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Recent Mobile Learning Findings

Recent Mobile Learning Findings

Teachers Easy Guide to The Most Important Web Tools in Education When it comes to using web resources with our students, time plays a decisive role.It is next to impossible for a busy teacher restricted by curriculum constraints, day to day lesson preparations, assignment corrections, to mention but a few of his chores, to effectively search the web and find the adequate resources to share with his/ her students. Most people just do not have the time to learn all these technologies and some educators pick just one or two websites of interest and start exploring them. This is definitely not the right thing to do particularly if you want to leverage the huge potential of technology into your classroom.There is, however, a simple roudabout to this problem. 1- A List of The Best Video Editing Tools for Teachers 2- A List of The Best Digital Story Telling Tools for Teachers 3- A List of The Best drawing and Painting Tools for Teachers 4- A List of The Best Presentation Making Tools for Teachers 5- A List of The Best PDF Tools for Teachers

80+ iPad Apps | Tim Bedley Landing Page IPAD APPS FOR EDUCATION by Tim Bedley All apps are free unless otherwise noted. Favorites are in bold. *My Students should download these Make Your Own iPad Stand (Video) Convert your iPad into a document camera for a few bucks. Griffin Survivor iPad Case This is the case I recommend at my trainings. 5 Dice* Order of Operations math game. The 7th Guest: Infection* Super hard strategy game similar to Othello. Action Movie FX Fun video app that adds an explosion or shooting robots to a video clip. Airsketch* Quickly write and project on your class screen. Alchemy Synth Mobile Music creation app. Animation Creator Express* Create simple cartoons for projects. Animation Desk Full Blown Animation App for projects. Animator $.99 Flipbook animation creation tool. Apps Gone Free* A daily journal delivered to your iPad of apps that normally cost money, but are free for a limited time. Arrows XD Physics based puzzle game. Aurasma CRAZY! BatteryDoctor* $0.99 Save your battery life. Box Cloud storage.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 15 iPad Skills Every Teacher and Student should Have Check the learning goals below and share with us your feedback. Enjoy 1- My students should be able to create presentations . Here are the apps to help you achieve this goal : Sliderocket Idea Flight3- Slideshark5- SlideGrabber6- Prezi Viewer4- Xavier Presentation 2- My students should be able to create digital stories. 1-StoryKit2- Talking Tom & Ben News3- I Tell a Story4- Scholastic Storia5- Talking Tom Cat6- Toontastic7- Our Story8- Bunsella Bedtimes Story 3- My students should be able to create eBooks . 1- Book Creator for iPad2- eBook Magic3- Demibooks Composer4- Story Patch5- Creative Book Builder 4- My students should be able to print their docs right from their iPad. 1- Epson iPrint2- Print Magic3- ACT Printer4- Doc Printer5- Air Sharing 5- My students should be able to create videos . 1- Animoto Video2- Videolicious3- Vidify app4- ReelDirector5- Magisto6- Super 87- Vintagio8- iMovie 6- I want to Improve my students reading skills. 11- My students should be able to screen share .

The ultimate guide to getting started with blogging! -Edublogs ? education blogs for teachers, students and schools In case you missed it, we just wrapped up our first Teacher Challenge series – 30 days to kick start your blogging! Hundreds of educators from around the globe participated in 8 challenges over the course of four weeks. Together with mentors, bloggers of all experience levels had the opportunity to really step up their game. And if you missed out, it is never too late to work through the challenges at your own pace! Here are the beginner and advanced challenges in their entirety: Activity 1 – Getting StartedBeginner – Advanced – Discussion Question Activity 2 – Writing Effective PostsBeginner – Advanced – Discussion Question Activity 3 – Working With Pages Beginner – Advanced – Discussion Question Activity 4 – Avatars & Blogging Etiquette Beginner – Advanced – Discussion Question Activity 5 – Working With ImagesBeginner – Advanced – Discussion Question Activity 6 – Embedding Media Beginner – Advanced – Discussion Question Activity 7 – Widgets and SidebarsBeginner – Advanced – Discussion Question

