage ditch - would be added to the top of the tower. Because it relies on the sun for hot air, the Energy Tower is considered a type of solar power. Zaslavsky explains that the tower design could also be used for water desalination, producing fresh water at only half the cost of existing desalination technologies. Via: Israel21c