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Featured: Net Cetera Toolkit

Featured: Net Cetera Toolkit

That's Not Cool Search results for digital citizenship With the Sochi Winter Olympics starting, we all want to learn, watch, and catch little glimpses of what is happening throughout the day in Russia. I love watching the figure skating, skiing, and snow boarding events. When I was little we watched it together as a family and I have really enjoyed following the summer and winter Olympics throughout the years. The fifth graders, along with all of our students, have been discussing the Olympics in their classrooms and after talking with one of the teachers, Kate Goodwin, about doing a research project with the kids, we decided this would be a great theme to focus on. Recognize digital resources that are copyright freeCredits author and publication for direct quotationsSuggest a technology tool to use to accomplish a particular task Next, I took a look at the Language Arts CCSS. W.5.2 Writing: Text Types and Purposes Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly. a. Something new to all of them.

Media and Technology Resources for Educators February 27, 2014 We are thrilled to announce the release of our entire Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum as a set of eight interactive, multimedia iBooks Textbooks, available for free in the iBooks Store... read more March 31, 2014 Imagine … a school district that is teaching Digital Literacy and Citizenship lessons to 28,000 K-12 students, with 1,800 trained teachers. Is it possible? Last week, I hosted an inspiring webinar... read more Categories:

Search results for digital citizenship When I was a little girl I loved making books. It was one of my favorite things to do....all of it. I loved writing the story, drawing the illustrations, reading, and sharing them with others. I would have my mom staple pages of paper together, gather my crayons, pencil, and markers, and set off to find a place to create and write. I always had ideas that I wanted to write about. A lot of times my younger sister Heather would have a empty book with her also and together we would write great adventures. I loved writing books for others too. She always loved getting books, cards, and pictures of our adventures that we would take together. It is so special to read this book and hear the story through the young "me". I also wanted to be a teacher....and many times Heather and I played library where we pretended to be librarians of the most awesome library ever. As I got older, my love for drawing and writing grew. I went to Iowa State University to the College of Design first.

Safe Connects | Net Literacy While 99% of all that happens on the net is positive and safe which is very similar to the real world, educating teens about Internet safety helps keep them safe and enables them to enjoy the riches available to them online. Safe Connects is differentiated from other Internet safety programs because students use “straight talk” to discuss topics that are important to teens. This program has established a “student-teaching-students-and-parents” model for school systems throughout America. Safe Connects Cyber Bullying PSA The Safe Connects online safety program is based on three premises: 1. 2. 3. Learn more about Safe Connects by clicking on the “What Is Safe Connects?”

CyberSmart! Katie Christo's Wiki / Digital Citizenship and Safety Digital Citizenship New Northern Gateway Digital Citizenship Resources - 10 Digital Citizenship Tips from your Mother - Commonsense Media Digital Literacy and Citizenship Classroom Curriculum 9 Elements - now will look like: Digital Safety 11 Resources for Teaching and Learning Web Safety - - Advertising is all around you. Avatar Creators

adigitalcitizen / FrontPage According to ISTE's National Education Techology Standards, According to Mike Ribble, a guru in the field of Digital Citizenship, nine elements comprise being a solid Digital Citizen: Digital Etiquette Digital Communications Digital Literacy Digital Access Digital Commerce Digital Law Digital Rights and responsibilities Digital Health and Wellness Digital Security Essential questions: What are our rights and responsibilities as Digital Citizens? What does it mean to be a Digital Citizen? Learning activities -- In the pages that follow, you will work in teams to explore various aspects of Digital Citizenship and create a new page incorporating your discoveries about what it means to be a Digital Citizen and specific rights and responsibilities involved. Sources Information for seventh-graders

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