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Why the mantis shrimp is my new favorite animal

Why the mantis shrimp is my new favorite animal

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Peter Doolittle: How your "working memory" makes sense of the world Close Help with subtitles Desktop / laptop users: please make sure you have the most updated versions of your browser and Flash player, and that Flash is enabled when you visit iOS users: to access subtitles, start playing the video, then tap the speech bubble icon that appears in the bottom row of video controls. Houdini Honey Badgers Can Escape From Anywhere So half the Internet has seen the video about what total badasses honey badgers are (reminder at bottom for those who want a second look). But they don't just have attitude. As this clip from a BBC documentary reveals, they're also really smart. We know a lot of people who wouldn't be able to work out how to get out of an enclosure like this. It is amazing to think that barely 50 years ago Jane Goodall was mocked for producing evidence that chimpanzees use tools.

Zoologger: The first solar-powered vertebrate - life - 18 January 2013 Zoologger is our weekly column highlighting extraordinary animals – and occasionally other organisms – from around the world Species: Ambystoma maculatumHabitat: Throughout the eastern USA and parts of southern Canada, leaving other salamanders green with envy When you think about it, animals are weird. 1ucasvb's lab 79629813053 305 1394863200 mrfb asked: What are your thoughts on the pi v. tau debate? (For those unaware of the Pi. vs. Tau debate, read the Tau Manifesto and then the Pi Manifesto). I’m actually extremely pro-tau, but only under certain conditions. I’ll explain. First Encounters page 80 - Table Titans NameNewt Readerman ClassNetromancer RaceHuman Level1

Depression What Is Depression? Everyone occasionally feels blue or sad. But these feelings are usually short-lived and pass within a couple of days. Nature adapts to Chernobyl Chernobyl: 28 years after disaster On April 26, Ukraine marks the 28th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, the worst nuclear accident in history. Take a look at haunting scenes from inside the exclusion zone. 25, 2014 Novoshepelychi, Ukraine: The clicking sound from Timothy Mousseau's radiation detector slowly increased as he walked through the forest here, a few miles west of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Inside a dead, infected ant Inside a dead, infected ant So, by now you've all seen what a by Ophiocordyceps infected, manipulated and killed ant looks like: Published by Andersen et al. in The American Naturalist, 2009 But what does it look like from the inside?

Has Canada's government been muzzling its scientists? Canada's Information Commission is to investigate claims that the government is "muzzling" its scientists. The move is in response to a complaint filed by academics and a campaign group. BBC News reported last year instances of the government blocking requests by journalists to interview scientists.

The life of a Japanese grandmother and her cat Japanese photographer Miyoko Ihara has been documenting the life of her grandmother, Misao, for 13 years now. She started photographing the series as a means of celebrating and capturing the life of a woman who inspired her. 8 years ago Misao took in a stray cat with different coloured eyes and called him Fukumaru. Friendship between the two blossomed and they are now inseparable, sharing their daily life. ”Partly because they are both hard of hearing, my grandmother and Fukumaru are always looking into each other’s eyes. They’re really close,” said Ihara. The beautiful images have since been published in a book which is available here.

Why Chaucer Said 'Ax' Instead Of 'Ask,' And Why Some Still Do : Code Switch Zach Galifianakis makes an Ax joke. YouTube The most common stereotype of black vernacular is the pronunciation of the word "ask" as "ax." "Ax" has gotten a bad rap for years. Pronounce "ask" as "ax," and immediately many will assume that you're poor, black and uneducated. New York City's first African-American schools chancellor, Dr. Darwin/Lamark court case By Don Mills This six to seven 40 minute period activity allows students to role play while learning theories of evolution. To start this activity have your students write their names on scrap pieces of paper. Read the list of roles to the class.

Remarkable new monkey discovered in remote Congo rainforest Close up of new species: lesula (Cercopithecus lomamiensis). This is a captive adult male. Photo courtesy of Hart et al. In a massive, wildlife-rich, and largely unexplored rainforest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), researchers have made an astounding discovery: a new monkey species, known to locals as the 'lesula'. The new primate, which is described in a paper in the open access PLoS ONE journal, was first noticed by scientist and explorer, John Hart, in 2007.