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The must-know Javascript libraries - Coding Insight WARNING: This article is loaded. Cheers… There is a lot out there. University of Reddit : Game Theory Game Theory Game Theory 101 is a free introductory course to the basics of game theory. Over the course of a few dozen videos, we will learn about the basics of competitive interaction and strategic thought. We will also learn the core concepts of game theory, including strict dominance, iterated elimination of strictly dominated strategies, pure strategy Nash equilibrium, mixed strategy Nash equilibrium, the mixed strategy algorithm, weak dominance, backward induction, subgame perfect equilibrium, and comparative statics. Lectures Prerequisites

Wix Review: Pros and cons of this creative site builder Wix’s selection of highly modern layouts and impressive animations made a particularly good impression on us. The App Market is a very useful tool which makes the implementation of additional features such as photo and slider galleries into your website as easy as adding an app to your smartphone. There is no doubt that the templates look very attractive, but they also come with some very basic flaws. If you want a good looking website on your mobile device, you need to arrange your elements manually.

Infinite-social-wall by philipbjorge An infinite social stream based on RSS feeds with a MySQL backend. Hosted Version Coming Soon - A video demonstrating the functionality (unfortunately not showing the beautiful CSS3 transitions) can be seen on youtube. As well as on my personal homepage Officially Supported Networks (Icons/Styles included)

Techniques For Accessibility Evaluation And Repair Tools W3C Working Draft, 26 April 2000 This version: Latest version: Editors: Chris Ridpath, Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto -- Canada Wendy Chisholm, W3C Chosen: A jQuery Plugin by Harvest to Tame Unwieldy Select Boxes Chosen is a jQuery plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. Downloads Project Source Contribute Standard Select 46 Hidden Tips and Tricks to Use Google Search Like a Boss How often do you use Google to find something on the internet? If like a lot of people you use Google every day you’ll be astounded by the number of hidden tips and tricks their search facility offers. 46 of them are featured in this infographic from Who Is Hosting This, how many of those did you know about? Related The 10 Most Viewed and Shared Posts from Our Blog in 2014

25 Popular Hashtags to Maximize Exposure to Your Content Hashtags are one of the most controversial phenomena in today’s digital culture. It seems like social media users are split between those who adore and obsessively use hashtags to those who’d rather day than “contaminate” their posts. In reality, both factions have a point. On the one hand, hashtags have the advantage of connecting your posts to a broader theme /trend and increasing their visibility to an audience that does not necessarily follow your feeds. Hashtags can also be used in a playful or satirical way that adds a witty edge to your post. Sabre Dev Studio - APIs Get travel information on demand with our REST and SOAP APIs. What's in it for you? Incorporate rich shopping content from the Sabre® travel marketplace Access market insights, such as busiest travel times and flight price ranges others recently booked Create an enriched shopping experience through map-based, large calendar and budget shopping applications Receive sub-second inspirational shopping results Build a fully-customized application, whether you are a full-service travel company or only focused on searching for travel

This site builder offers one of the most favourable and advantageous free versions so far. Still it comes second after by eugie Aug 8

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