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GCompris amp; Drastically reduce PowerPoint file size - EASY! Posted by joelgibby on Wednesday, June 7, 2006 · View Comments Got a call from a user today: “I need to send a powerpoint to a grant organization, and it’s got to get there TODAY! I tried sending it but got a message saying that it exceeds the limit for this user. Whoah, whoah – hold your horses. “I don’t know! Well, let’s see what we can do first. Open the document and right click on an image. Click “Format Picture.” Now click on the tab “Picture.” Click Compress Select “All pictures in document.” Choose a resolution (hint: screen creates a smaller file). Check “Delete cropped areas of pictures” and “Compress Pictures.” Click OK (and Apply if prompted). Save the file. So what’s the file size now? “It says 1.1 em-bee” You should be able to send it now. “Wow, thanks!” Resource used: Microsoft Office Assistance: Reduce the size of your PowerPoint files ShareThis

Best Rich Text Editors ready to use in web projects This post illustrates five interesting rich text editors ready to use in your web projects. I also provided some guidelines regarding how to implement them on your pages using a few lines of HTML code. Try them! 1. Implement this editor in your web site is very simple. ...and copy and paste the Javascript code you can find in the related pages on Yahoo Developer Network on your page. - Simple Editor with basic buttons- Code Editor- Editor in a Dialog Control The Rich Text Editor's toolbar is extensible via a plugin architecture so that advanced implementations can achieve a high degree of customization. 2. The only lines of code you have to add are the following: Simple no? 3. Is very simple to integrate in your website only with a few lines of code. ...and initialize the editor using the code you can find here, clicking on the tab View Source. That's all! 4. It's very simple to implement using this code: 5. Do you have any suggestion about this topic?

Eclipse Profiler Plugin This is a plugin for the Eclipse platform which allows java code profiling. Project License General note 1.) if you run the remote profiler, the filter settings in the eclipse environment are not taken into account. Win32 installation Copy ProfilerDLL.dll from root plugin folder into bin folder of your JRE installation. Linux installation Profiler has native part compiled with gcc 3.2, but if you have old gcc or libraries you can build native part yourself. Usage Profiler plugin creates additional kind of launch configuration in Run menu. Fig. 1. Profiler supports inclusive (grren) and exlusive (red) filters. Fig. 1.1. Plugin allows remote profiling with "Remote Profiler" launch configuration. Fig. 2. Tomcat CPU profiling Profiler was tested with jakarta-tomcat-4.1.12. Tomcat heap profiling JBoss profiling Profiler was tested with jboss-3.0.6_tomcat-4.1.18. WebLogic profiling Profiler was tested with WebLogic 8.1, installed in "c:/bea". Resin profiling Profiler was tested with Resin-ee 2.1.10.

Agora2Spip Sciences et informatique How to import your StumbleUpon favorites to your Firefox 3 Bookmarks Another possible title for this brief tutorial could be “StumbleUpon now automatically includes all the sites you give a thumbs-up as a Firefox 3 bookmark”. But I’ll stick with my first title. Before you go too far, make sure you’re using the latest version of the StumbleUpon Toolbar (3.23 at the time I’m writing this). And of course, you’ll need to be using Firefox 3. Click Tools -> Add-ons in Firefox 3. Select StumbleUpon, and then click Preferences click to enlarge Click on the Search & Tagging tab, and make sure there’s a check in the Save favorites to a Firefox bookmark folder box. Once your StumbleUpon favorites have been downloaded, you’ll be notified. And now you can access them through your Firefox bookmarks.

10 jQuery and non-jQuery javascript Rich Text Editors Advertisement Introduction Javascript rich text editor has ease our life when we need to edit articles, post or even documents online. Most of the editors allow user to edit the content straight away (What You See Is What You Get - WYSIWYG), it just like editting a document with microsoft office. LATEST VERSION: You can read our latest post about rich text editors: 10 Feature Packed Javascript WYSIWYG and Rich Text Editors So, here are the 10 RTEs that I can find online. Advertisement MarkitUp - jQuery Official Website | Demo markItUp! Fast and unobtrusive integrationSupport for keyboard shortcutsAjax dynamic previewSupported: IE7, Safari 3.1, Firefox 2, Firefox 3. jWYSIWYG - jQuery Official Website | Demo This plugin is an inline content editor to allow editing rich HTML content on the fly. GNU General Public License v2Compact and lightweightAjax dynamic previewBrowser friendly Lightweight RTE- jQuery Official Website | Demo HTMLBox - jQuery Official Website | Demo Official Website | Demo

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