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Design a More Self-Reliant & Resilient Life

Design a More Self-Reliant & Resilient Life
The ability to button-up and secure remote cabins helps thwart would-be thieves. Tiny buildings made from shipping containers are naturally easy to secure when left mostly intact. Cutting holes for windows and doors not only opens the home up with natural light, it opens opportunity for break-in. In this design exploration I show how windows and glass doors could be sealed simply with some hinged and lockable steel shutters. Just for fun I show how the small solar panel array could also be secured inside the center shutter – which opens by folding down. This would keep the panels away from the pry bars carried by thieves, but means they can’t do their work charging the batteries when closed.

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The Tiny Project: Modern Tiny House Plans on June 4, 2014 Remember Alek’s amazing DIY tiny house on wheels that I showed you a while back? If you haven’t seen it be sure you check it out because it’s one of my favorite designs. And now I’m glad to announce that Alek has made the plans available for us to purchase. This means you can download the plans and build a tiny home just like theirs. EggO House / A 69 Architects Architects: A 69 Architects Location: Prague, Czech Republic Client: Mr. And Mrs. Tomáš und Johana Růžička Consultant: ing.arch. Tomáš Amtmann Constructed Area: 215 sqm Project Year: 2006 Photographs: A 69 The purpose of the project was the construction of a self-contained dwelling unit in the garden of the recently reconstructed house. “Better Living Through Simplicity.” History. Founded in 2002, the Small House Society is a cooperatively managed organization dedicated to the promotion of smaller housing alternatives which can be more affordable and ecological. Mission. Our desire is to support the research, development, and use of smaller living spaces that foster sustainable living for individuals, families, and communities worldwide. Media Contacts. Tiny House Design » Kits / Prefab A paradigm shifting change is sweeping the globe and shaking the foundation of the current establishment – people are empowering people. At some point a critical mass of innovators and early adopters will force the establishment out of the driver’s seat and put the meek back at the helm. This sort of revolution won’t happen at the end of a gun barrel, but by sharing information and ideas that empower each other.

Tiny House Cost vs. Traditional House Cost There are lots of benefits from buying and living in a tiny house. The most obvious is the cost of the house itself. I have written this blog post for you to SEE the difference in price between traditional homes and tiny houses. This only covers the issue of the price of the house itself. 440 Sq. Ft. Tiny Backyard Cottage Plans on January 13, 2015 Shawn Dehner over at The Small House Catalog released this 440 sq. ft. backyard cottage design (and plans). It’s called The Forest-Rose Cottage. And free framing plans are available if you’re interested. So I wanted to be sure to share that with you right now.

Mascotelos House \ ER Studio – Eric Rodrigues Arquitecto Mascotelos House, drawing courtesy ER Studio - Eric Rodrigues Arquitecto The project of a dwelling house in Mascotelos sees on its terrain a conceptual opportunity as well as a circumstance to which it cannot escape: a narrow lot with a slope of three meters between the two fronts, in a relatively rural environment. The accessibility is solved in fronts, an automotive access to the ground floor and a pedestrian access to the highest stage of the northern front. To minimize the visual impact of the house to the landscape, while protecting itself from any visual noise from the surrounding lots, we develop an idea of the courtyard house.

North Carolina Workshop Announced! SIGN UP DETAILS... HANDS-ON Tiny House Building Workshop with DIY Network Host, Author, Designer, Builder, and Blogger Derek "Deek" Diedricksen We're talking almost 35-40 hours of contact, building, demos, networking, and MORE! It looks like we'll ALSO have a tiny house on wheels visiting us, courtesy of TENNESSEE TINY HOMES! We're excited to meet builder Joe, and see what he's done! Want to learn how to build a tiny house/cabin?

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