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17 Cartoon Videos Explaining the Internet and Internet Safety to Kids

17 Cartoon Videos Explaining the Internet and Internet Safety to Kids
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Dr Rachel O’Connell – | Internet safety Dr Rachel O’Connell is an internet safety expert and talks about how we can all prevent cyberbullying. Internet safety transcript: Hi, my name is doctor Rachel O’Connell, and I’ve been invited by the ReachOut team to talk today about a number of issues including cyberbullying. Why do people cyberbully? People engage in bullying for a variety of reasons and generally speaking people who engage in bullying one another are known to each other. Bullies can be victims The characteristics of it is that it’s repeated and hurtful behavior that can involve physical or psychological harm. What can people do to prevent bullying? Well there are a number of things parents, and indeed teachers, and the extended family can do to protect children and young people from bullying. Make sure you’re engaged Level of negotiation and communication One of the most important things when they’re growing up is to learn about how to manage interpersonal relationships. Would making people accountable help?

Ten social media commandments for kids & parents Remember when we were kids and our parents sat us down to discuss the birds and the bees? (Yea, neither do I but we will talk about that later….) As parents we are told we should talk with our kids about difficult topics like alcohol, drugs, sex and pornography. Today’s generation has a new topic to add to the list. Social Media. Since the launch of MySpace in 2003 – and subsequently Facebook in 2004 – social media has exploded and many parents are finding it hard to keep up. Talk to your kids about Social Media. These are main points to keep in mind. The original post, “10 Social Media Commandments for Kids & Parents” by Stephanie Bice was originally published on Original Article Image by James Tissot [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Digital Citizenship Flashcards Another academic year is here and with it comes new clothes, lessons, and of course, new technologies. But are your child's digital citizenship skills back-to-school ready? If not, don't worry. To help them make the grade, download these flashcards to help them boost their online know-how. You can reference just one, or download, print, and put together an entire flashcard deck to work through...check below for a DIY version! Want to start a conversation about all of the above?

10 Ways To Use Avatars In Education As overcrowded classrooms, crunched school district budgets, and online, open learning become more prominent in lower and higher education — for better or worse — teachers and students are feeling stretched in many directions. While the hoped for result in democratic learning is that we’ll all be more connected, the truth is that we’re also losing valuable face time and struggling to find new ways to bring the world back to students. Avatars are being used to help these challenges, by helping younger students contextualize history lessons, giving teachers more direct training before they even meet students, and more. Here are 10 amazing ways avatars are being used in education. 1. 2. 3. 4. 6. 7. 8. 9. This New York Times article reports on high school students acting as mayors, business professionals and engineers trying to clean up the oil spill, all by controlling their avatars. 10.

Practical Living - Links - KATE - Kentucky Academy of Technology Education Audacity Teachers and students may download Audacity software for FREE at this site. Audacity is a free program that allows students to create blogs so that teachers may incorporate them into their curriculum. BibMe This is a web-based bibliography tool that is fast and easy to use. Buying Your First Car (A WebQuest) Students integrate Microsoft Publisher, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint into an exercise where they can find out what it would be like to buy their own car. Career Education: Setting Your Students on the Path to a Valid Vocation This article has a wealth of resources to direct students down the right career path. Consumer Handbook to Credit Protection Law Consumer Jungle Consumer Reports.Org Don't Buy It (PBS Kids)

Unspoken Life | Living with a mistake and its repercussions, and advice for others. - Step B- Seven Steps To Website Evaluation For Students: Promoting Digital Citizens 0 Comments July 8, 2013 By: Michael Gorman Jul 7 Written by: 7/7/2013 5:15 PM ShareThis Welcome to a this second in a summer series that is must read for any educator wanting to facilitate web page evaluation by students. Quick Note I have been getting a lot of requests asking if I will make a visit to your school, organization, or conference. The Seven Steps to Web Site Evaluation – Step B Welcome to the web site evaluation page evaluation series of posts. Step A… Seven Steps To Website Evaluation For Students… Promoting Digital Citizens The Seven Steps to Web Site Evaluation – Step B… Bias B Is For Bias One of the most important findings in determining the usefulness of a web page is discovering if a web site has any Bias. 1. 2. 3. Download Poster Here: b1_poster_info cross-posted at Michael Gorman oversees one-to-one laptop programs and digital professional development for Southwest Allen County Schools near Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Didn't Your Mother Tell You Not to Google? Think about 2008 for a minute. Wikipedia was only two years old, and Facebook had only existed for four. I was supporting a research project with a group of sixth graders studying ancient history. The stock response: "On Google." "Google's not a source," I repeated. They stared at me. Relating these tales to my mother, she said, "I don't know what's up with all of this Googling. As adults, we remember when being told to "look it up" implied hauling out an encyclopedia or dictionary, sifting through a card catalog, or even using a book's index. Who? Fast forward to this past winter. If we believe the ad campaigns from Apple and Google, we should simply ask our device for the answer. Maurice Draggon (@draggon) tweeted: @brholland Siri searches partnerships Apple has formed or you can specify the search engine. It turns out that Siri searches whatever you want: Google, Bing, Yahoo or Wolfram Alpha. What? While on my Google tirade, I happened into a kindergarten class.

Animation Tools - Movie Making in the Classroom For a different twist on movie making in the classroom try animation. Like movie making, animation can be a fun way to incorporate technology, multi-literacy, and 21st Century skills into your classroom. It's a lot of fun too! Who knows, you might just inspire the next Disney! There are many free and easy to use tools online. Text to Speech Animation Xtranormal - Create cute and fun animations using text to speechGo! 2D Animation Tools Flipbook - Create your own animated flipbooksLoogix - Create animated GIFs like to one aboveDoInk - Easy vector based animation toolSAM Animation – Stop animation tool - Download only. 3D Animation Tools Blender - Free 3D creation tools. Education Blogger Mark Brumley talks about animation tools. Frames is an animation program from Tech4Learning. Claymation and Stop Motion Resources

The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction Video Game, Computer, Internet Addiction Program - The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction 2-Day and 5-Day Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) A foremost leader in the treatment of Video Game, Computer, and Internet addiction, Dr. Greenfield has created an Intensive 5-Day (4 hours per day) and 2-Day (8-10 hours per day) accelerated drive/fly-in treatment program for teens, students, and adults. During the Intensive, each participant works on a one-to-basis with Dr. Using both established and cutting-edge treatment protocols developed by Dr. Background/History Assess/diagnose use and specifically review Video Game, Computer, and Internet use patterns.Establish an overall analysis of virtual addictionsm (Video Game, Computer, and Internet) behavior. Assessment Understand established emotional and physical triggers for use and abuse found in the addictive gaming pattern.Assessment of guilt and shame repetition patterns in the addiction cycle. Insight/Therapy Promote/Support Dr. 5-day vs. 2-Day Program The main difference between the two programs is the intensity.