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What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains [Epipheo.TV]

What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains [Epipheo.TV]
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100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers Although YouTube has been blocked from many/most schools, for obvious reasons and not so obvious ones. YouTube does provide great resources and content for teachers and students. View the list of the Top 100 Videos for Teachers. 6 Authors Who Might Actually Convince You To Unplug  So, I recently wrote a book (Unfriending My Ex: And Other Things I'll Never Do) about my addiction to social media and my iPhone. Because of the slippery slope that social media (and texting) provided me in acting out my most dangerous and risky impulses, I found myself inspired to write a brutally honest memoir that I'd hoped my generation (and anyone who has ever felt the chainlike pull of their digital activity) might be able to relate to and thus gain some perspective on their own social media-led activity. I started off with a digital detox (no iPhone, no computer, no Wi-Fi, no DVR, no iPad...

Digital Paper Could Become Like 'Google Docs for Artists' Computer engineers have turned ordinary paper into a display with a UV lighting technique, which could one day help artists work on real-time collaborations from opposite sides of the world. Researchers from the Naemura Group at the University of Tokyo call the method “paper computing technology”. Ordinary paper is coated with a photochromic material, which changes color when light is shone on it. A pen filled with commonly available Frixion thermo-sensitive ink (which disappears when heated) is then used to draw the image, and a digital UV projector with a resolution of 1,024×768 can be used to copy or print that image onto the paper again. A laser illuminates the image from underneath to erase it to an accuracy of 0.024mm — it can even do this automatically, learning where an error has occurred and the user has strayed from their intended line. By syncing the projector and laser up to a camera and computer, a user controlling the latter can make amendments to the image.

Susan Maushart: Living Deliberately by Unplugging - Books Make a Difference Susan Maushart shut off the electricity, removed computer and television screens from the house, stored the video games, hid the mobile devices of her three teenaged children, and reluctantly stashed her beloved iPhone…for six months. She purposefully silenced all electronics, not because her children had done anything wrong, nor because she was a bored 50-year-old single mother. No, Maushart pulled the plug on modern technology because Henry David Thoreau, among other writers, inspired her to do it.

Graphene-made e-paper by 2015 and anticancer drugs by 2030 Ultra-strong and self-healing copycat material graphene has been the subject of intense excitement since Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselo extracted it from bulk graphite in 2004, earning them the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. Now, an international team of physicists led by Novoselo has published a paper laying out a timeline of future uses for the incredibly versatile material, which includes its role in anticancer drugs and rollable e-paper. "A roadmap for graphene", published in the journal Nature, proves that the one atom-thin super-conductive material has plenty of future uses outside of electronics, though it will be an integral part of the imminent future development of devices. That's because the type of graphene needed for things like touchscreens is of a lower, more easily manufactured quality.

4 Essential Rules Of 21st Century Learning 4 Essential Rules Of 21st Century Learning by Jennifer Rita Nichols The term “21st century” has become an integral part of educational thinking and planning for the future. Educators and administrators are actively searching for ways to prepare students for the future, and the educational system has been evolving faster than ever before. Is 'Breaking Bad' Influencing The Real-Life Meth Trade? NEW YORK -- News of drug cartels mass-producing souped-up methamphetamine – that's the latest word as reported by The Associated Press, and it sounds pretty scary. But haven't we heard this story before? Like on "Breaking Bad," the AMC network's addictive drama series? Take a look at the real-life drug biz.

valtari videos the valtari mystery film experiment now available on dvd, blu-ray and download. includes 3 behind-the-scenes featurettes. valtari was sigur rós's last album as a four-piece. an elegaic work; they didn't feel much like talking about it, and so, instead, asked a bunch talented directors to make whatever they felt like making to go with music. these 16 films are the result. sad, funny, beautiful and, occasionally, plain bewildering, they represent just some of the available emotional responses to this most contemplative sigur rós album. the film's credits include thank-you's to all 800-plus entrants to the mystery film experiment competition. buy from us: downloaddvd or from retailers: the films

A+C AZIZ + CUCHER, Text published in Kunstforum, Winter 1996 "The Medium is not the only Message"***The Human Genome project is being touted as the greatest scientific achievement of mankind, surpassing in its significance the discoveries of Newton, Darwin, and Einstein. If biology is made to be but an exclusive function of the genetic code, then it becomes just another field in the study of communications. The current excitement about the development of the technologies of communication seems to be coated in a blind faith in progress that is just as naive as that which our predecessors put in nuclear power and the space age. Flooded with enthusiasm, some people believe that these technologies offer unlimited possibilities for the reconfiguration of the self, predicting even the possibility of an ontological shift in the reality of being. With advances in digital technology and robotics, bioengineering is forging the link between the natural and the artificial.

The Ethics of Digital Manipulation In the example see above, we have changed the red color of M8, the Lagoon Nebula, whose main spectral emission lies in the red portion of the spectrum, to blue with a simple adjustment in Photoshop. When photography was first invented, its overwhelming power came from the fact that it recorded nature more realistically than any other art form had ever done before. Because of this, people trusted it and believed it portrayed "reality" and "truth". But, just as story telling could portray the "truth" with an accurate accounting of the facts, it could just as easily become fiction.

16 Famous Photoshopped Images Throughout History President Abraham Lincoln, circa 1860 This nearly iconic portrait of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln is a composite of Lincoln’s head and the Southern politician John Calhoun’s body. Reuters Photo Fraud The Reuters Photo Scandal A Taxonomy of Fraud A comprehensive overview of the four types of photo fraud committed by Reuters, August, 2006