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What's New with ASP.NET 5. New website has 57 resources just for Android developers! HTTP Archive.


WWDC 2014 Session Videos. JavaScript for AutomationSession 306Play Automation in OS X has always been about power and choice.

WWDC 2014 Session Videos

Scriptable applications, including Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and the Finder, can already be automated using a variety of languages, including AppleScript, Objective-C, Perl, Python, and Ruby. With OS X Yosemite, application scripting support has been added to another popular language, JavaScript. JavaScript for Automation (JXA) extends the standard JavaScript environment provided by the JavaScriptCore framework with support for querying and controlling all of the scriptable applications running in OS X. JXA scripts are supported at all layers of the system and can be invoked from the command-line, from the system-wide Script Menu, and can even be distributed as code-signed applications. WWDC 2014 Session Videos. Ilya Grigorik - HTTP Archive + BigQuery = Web Performance Answers -

By Ilya Grigorik on June 20, 2013 HTTP Archive is a treasure trove of web performance data.

HTTP Archive + BigQuery = Web Performance Answers -

Launched in late 2010, the project crawls over 300,000 most popular sites twice a month and records how the web is built: number and types of resources, size of each resource, whether the resources are compressed or marked as cacheable, times to render the page, time to first paint, and so on - you get the point. The HTTP Archive site itself provides a number interesting stats and aggregate trends, but the data on the site only scratches the surface of the kinds of questions you can ask! VBA code to set the topmost cell active across all sheets in Excel. To get rid of annoying Excel save of scroll position during save across sheets.

VBA code to set the topmost cell active across all sheets in Excel

This is more of a personal reference – anyone else who knows Excel anyway knows this bit! Option Explicit Sub AllSheetSetFirstCellActive() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets ‘** Perform code here ** ws.Select Range(“A1″).Select On Error Resume Next ‘Will continue if an error results ‘*********************** Next ws End Sub Like this:


Articles/nosql-intro.pdf. This is a PDF infodeck written by Pramod and me that provides a brief intro to NoSQL databases.


Our intention is to explain to a technical manager audience why NoSQL databases are important. We describe why relational databases have been so dominant and what forces have led to NoSQL cracking that dominance. We discuss the principal benefits of a NoSQL approach, but stress that relational databases still have a large role to play, thus our emphasis on polyglot persistence.


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