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Albertina Navas sur Twitter : "#ContentCuration is not a copy&paste process. You have to be respectful with licensing and credits. Albertina Navas sur Twitter : "#ContentCuration best practices: be respectful w/law and sources, your thought should be on your own, be flexible. Classmill. Content Creation/Curation. 1287561?attr=all&src=rss&utm_content=buffer2acf3&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter. The zettabyte era is almost here.


According to Cisco, in 2018 alone over 1.6 zettabytes of annual global IP traffic will be generated, a figure greater than all of the IP traffic between 1984 and 2013. By then, Wi-Fi will contribute 61% of IP traffic, outrunning wired networks, with 5.2 billion global mobile users by 2019. It's said that the Internet of Things will see 50 billion devices talking to each other by 2020. The internet is in rude health – but how about the web? How is the web evolving?

If it's the internet that provides the technical backbone, it's the worldwide web – the 'services side' – that reaches ever deeper into our lives. The most obvious change is that it has gone mobile. There have been technical enhancements, too. However, by far the biggest change has seen the web become personal – and that's completely changing what it looks like.

Which platforms and channels are dominating content? Moulds thinks there's nothing to worry about. Ultimate List of All in One Social Media Tools. Managing all your social accounts can be a task.

Ultimate List of All in One Social Media Tools

A few years ago an all in one social engagement tool would have been hard to recommend. Now that major social platforms have matured a bit these “all in one” social management tools are closer to being possible. Here’s how we defined this list. All of these tools allow you to at least manage more than 3 social networks, most of them allow you to engage or manage in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. The more robust ones add in Instagram, Pinterest, Weebo, and other similar networks. In putting together this list (and using many of these tools ourselves) here’s our quick take on finding the holy grail (all-in-one tool) of social engagement.

If you’re an enterprise level user it’s getting pretty close to an all in one platform, there’s many options on this list. We also included a few tools in here that are mobile only (which is a new and emerging space). Here’s the ultimate list: Hootsuite Buffer Radian6 SproutSocial SoicalFlow Traackr Komfo. You are the content you publish. Work Out Loud: Personal Content Curation Strategy Part 1.

I’ve been doing a lot of research and experimenting trying to figure out my personal knowledge management strategy.

Work Out Loud: Personal Content Curation Strategy Part 1

In addition to learning from Harold Jarche and Stephen Dale, I came across a MOOC on content curation a few weeks ago (check it out the platform is really cool!). This is where I found Beth Kanter and her Content Strategy 101 article. In her article, she provides a questionnaire to help you get started. I’m going to work through this questionnaire on this blog to hold myself accountable and hopefully provide others with a bit of inspiration. Content Curation Goals In a previous post I discussed my core desired feelings. What is the value that self-directed learning can bring to your work? Self-directed learning helps me to stay current in my profession (learning & development), gives me the ability to connect with others (a key core desired feeling) and provides me a sense of wonder (this world is amazing and I love learning about it). What do you want to accomplish? My Topics. Content curation is dead, it’s time to get creative.

How many brands can you think of that are truly rocking the social media party?

Content curation is dead, it’s time to get creative

And by rocking we don’t mean posting beautiful images with meaningless quotes that get the perfunctory likes and shares. We’re talking about brands that are sparking new conversations, adding real value and seeing results. The latest figures released at this year’s South African Social Media Landscape briefing paint a very clear picture – brands that are winning at social are winning at original content creation. This is illustrated by the fact that the platforms seeing the biggest growth are those that demand originality – namely YouTube and Instagram. Gone are the days of getting away with lazy content. News Curation Tools.

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