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BDDOC CSIC: Sistemas de información CSIC CCHS > Acceso gratuito > Sumarios Viernes, 26 Mayo 2017 Bases de datos Bibliográficas del CSIC > Información para los editores Inicio Bases de datos 10 Best, Shockingly Good Apps for ESL Teachers As technology continues to get more and more popular, classroom attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Times are changing quickly and ESL teachers have to hop on board before the train leaves. Keeping the attention of a student while you’re teaching may seem difficult at times, but fear not! Help is on the way!

Your brain on weed - CNN Video Your brain on weed Source: CNN Added on 7:02 PM ET, Mon March 10, 2014 Your brain on weed Replay More Videos ... 102 of the Most Inspiring Storytelling Quotes of All Time - Type A Communications February 2, 2016 Stories have been shared in every culture for millions of years – starting with rudimentary drawings by people who lived in caves – as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation and instilling moral values. The ancient art of storytelling has made its way to the boardroom, but some people – including marketers – still wonder if it’s that big of a deal. The truth is, whether you’re trying to sell your product or service, your company or even yourself, you need to be able to tell a story. And bullets on a PowerPoint slide are not a story. With that, here are 102 of the most amazing quotes on storytelling ever written to help you keep on keepin’ on when you need a little inspiration:

Numbers Index Number Skills are very valuable. Counting ... How to do add, subtract, multiply and divide ... 5 Best Apps for English Language Learners - Educational App Store Teachers Find curriculum aligned apps to use in the classroom Start your free trial Parents #IWishMyTeacherKnew shares students' heartbreak, hopes Many of the students she teaches at Doull Elementary just wish they had something in common with her, that she knew soccer or video games. But sometimes, their wishes bring tears to her eyes, and offer a glimpse of painful struggles in their young lives. There's a student who misses her father: "I haven't seen him in six years." Another who wants to tell her she's lonely: "I don't have friend to play with me." Still another who wants to explain why her reading log goes unsigned: "My mom is not around a lot."

Keeping Your Library Collection Smelling F.R.E.S.H! Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with a fun group of librarians in the northern part of my state who had some questions about weeding. Specifically, they were concerned about getting rid of old materials when their collections are already small and there's no money to replace the discards with shiny new replacements. I understand this concern, but when it comes to weeding, I err on the side of less being more. To me, these are the major problems with holding onto old, out of date, musty materials: Out of date materials can be dangerous. When I eliminated my reference section (which might have been my first year as a school librarian), I found a book that said, "scientists do not believe HIV is transmitted through sexual content."

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