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Ed Blog» Blog Archive Meet the Animator – Jessica Oreck talks to TED-Ed about the Mysteries of Vernacular « The mystery of pants finally solved. This week, TED-Ed is excited to roll out a featured mini-series all about the wacky way that words evolve. All those questions you have about the English language, where words come from, and why we say the things we do. In the spirit of these histories, we’re diving deeper into the world of words with our new featured series, aptly named ‘Mysteries of Vernacular.’ For a taste of these Mysteries of Vernacular, here’s the story of the word Clue. TED-Ed caught up with animator and creator of Mysteries of Vernacular, Jessica Oreck, and asked her about the root of her obsession with word origins, animation, and which letter is the most troublesome of the bunch. 1. I’ve always been interested in the origins of seemingly inane traditions – the way we do things that seem entirely natural and obvious, but we don’t remember why. 2. I think my favorite so far might actually be Noise (to be released on Friday!). Building the Mysteries of Vernacular book. 3. 4. 5.

Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast Publicações digitais na educação - Dualpixel Blog A produção de conteúdo digital dos materiais didáticos vem mexendo com o fluxo de produção de muitas editoras. Atender as solicitações do edital PNLD 2015 não é tarefa fácil. Os caminhos adotados pelas editoras para produção dos objetos educacionais são os mais variados. “Entende-se por objetos educacionais vídeos, imagens, áudios, textos, gráficos, tabelas, tutoriais, aplicações, mapas, jogos educacionais, animações, infográficos, paginas web e outros elementos.” Essa decisão muda totalmente o fluxo de trabalho. “Os livros digitais deverão ter, como requisito mínimo de padronização, acesso por multiplataformas e pelos principais sistemas operacionais, tais como Android 2.3 ou posteriores, l0S, Linux (ubuntu) e Windows 7 ou posteriores, para dispositivos como laptop, desktop e tablets.” Com base nessas informações vamos analisar as possibilidades, atuais, de produção digital tendo como premissa a estrutura e o perfil de mão-de-obra disponível pelas editoras. Exportação do Folio

Understanding Amazon Studios What is Amazon Storyteller? Amazon Storyteller is a new application from Amazon Studios that lets you turn a movie script into a storyboard. You choose the backgrounds, characters, and props to visually tell a story. A successful storyboard can tell the full story of a script, or capture its essence in short form, like a trailer. Either approach can be a great way to build an audience for your story and see how people respond to it. Why do you say Amazon Storyteller is in beta? Amazon Storyteller is brand new, and is limited in the kinds of scripts it can visualize. How long should my Amazon Storyteller storyboard be? That’s really up to you. How do I start an Amazon Storyteller storyboard? Visit any movie project that has an RTF version of the script. I went to a movie project, but there was no Amazon Storyteller button. This is because the script(s) in that project are not in RTF format. Do I have to put my script on Amazon Studios to use Amazon Storyteller? Yes. Yes.

Viewbix - Empower your video. Add apps to any video: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook. Add a call-to-action. SimplyScripts - Movie Scripts and Screenplays MIT – Docubase | The open documentary lab Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories 100 in Zicht WonderHowTo: How-To Videos in Your Sidebar - ReadWriteWeb WonderHowTo aggregates and curates a large database of instructional videos from all over the Internet. It employs a number of editors who search the web for good how-to videos and then categorize them into 36 vertical categories. Thanks to this editorial process, the quality of these how-to videos featured on WonderHowTo is surprisingly high and topics range from Spanish pronunciation to surviving nuclear blasts. One of the most interesting features of WonderHowTo is its recently launched 'Related How-To Videos' sidebar for Firefox. Related How-To Videos in Your Sidebar The sidebar will display how-to videos on WonderHowTo that relate to whatever you are currently looking at in the main browser window. One nice feature of the sidebar is that it also displays the ratings that users on the main site have given a video. How-To Videos are Easy to Love for Advertisers

Screenplays for You - free movie scripts and screenplays Cinco herramientas gratuitas para crear vídeos interactivos El vídeo interactivo amplía las posibilidades narrativas del formato audiovisual digital. Su desarrollo es progresivo y actualmente existe una variada oferta de soluciones tecnológicas profesionales para crearlos. No obstante, también hay opciones gratuitas para el usuario ocasional o individual. Cuando Youtube incluyó su servicio de “anotaciones” dio alas a la imaginación de muchos creadores. El simple hecho de incluir botones enlazados a vídeos permite crear relatos no lineales. Es una opción gratuita extensamente utilizada. En poco tiempo, la oferta se ha ampliado. Like a Rolling Stone ¿Recuerdan el vídeo musical de la canción Like a Rolling Stone de Bob Dylan? En el plan de precios de la empresa se contemplan dos tarifas para proyectos profesionales y una sin cargo para uso personal. Dibujar sobre la imagen Además de enlazar fragmentos de vídeo entre sí, existen otras opciones interactivas disponibles, como crear cuestionarios o dibujar sobre las imágenes. Vídeo + encuesta

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