Tips for Adding the Right Images to Your E-Learning Content Who doesn’t like pictures? I like pictures. Pictures are fun. They add interest, they add depth and they are able to say a whole heck of a lot more than I am at a fraction of the word count. Sounds like a win/win situation, right? Well, it is .. but only if we are talking about the right pictures! After all, this is not a one kind fits all kind of thing. In short, you want this images you choose to enhance the quality of your E-Learning environment rather than distract from it. First off, its important to note that there are three main types of graphics to consider: Photos, Graphics and Icons. Photos Photos are exactly what you would think them to be. The downside to using photos is that unless you are a professional photographer, it can be difficult to find that perfect shot. Graphics Unlike a photo, a graphic is a designed image. This is the upside. Icons Icons can be especially important to those of us in the E-Learning community. 1. An image should have a purpose. 2. 3. 4.

Apps in the Elementary Classroom One area that I have not written much about on this blog is educational apps. This is mostly due to the fact that my school has one first generation iPad and two iPod Touches for the entire school. We also ban cell phones and other electronic devices, so these are not available for use in the classroom unless the teachers specifically plan for the kids to use them for a lesson or activity, hand them out to the kids and collect them at the end of the lesson. I won't pretend to be an expert on apps in the classroom, which is why I haven't covered their use here. However, with more and more schools investing in iPad carts, iPods and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, it's an important topic. What is the Role of Apps in the Classroom? Why should we be using apps in the classroom in the first place? What Does It Look Like to Bring Apps into an Elementary Classroom? Cost If you're not sure whether an app is worth paying for, the resources below should help.

Knowmia Teach Is a Great App for Creating Lesson Videos Knowmia is a website and an iPad app for creating, sharing, and viewing video lessons. The Knowmia Teach iPad app is an excellent app for creating your own whiteboard videos in the Khan Academy style. I have found the Knowia Teach app to have far more creation options than the similar Showme and Educreations apps. All Knowia Teach lessons can be uploaded to the Knowmia website with just one tap of your iPad’s screen. Tags: Flipped Classroom, Flipped Lessons, free app, free apps, video creation

How (And Why) Teachers Should Blog So how do I get techno-nervous teachers at my school to read my blog, write their own blogs and encourage their students to write one too? It seems that in order to ease them into this phenomena of blogs and their promise of expanding ones creativity, writing and collaboration skills, I might need to disguise it as journaling. Language Arts and Reading specialists will love that! Right? How do I convince them that their students are thirsty for the knowledge they want to share but not the same way that they themselves obtained it? These kids are 21st century students and are adapting to a digital world that they are eager to learn from. Fortunately for teachers, blogs are surprisingly easy to use. As an educational tool, blogs may be integrated in a multi-faceted manner to accommodate all learners. If safety is a concern, try KidBlog . Want to learn more?

Vialogues. Dialogue collaboratif autour de videos Vialogues est un outil collaboratif qui permet de créer un espace collaboratif de dialogue autour d’une vidéo. Vialogues c’est la contraction entre les mots Vidéos + Dialogues. Le service permet de créer trés facilement des vidéos interactives embarquant un espace d’échange et de discussion. Une sorte de tchat intégré qui va permettre à l’éditeur de commenter une vidéo dans son intégralité mais aussi lors de passages précis. Vialogues permet en effet d’installer des points de repère dans la vidéo pour permettre au lecteur de trouver un passage précis dans une longue vidéo. Du côté du lecteur, Vialogues va permettre de parcourir les commentaires de l’éditeur, de répondre aux sondages proposés mais aussi de commenter à son tour la vidéo et de dialoguer avec l’éditeur ou avec d’autres lecteurs. Pour utiliser Vialogues c’est trés simple. Vous pouvez proposer ensuite votre vialogue sur votre site ou sur votre blog grâce à un code embedded fourni par le service.

