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Standing Desks For Everyone - Product Hunt. Web hosting. Ruby on Rails. Keycodes. Getting started with Surge. WebAssembly. DOM. Methodology / BEM. Games. SEO. Freelancing. Editors. Get Digital Skills, Be Happy. If you’re feeling stuck in a coding rut, consider this: traditional schooling may not have adequately prepared you for the world of software development.

Get Digital Skills, Be Happy

Below guest writer Ken Mazaika, the CTO and Co-founder at The Firehose Project, describes how schooling fails to prepare us for what it takes to become a developer. Because, unlike in school, failing and cheating are okay in the world of programming. So is never knowing it all, and instead focusing on big picture concepts rather than the intricacies. Keep reading Your parents and grandparents have probably told you stories of how they got jobs by putting on a suit and walking into an office with a resume. Now the landscape is changing again, and by the time you have grandkids, they’ll be equally amazed that you once applied for jobs by filling out form boxes and attaching documents on a website.

Keep reading When you understand what goes into building a website, web app, or mobile app you can be a better startup founder. Get Digital Skills, Be Happy. If you’re learning to code, it’s probably just a matter of time until you’ll need to get to grips with WordPress.

Get Digital Skills, Be Happy

But there’s no need to go it alone. In this sponsored post, Robert Mening from shares his top nine WordPress resources that will help level up your skills in 2017, from beginner guides all the way through to advanced development. Quora - The best answer to any question. Web Design Fundamentals: Everything You Need To Learn HTML/CSS. Other than html, css, php, mysql & javascript, what I need to learn in order to become a badass web developer? - Quora.

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Traffic. What is the best way to educate yourself on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX? - Quora. Guide to getting involved with standards and browser development. CodeKit - THE Mac App For Web Developers. Code Guide by @mdo. Insisting on Core Development Principles. The web community talks a lot about best practices in design and development: methodologies that are key to reaching and retaining users, considerate design habits, and areas that we as a community should focus on.

Insisting on Core Development Principles

Article Continues Below But let’s be honest—there are a lot of areas to focus on. We need to put users first, content first, and mobile first. We need to design for accessibility, performance, and empathy. We need to tune and test our work across many devices and browsers. Along with the web landscape, the expectations for our work have matured significantly over the last couple of decades. If those expectations feel daunting to those of us who live and breathe web development every day, imagine how foreign all of these concepts are for the clients who hire us to build a site or an app.

I’ve been working closely with development vendor partners and other industry professionals for a number of years. Think about that. Best Tools for Freelance Designers and Developers - Bonsai.


Sketch. 20 Useful Docs and Guides for Front-End Developers. I come across so many interesting info-apps and documents in my daily research, so I thought I’d provide a list of those here.

20 Useful Docs and Guides for Front-End Developers

True, not everyone likes the “list post” or roundup, but hey, we can’t please everyone. And we don’t do these types of posts too often anyhow. In this case, this is a great way to bookmark a few things maybe for some evening or weekend reading. What are the main HTML and CSS components every 2016 modern page should have? - Quora. Agile. Atom. Auth. Blogging about coding. Brutalism. Careers. Chatbots. Chrome DevTools.

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CSS. Databases. Design Process. Domains. Ebooks. Ember. Generative Art. GitHub. Habit. Heroku. HTML5.

Icons. IoT. JavaScript. Job interviews. Markdown. Meditation and Mindfullness. Mood ring. NGINX. Online courses. Open Source. Pair Programming.


Problem Solving. Pseudocode. PWA's. Remote work. Slack. Stacks. Sublime Text. TDD. Terminal/Command Line. UX. Voice recognition. VR. Web Scraping. GitHub - enspiral-dev-academy/cool_and_useful_stuff: self-organizing repository for cool and useful stuff relating to programming. · Work Better on GitHub Issues. Note: on the main process, plugins are registered as soon as possible (we fire onLoad).

On the browser, it's up to the user to trigger their load by pressing command+R. We put the user in control of the loading in this way to prevent them from losing critical work by extensions that reset state or don't preserve it correctly. Decorating components We give you the ability to provide a higher order component for every piece of the Hyper UI.

Its structure is as follows: <HyperTerm><Header><Tabs><Tab /> ... All the decorate* methods receive the following references in an object passed as the second parameter: All the components accept the following two properties to extend their markup: We encourage you to maintain compatibility with other decorators. Render () { const customChildren = Array.from(this.props.customChildren) .concat(<p>My new child</p>); return <Tab {...this.props} customChidren={customChildren} /> }