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Because Literary Reading Brings Wisdom to the Information AgeTravel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. ~ Mark Twain Important: If you use any of the following Lit Trips, you’ll definitely want to download the most recent updates! Some older versions may soon not work properly. August 29, 2015: More Lit Trip Updates Posted! The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants | Magic Eyes: I Spy New Zealand History August 25, 2015: More Lit Trip Updates Posted! Blood on the River | Chasing Lincoln’s Killer | Bonyo Bonyo | Jack London State Historic Park August 21, 2015: More Lit Trip Updates Posted! Paddle-to-the-Sea | Seaman | Hard Gold July 9, 2015: More Lit Trip Updates Posted! Things that Must Not Be Forgotten | The Aeneid June 4, 2015: More Lit Trip Updates Posted! My Brother Sam is Dead | Remote Man May 31, 2015: More Lit Trip Updates Posted! Possum Magic | Flesh & Blood So Cheap | The Yellow Balloon The Brother’s War: Civil War Voices May 25, 2015: More Lit Trip Updates Posted!

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5 Tools Students Can Use to Keep Track of Assignments This Year While I appreciate services like Remind and WhatsDue for sending reminders to students about upcoming assignments, I also think it is important for students to take ownership of keeping track of their assignments. As we start the new school year many students will be looking for tools that can help them keep track of assignments. Here is a selection of tools that I've used and or my students have used over the years.

Speld Training Courses 27th& 28th September 2014 The Langham – Central Auckland Be sure to keep this weekend free for our exciting national conference. This year the special focus is working memory – critical to children and adults with learning disabilities. The conference will be a unique opportunity to meet and hear from a range of experts in the field: Keynote speaker Nanci Bell is a renowned American researcher, practitioner, author and co-founder and director of Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes - a world leader in literacy research and remediation.

15 Outstanding Websites to Learn Languages Online If you are reading this you are probably already convinced by the benefits of learning a foreign language! But learning a language is a really challenging adventure that everybody approaches and challenges differently. Indeed, there isn’t any universal method that will make you fluent overnight by instantaneously downloading knowledge into your brain – Matrix-style (if you guys know how to do this, contact me right now!). You will have to put a lot of effort and commit yourself with a thorough schedule to end up speaking the language. But don’t worry, there are many apps and websites that will help you to make your way to fluency as easy and natural as possible… and for free!

Two Very Good Book Search Engines for Teachers May 11, 2015 In today’s post we are sharing with you two good platforms where you can search for and find online free and premium books. As for Free Book Search tool listed below , this is a specific search engine designed to help you find free ebooks, audiobooks, and Kindle books. This tool is also integrated with Google Drive allowing you to conduct your book search right in your Drive. The second tool we have in this list is the popular Google Play Books. This platform combines both an enhanced reading experience together with advanced book search functionalities. You can use its store to search over 4 million books. 10 Ways to Help Your Child Build Self-Esteem Anyone who has kids knows that they are both a magical blessing and a constant source of stress. Raising children requires a lot of work—just feeding, cleaning and dressing them takes up a good chunk of a parent’s time, and that’s before we even begin to teach them about the world. It is important to pass on good values to our little ones, but even more importantly, we want them to feel confident in their abilities and to have a realistic, yet positive self-image. If you want to help your child build self-esteem, try out some of these strategies.

What’s so great about Google Drive? And why should my students use it? I have fallen in love with Google Drive. But it was not love at first sight. Our relationship was slow to get started. First, Google Drive was like the guy you know for a while as a friend. You think he’s okay looking, but you don’t really pay much attention to him. Then one day he says something funny, and you realize he’s kind of cute. Specialised help for children with dyslexia pays dividends Published: 6:07AM Saturday August 16, 2014 Source: ONE News Compelling research shows learning outcomes for children with dyslexia can be vastly improved. Specialised, early intervention can significantly boost success at school for a child with dyslexia, a pilot study shows. One-on-one, personalised tuition resulted in vast and surprising improvements in achievement skills, Karen Waldie, Associate Professor of the School of Psychology at Auckland University, says.

QR Code Culture in a Box This is a simple twist on a great project that many schools have done before for those who use mobile technology. Basically, schools have sent each other (participating schools are from Finland, UK, USA, Romania, Dubai, & Spain) gifts that the children think represent their respective city. Shaw Wood Academy in our sister city Doncaster, after a lot of discussion and research about their local area, decided on play money (British pounds) to represent the shopping that can be done at the Frenchgate centre, animal masks to represent the local wildlife park as well as a small ball to represent Doncaster Rovers Football Club. Attached to each item was a QR (Quick Response) code created by the children that linked to the website of the place that it was representing.

Going Retro: Reading Apps for Real Books Reading Rainbow app YouTube clips. Texting. Twitter. Facebook status updates. The prevalence of short-attention-span media — easily scanned or consumed — has led to much hand-wringing over how students will develop that lifelong love of reading perceived to be so critical to lifelong learning. Use YouTube Like an EdTech Rockstar I’ve been using YouTube all wrong. Usually, I just upload my own video and search by typing a query in the box to see what comes up. I have recently learnt some new ways to get more out of the tool and turn you into a YouTube rock star. Windows Live Movie Maker Video Educast Series : KQED Education By Sean J. O’Neil The following videos are a 9 part series on how to use Windows Live Movie Maker. Live Movie Maker is a proprietary video editing software application which allows Windows operating system users to edit their own videos. This version of Movie Maker is compatible with Windows 7 or more recent operating systems.

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