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20 Great YouTube Channels for Math Teachers December 28, 2017 For those of you teaching math, here is a collection of some of the best YouTube channels we reviewed this year. You can draw on these resources to access and find educational video content to help you in the teaching of math for different grade levels. Some of these channels are set up and run by math teachers and others by popular math websites. You may want to go through the collection and see what works for you. Links to the channels are under the visual. Astronomy and Space K-3 Theme Page at Astronomy-Related Rebus Rhymes: Astronomy-Related Rhyme Printouts: Astronomy and Space Jokes: STEM Education Resources It’s not too often that you have the opportunity to change the world, but as a STEM educator, you can do just that. By encouraging students to develop and maintain interest in STEM subjects, you’re preparing the next generation of researchers, engineers, scientists and programmers to meet the growing demands for qualified STEM professionals-and preparing future professionals in all fields to leverage STEM approaches and techniques. As more public and private organizations recognize that STEM educators play a key role in increasing the number of students pursuing STEM careers, they have developed a wide range of resources to train, support and inspire current and prospective STEM educators. Use the table of contents below to jump right to the resources you’re looking for! What Is STEM Education?

9 Terrific STEM Teaching Resources Every now and then, we get an unexpected surprise from someone as interested in supporting teachers and students as we are. When this happens, it usually means someone has gone out of their way to research and produce a valuable list of incredible online resources for use in education, and done a great job of doing so. I’m happy to say it’s happened yet again. We recently received a list of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) links from Jasmine Dyoco at EducatorLabs. If you’re a teacher and you haven’t yet checked out this fine organization, please do so. They are one of the many collaborative groups who are working tirelessly to produce caches of freebies and other information to help educators with their work.

PBS NewsHour Extra Extra News for Students and Teacher Resources 7–12 Grade Level Lesson Plans Extra Extra Daily Videos Videos Student Voices Lesson Plans Lesson plan: Brown v. Board of Education and the story of Prince Edward County Schools Use this lesson plan to learn more about the life of Linda Brown and the impact of the Brown v. Board of Education case in the U.S. today. NCEA Subject Resources Subject resource pages are available for the following subjects: Ringa Toi Exhibition Ringa Toi is an annual exhibition that showcases the artwork of secondary school students with a focus on Toi Māori. STEM Activities: Tensile Bubbles I’m always on the lookout for STEM activities with a WOW factor and today’s engineering project for kids probably tops that list. I mean just look at the bubble below- yes, THAT IS A BUBBLE! And shhhh don’t tell anyone, it’s not too hard to make…. Ever since I saw this cubic bubble I’ve wanted to make a whole host of 3D shaped bubble wands to explore how the outer wand structure affects the shape of the inverted bubbles that form. It’s also kind of addicting to make them..….

STEM Resource Finder A collaboration between the CREATE for STEM Institute at Michigan State University and the Concord Consortium. This set of simulations is used in the Health in Our Hands curriculum (HiOH) to study how environmental and genetic factors influence the growth of organisms. The simulations can also be used independently from the curriculum to investigate gene-environment interactions. The Curriculum STEM Resources Welcome to the STEM page, sponsored by YALSA's STEM Task Force. We hope you will use this wiki page to get ideas on how to effectively integrate STEM into your library programs and services. And what is STEM you ask? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and is one of the hottest topics in education and library circles.

Open Professionals Education Network CC licensed (BY) Flickr photo shared by David Amsler modified by Paul Stacey Reusing existing Open Educational Resources (OER) can save significant time and effort. The OPEN partners recommend TAACCCT grantees invest up-front time finding OER to reuse rather than starting development of new educational resources right away. A significant benefit of OER is that they provide source material to build your development efforts around. No need to invest development effort in creating something that already exists. Molecular Workbench Three Views of MW Senior Scientist and Molecular Workbench Developer Charles Xie, Researcher and Manager Amy Pallant, and Technology and Curriculum Developer Dan Damelin describe the history of Molecular Workbench and our vision for the future. Watch the Video

What reacts with baking soda This is a simple experiment, perfect for extending knowledge after a volcano or other baking soda themed activity. Materials Baking Soda Vegetable oil Vinegar Choosing STEM pathways - Department of Education It is predicted that in coming years approximately 75 per cent of all new jobs will require qualifications and skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Why STEM is important Employer demand for graduates with these qualifications and skills is on the rise and will continue to increase as job roles diversify.

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