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Professional Organizations. MakingintheLibraryToolkit2014. TV Studio. Microsoft eBooks. Banned/Challenged Books. How my students started using Evernote - Education Series. Buffy Hamilton is a teacher and librarian at Creekview High School in Canton, Georgia.

How my students started using Evernote - Education Series

Buffy is one of Tech and Learning’s 30 EdTech Leaders of the Future, Georgia School Library Media Specialist of the Year 2010, and one of the National School Boards Association’s “20 to Watch” educators for 2010; her media program at Creekview High School was also named one of two exemplary high school programs for the state of Georgia in 2010. Copyright Issues. iPad. School Library Media. 9 Great Classroom Web Apps You May Have Missed. Top 8 Web Tools for Teacher's Professional Development. I have been recently posting about teacher's professional development using web technologies and each time I do I would get emails asking for the tools I use personally.

Top 8 Web Tools for Teacher's Professional Development

I compiled a list of the top 8 platforms I use almost daily for expanding my knowledge and staying updated about the topics that interest me the most. The Teacher Tap: Professional Development Resources for Educators. The Teacher Tap is a free, professional development resource that helps educators and librarians address common questions about the use of technology in teaching and learning by providing easy access to practical, online resources and activities.

The Teacher Tap: Professional Development Resources for Educators

Check out the Project Overview for more information. 3 Great Professional Development Guides for Teachers. Are you looking for some free professional development guides to read in the coming Christmas break?

3 Great Professional Development Guides for Teachers

Edutopia has generously put up these three guides to help teachers and educators better improve their practice and enrich their instructional knowledge. I have just finished reading the second guide in this list and I must say they are really wonderful. Let me share with you a brief synopsis of each of them together with the links where you can access them. 1- Project-based Learning Professional Development guide This guide is divided into three parts: the first part is an introduction to project based learning in which the authors argue for the importance of PBL in learning together with some explanation on how it works. 23 Excellent Professional Development Tools for Teachers. Today we are sharing with you some web tools to help you grow professionally.

23 Excellent Professional Development Tools for Teachers

These are probably the best you can ever find online. Check out the list below and share with us your suggestions and additions. This is a work in progress. Enjoy 1- Education World This is a great website that offers all the resources you need to grow professionally. 2- Classroom2.0 In this networking group, you can get connected with other educators who are interested in Web 2.0, social media, and more in the classroom. 3- Diigo Collect, highlight, remember, and share all of the great resources you find online with your PLN on Diigo, and annotation and online bookmarking tool. 101freetechtools. Overview - Baseball, Race and Ethnicity: Rounding the Bases - Lesson Plan. Back to Lesson Plans Lesson Overview Students use primary sources focused on baseball to explore the American experience regarding race and ethnicity.

Overview - Baseball, Race and Ethnicity: Rounding the Bases - Lesson Plan

Objectives Students will: analyze historical images; create an original argument using primary sources; pose historical questions after analyzing and reflecting on primary sources; employ search strategies to obtain primary historical data from targeted collections of sources; place the developments of race and ethnicity in America in historical context. Standards Time Required Five classes Recommended Grade Level Topic Sports, Recreation & Leisure Immigration & Ethnic Heritage Era Progressive Era to New Era, 1900-1929 Rise of Industrial America, 1876-1900. Using Animoto in the Classroom. It’s unusual for me to write a blog post extolling the virtues of a single edtech tool – I usually prefer a rundown of several resource that can be used for any given subject, because there are so many brilliant tools out there to feature and usually so many advantages and disadvantages to using each one.

Using Animoto in the Classroom

But Animoto is a special case! It is incredibly easy to use, which is a huge plus for the classroom, but also presents a really wide and flexible range of possible uses, which isn’t always the case with the simpler end of edtech tools. If you’re not already familiar with Animoto, it’s a website that allows you to make your own videos by choosing a background template from a wide range of options, adding a piece of music, and then creating a completely unique compilation of photographs, video clips and text, which is then all magically pulled together into an incredibly professional finished product. The real beauty of Animoto is its sheer, joyful flexibility. How to Create a ThingLink Tutorial. My Reflections on ThingLink and Interactive Presentations Major shifts in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) require students to have opportunities to practice and master skills in the areas of speaking and listening as well as the ability to compare, contrast, incorporate evidence, understand primary source documents, and create arguments.

How to Create a ThingLink Tutorial

In terms of student engagement and creation in these areas, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, there has been an over reliance on the use of PowerPoint or slide shows for presentations, limiting creativity and too frequently resulting in students reading from the screen. More recently there has been a shift to the use of interactive presentations such as Prezi, which has both its strengths and limitations. When I was attending the PARCC ELC in Chicago recently, I attended a workshop on close reads using primary source documents. Empowering The BYOD REVOLUTION. Home. A Comprehensive Index to Educational Hashtags Teachers Must Know about. If you are still trying to figure out what educational hashtags teachers are using then you do not need to go anywhere else, I got it covered here thanks to Chiew Pang document.

A Comprehensive Index to Educational Hashtags Teachers Must Know about

Pang created an open document using Google Docs and named it " The Unofficial Index to Twitter Hashtags ". I have gone thorough the entire page and found it really helpful so I thought you might want to have a look as well. See also : Teacher's Guide to The Use of Hashtags in Education Here is the link for the entire document that Pang created and below are the hashtags it contains.

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