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Zozo Tabs - Fully Responsive and Touch-Enabled jQuery Tabs plugin New Features in Zozo Tabs 6.5 (18 March 2014) ZOZO TABS 6.5 - jQuery Tabs Plugin comes with some awesome new features to the table including Flat Theme Pack Extension, enhanced core css and themes, more intelligent responsive feature. Keep in touch Scrum in a Nutshell 28 Jul 2013 Scrum is a fundamentally adaptable process. One of the core pieces is the retrospective, where the team can collaboratively change the process itself. A Baseline for Front-End Developers 12 Apr 2012 edit I wrote a README the other day for a project that I'm hoping other developers will look at and learn from, and as I was writing it, I realized that it was the sort of thing that might have intimidated the hell out of me a couple of years ago, what with its casual mentions of Node, npm, Homebrew, git, tests, and development and production builds. Once upon a time, editing files, testing them locally (as best as we could, anyway), and then FTPing them to the server was the essential workflow of a front-end dev.

Off-Canvas Menu Effects Some inspiration for off-canvas menu effects and styles using CSS transitions and SVG path animations. View demo Download source Today we’d like to share a couple of styles and effects for off-canvas menus. The off-canvas sidebar is widely used and we have already created some effect inspiration before. Code smell In computer programming, code smell is any symptom in the source code of a program that possibly indicates a deeper problem. Code smells are usually not bugs—they are not technically incorrect and do not currently prevent the program from functioning. Instead, they indicate weaknesses in design that may be slowing down development or increasing the risk of bugs or failures in the future. The term appears to have been coined by Kent Beck on WardsWiki in the late 1990s.

nfidence and Overwhelm There’s epic amounts of stuff that I’ve not touched. People will say to me, “What do you think about this?” “I don’t really have an opinion. I’ll let you know once I have a chance to look at it.” I think coming from where I’ve come from, I’ve got the confidence to say that. If you’re in that place where you’re feeling terrified that the world is racing past you, if a client says, “Why aren’t you using this?”

Five app prototyping tools compared:, Pixate, Origami, Framer & Form — Design + Sketch App There are Chinese and Russian translations of this article,and there’s a follow-up with Principle, Flinto for Mac & Tumult Hype. I recreated the IF by IFTTT user onboarding in five different high-fidelity prototyping tools to get an idea of the differences between them:, Pixate, Framer, Facebook’s Origami and RelativeWave’s Form. See how these five recreations behave compared to the real thing: Pages versus Layers Why did I select these five?

How To Add Page Transitions with CSS and smoothState.js The following is a guest post by Miguel Ángel Pérez. Miguel has been working at Weblinc on ways to transition pages on websites more gracefully. On single-page applications, we have more opportunity for this since we aren't fighting the page reload. But traditional sites with page reloads, you can still be quite graceful with some help from CSS and JS. In this article Miguel focuses on setting up the CSS to do this and making it work with his plugin.

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