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Why working at home is both awesome and horrible

Why working at home is both awesome and horrible

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How I see my dog VS how my dog sees me All artwork and content on this site is Copyright © 2015 Matthew Inman. Please don't steal. was lovingly built using CakePHP All artwork and content on this site is Copyright © 2015 Matthew Inman.

Infographic Compares What Time Famous Writers Wake Up With Their Level Of Success For years, Maria Popova of Brain Pickings has been fascinated with daily routines, productivity, and how the two relate to one another. She says, "I found myself especially intrigued by successful writers’ sleep habits — after all, it’s been argued that “sleep is the best (and easiest) creative aphrodisiac” and science tells us that it impacts everything from our moods to our brain development to our every waking moment." She decided to research whether there was an indisputable or at least recognizable correlation between what time an individual wakes up and the success of their work—specifically in relation to a writer and his/her literary accomplishments, in terms of published books and awarded prizes. Popova teamed up with illustrator Wendy MacNaughton, as well as Italian information designer Giorgia Lupi and her team at Accurat, to create the following visualization of 37 famous writers throughout history, presented on a winding timeline from early birds to late risers.

Quand vous ne voyez pas le service, c’est que vous êtes le produit ! La lecture de la semaine, il s’agit d’un article de l’hebdomadaire américain The Nation, il est signé par Ari Melber, journaliste et spécialiste des réseaux sociaux, il s’intitule “Le secret de la valorisation de Facebook”. L’occasion de revenir sur un événement largement commenté et dont nous avions dit quelques mots ici même. “Une chose manque dans tous les commentaires au sujet de la valorisation boursière de Facebook”, commence Ari Balmer. “Tout le monde sait à quel point l’entreprise est populaire, avec ses 845 millions d’utilisateurs, et à quel point elle marche bien, avec une valorisation potentielle à 100 milliards de dollars (soit 5 fois celle de Google quand il fut introduit en Bourse en 2004). Mais qu’est-ce qui fait vraiment de Facebook une entreprise aussi rentable ?” demande Ari Melber.

What Santa REALLY Does While You're Asleep - What Santa Really Does While You're Asleep Created by Matthew Inman The End! An Age Old Question Most Upvoted 276 votes He's Obviously Working on His Harem 256 votes Les figures de la facilitation de la coopération avec les TIC Dossier coordonné par Frédéric Sultan et Stéphane Couture Dossier "Figures de la facilitation de la coopération avec les TIC" Le dossier DPH « Les figures de la facilitation de la coopération avec les TIC » est le résultat d’une aventure commencée à Belém au Brésil, lors du Forum Social Mondial en 2009.

30 reasons why you should visit Iceland Think of Iceland and there are several familiar associations: this is the land of boiling mud pools, spurting geysers, glaciers and waterfalls. Its breathtaking landscape is an inspiration to artists and photographers. Iceland is the least densely populated country in Europe, with a pure, unpolluted and truly magical landscape. Iceland’s summers are surprisingly warm, lush and green, with days lengthening until midsummer, when the sun dips down to the horizon but never sets. During winter you can marvel at the amazing, undulating green, blue, yellow and pink lights of the aurora in the night sky.. Enough words.. here are 30 reasons why you really should visit Iceland.. it’s simply stunning..

21 Problems Scottish People Face When They Move To London Vers un design libre Christophe André est designer militant. Au cours de ses études en école d’ingénieur, on lui demande un jour de concevoir un objet ayant une durée de vie limitée. Cette confrontation à l’obsolescence programmée, au cœur du système de production, axera par la suite sa recherche artistique. Il quitte le monde des ingénieurs pour celui des Beaux-Arts, où il entame une réflexion sur l’autoproduction et ce nouveau mode de diffusion des objets : le “design libre”. Une pratique et une pensée à contre-courant. How to Fix Things in Your House Wise Bread Picks We all have annoying little things that we put up with because we don't feel like we've got the time to deal with such penny-ante chores. What's one big thing we put up with even though we don't have the time?

A Woman Gave Birth To A Rare Set Of Mono Mono Twins Without Even Knowing She Was Pregnant