7 Ways to Collect Student Work in an #iPad Classroom (Updated 09/15/2012) Next week, I'll be facilitating a short one-hour workshop on a topic that is deceptively simple on a computer, but can be complex on an iPad--how to get student work off an iPad in a place where the teacher can get to it in ONE place. This short blog entry tries to offer some solutions. Let me know what you think, ok? Many apps--here's a short list--will output to WebDav, video or image format that ends up in your Camera Roll. Others will go to YouTube, cloud storage, and allow email sharing. For schools deploying iPads in carts, some options are outlined below: WebDav Server - This is the best option because you can show students how to put/get their content in a central location. When considering HOW to get information off your iPad, you need to remember the following: Terms of Service for various solutions may prevent K-7 (ages 5-12) students from using online, or cloud, storage solution. This list below is no particular order of preference. #1 - Print to File using Printopia app ($20)

First Grade Workflow Fluency  As first graders are learning about the butterfly life cycle, we wanted to stay away from usual activities such as coloring in a pre-printed coloring page. INSTEAD of such an activity (created by others) and a quiz about recalling the different stages of the life cycle as assessment, we decided to have students built on their knowledge and fluency of creating a collage and CREATING a visual of their learning. The digital visual was to become an artifact for their student portfolio. Our first graders are working weekly on a Hebrew visual dictionary on the iPad PicCollage app. we reviewed the stages of a butterflyshowed students a National Geographic video of the life cyclemodeled the creation of a PicCollage Butterfly poster by breaking down each stepembedded digital citizenship (images copyright issues)emphasized the workflow of : This activity was NOT about using the iPad app, it was about creating a visual of their learning. Like this: Like Loading...

5 Presentation Tools To Captivate Every Student Creating a presentation that keeps a captive audience engaged is tough. Creating a presentation that keeps distracted students engaged is a much harder task again. Whether your are demonstrating to a class or presenting at a conference, keeping an audience focused on your content is more challenging than it used to be. Here are a few tools that will help you enthrall your audience and keep your presentations on the entertaining side of educational: SlideRocket is a hosted web app designed to take presentations to the next level with graphical prowess and multimedia integration. Although the content of your presentation is of course the most important part, small visual improvements can have a big effect on audience engagement and participation. There are a number of real benefits in using a web based Presentation tool such as SlideRocket. Similar to SlideRocket, Prezi is a hosted web app and boasts all the benefits of storing your work in the cloud.

Marqueed. Une collection d’images collaborative Marqueed est un outil collaboratif qui permet de constituer une collection d’images en ligne en mode collaboratif. Marqueed permet de constituer trés simplement une collection à plusieurs puis d’annoter et de commenter les images dans un espace d’échanges lié au tableau d’affichage des images. Ce site qui offre un graphisme assez enfantin propose un outil d’une simplicité étonnante pour partager autour d’une ou plusieurs images. Vous pouvez utiliser Marqueed sans m^me avoir besoin de vous inscrire. L’inscription gratuite vous permettra simplement de conserver vos collections d’images. Le site vous propose une page blanche dans laquelle vous allez pouvoir glisser des images. Vous pouvez ensuite inviter une ou plusieurs personnes à participer, à collaborer à votre collection. Marqueed permet enfin de sauvegarder après inscription vos tableaux d’images, vous pouvez aussi les partager par mail et sur les réseaux sociaux. Vous pouvez tester Marqueed ici sur le Web.

5 Brilliant Math iPad Apps 1. Rocket Math This brilliant, simple app appeals to children’s building and collecting instincts! By performing sums involving the four basic operations as well as other important skills like telling the time, students gradually build their rocket piece-by-piece before launching it into space to meet new challenges! 2. Another app that appeals directly to younger students, Math Puppy operates on a similar system to a game of bingo, encouraging them to answer rows of questions correctly to shout “BINGO” and progress! 3. For slightly older students, this app is great for building confidence and familiarity with the times tables. 4. The wonderfully inspired ‘story mode’ on this app really turns Math into a game, with students embarking on a virtual adventure across the exciting ‘ocean’, ‘space’ and ‘microscopic’ worlds! 5. Feature image courtesy of Flickr, eriwst.