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The worst thing about Valentine's Day

The worst thing about Valentine's Day
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Facebook Changes We’d Actually Want To See If you had a dollar for every person who posted their hatred of the new Facebook layout, you’d be able to give Mark Zuckerberg a run for his money. Okay that’s a guess, and most likely a wrong one, but you get our point. When Facebook made its most recent set of changes the Preteen Panic Meter hit “Justin Bieber Has A Girlfriend” levels, and while that demographic made the most noise (mostly high-pitched screams), we weren’t too crazy about the adjustments either. Here are the Facebook Changes We’d Actually Want To See: Bill Maher | Calls Out Oprah | Merry Christmas Bill Maher, host of HBO‘s Real Time, and notorious religious nonbeliever, taped a harsh and hilarious “Christmas message” for his website that served as a damning critique of all Americans and of the one media figure most are too scared to attack: Oprah Winfrey. Calling Oprah’s “Favorite Things” episode “one of the most deeply disturbing things I’ve ever seen on television” was just the beginning of Maher’s memorably “cheerful” message. Maher used Oprah’s audience as the prime example for his thesis that the real religion in America is greed and is “what at the core is so rotten about this country.” This is why everything in America gets sucked down a hole. Watch the clip below from Bill Maher’s website:

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Fantastically Funny Illustrations by Gemma Correll (11 total) - My Modern... Though Gemma Correll's illustrations may look like they're only meant for children, read the text and you'll soon realize that they're actually meant for adults. Her somewhat acerbic sense of humor is felt in every piece and the way she brings to life animals like dogs, cats and dinosaurs will make you giggle with glee. Gemma uses pens for drawing and then scans her images into Photoshop to adjust the color levels. Love how she makes being an outcast surprisingly cool. Update: We got in touch with the talented illustrator after writing this post. How do you come up with your hilarious illustrations? I find inspiration everywhere I go - it's in the people I encounter, the animals I meet and the songs I listen to. What do you like most about being an illustrator? What do you find most challenging? How did you training in art school help you in your professional career? What advice would you give to artists or illustrators just starting out? Thanks for the interview, Gemma. Gemma Correll

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