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The 25 best icebreaker questions for team-building at work - Know Your Team. Chasing Heroin. Solitary Nation. Last Days of Solitary. Prison State. MUNIYA KHANNA, PH.D. - Muniya Khanna, Ph.D. A Phonetic Map of the Human Mouth. The Marshall Project. Life Without Police. Among young black men in Bedford-Stuyvesant, the New York Police Department's two-weeks-and-counting "slowdown" in street-level policing isn't just the news – it's personal. Whereas white New Yorkers in Manhattan may not have enough interaction with the police to discern first-hand that drug arrests, low-level criminal summonses, and citations are on the decline, young black men in Bed-Stuy, a historically black Brooklyn neighborhood of high-rise public housing, low-rent row houses, and expanding pockets of gentrification, are highly attuned to every subtle shift in NYPD behavior. Baby-less recovery-npr.

My White Friend Asked Me on Facebook to Explain White Privilege. I Decided to Be Honest by Lori Lakin Hutcherson. Finally, A Personality Quiz Backed By Science. You’re part of the ${group} group.

Finally, A Personality Quiz Backed By Science

He Says He Got Away With 90 Murders. Now He’s Confessing to Them All. 8 Sex Positive Things You Can Say To Your Kids That Have Nothing To Do With Sex. "Sex positive" is, I am pleased to note, a term that has been gaining more attention in recent years.

8 Sex Positive Things You Can Say To Your Kids That Have Nothing To Do With Sex

A social and philosophical response to repressed, limited, and often judgmental attitudes toward sex and sexuality, the sex positive movement emphasizes that "good sex" is defined as safe, informed, consensual, and whatever else it also is beyond those things is best left up to the people participating in the act. That's it, and I think that's awesome. Tea and Consent. The Amazing Psychology of Japanese Train Stations. The nation’s famed mastery of rail travel has been aided by some subtle behavioral tricks. It is a scene that plays out each weekday morning across Tokyo. Suit-clad office workers, gaggles of schoolchildren, and other travelers gamely wend their way through the city’s sprawling rail stations. To the casual observer, it is chaos; commuters packed shoulder-to-shoulder amid the constant clatter of arriving and departing trains.

But a closer look reveals something more beneath the surface: A station may be packed, yet commuters move smoothly along concourses and platforms. Platforms are a whirl of noisy activity, yet trains maintain remarkable on-time performance. [Like this story? NPR Choice page-Convicted Serial Killer. Proud Boy John Kinsman: why defendants get makeovers for court.

When John Kinsman of the Proud Boys, a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group, appeared in court for a hearing last week, he looked like an entirely different man.

Proud Boy John Kinsman: why defendants get makeovers for court

During a previous court appearance, on October 19, Kinsman had a scraggly beard, long hair, and wore a T-shirt and overalls. Less than a week later, he was unrecognizable in court in a suit, black-rimmed glasses, short slick hair, and a clean-shaven face. The striking makeover is likely not a coincidence, but speaks to an understanding by Kinsman’s legal team that appearance is currency in the nation’s courtrooms. NPR Choice page.

NPR Choice page. NPR Choice page. Hallowich, Christopher / APUSH PowerPoints. Trevor Noah: 'I Have Been Stopped by Police 8 to 10 Times' in His 6 Years in US. Two huge moves could lead to one of the most intriguing Primetime Emmys ceremonies in recent memory on Monday, as two “reigning champions” go head-to-head for the top drama Emmy and a batch of first- and second-year shows vie to take an open spot in comedy.

Trevor Noah: 'I Have Been Stopped by Police 8 to 10 Times' in His 6 Years in US

In the Emmys drama categories, “Game of Thrones” is back after a one-year absence, creating a potential power struggle with “The Handmaid’s Tale” for the top spot. In the comedy categories, three-time winner “Veep” has dropped out for a year, vacating the title and clearing the way for a pitched battle between newer shows anxious to replace it at the top. As always, the Emmys’ voting rules — everybody votes for the program awards, but only specific peer groups cast ballots in other categories — make sweeps unlikely and upsets a regular occurrence. The Emmys are the hardest of the major awards to accurately predict, but these are our best guesses in all 26 categories that will be handed out on this year’s show. Sterling K. 1 of 30. NPR Choice page Wife kills husband. Scholastic Junior- WE THE PEOPLE. Politics 101.

National Constitution Center. U.S.A. States - Level One. US Regions Activities. States & Capitals Ben's Interactive Games Match the states and to their locations.

US Regions Activities

How well do you know the states? Challenge yourself, there are three levels of difficulty. States Web Games Great collection of activities. The 10 habits of mentally strong people. Despite West Point Military Academy’s rigorous selection process, one in five students drop out by graduation day.

The 10 habits of mentally strong people

A sizeable number leave the summer before freshman year, when cadets go through a rigorous program called “Beast.” Beast consists of extreme physical, mental, and social challenges that are designed to test candidates’ perseverance. University of Pennsylvania psychologist Angela Duckworth conducted a study in which she sought to determine which cadets would make it through the Beast program. How Your Brain Can Trick You Into Trusting People. Polpartieschart. Here's What Reading Can Really Look Like When You're Dyslexic.

4101650 Microsoft Word Civil War Worksheets. What happens to your brain on sex? “Twelve Years a Slave”: Analyzing Slave Narratives. Class Material - Mrs. Bordenet's Website. Criminal Justice Assignments and Documents. Final Project Final Project Directions: Criminal Justice Final Project Citation Guide: citationguide Unit 5: Corrections History of Corrections: HistoryofCorrections Intro to Corrections: IntroToCorrections Intermediate Sanctions: Sanctions Mass Incarceration Articles: MassIncarceration Mass Incarceration Articles: AggressiveProsecutors Mass Incarceration Questions: Article Questions Overcriminalized Link: Mandatory Minimums Article: MandatoryMinimums Unit 4: Criminal Trial Process Witness Statements: WitnessStatements Carter Case PPT: ThomasEvans Plea Bargaining: PleaBargainingETC Prosecutors Decide: ProsecutorsDecide Gathering Evidence: StrategyChartTCTrial Unit 3: 4th & 5th Amendment Community Policing PPT: Community Policing 4th Amendment Prezi: 4th Amendment Prezi 4th Amendment Reading Assignment: 4th Amendment Worksheet Cops, Cars, and the Constitution: CopsCarsConstitution Miranda v.

Criminal Justice Assignments and Documents

1840's and On - Women's Rights and Citizenship Throughout US History. Last Days of Solitary. Watch Full FRONTLINE Documentaries. Life on Parole. What Does Solitary Confinement Do To Your Mind? A mentally ill inmate under solitary confinement at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth, Va., peers from behind his cell door, November 29, 2004.

What Does Solitary Confinement Do To Your Mind?

(AP Photo/Virginian-Pilot, Chris Tyree) When corrections officials talk about solitary confinement, they describe it as the prison within the prison, and for good reason. For 23 hours a day, inmates are kept inside a cell that is approximately 80 square feet, smaller than a typical horse stable. The Best Documentary Ever - The American Prison System. Free Printable Hidden Picture Worksheets - Taylorgangclothingline. Pre K Worksheets Printable Free 8th Grade Fraction Worksheets Normal Distribution Worksheet High School Telling Time To The Hour Worksheets Printable Division Worksheets For Grade 5 Relationships Worksheets Noun Verb Agreement Worksheets 100 Multiplication Problems Worksheet Free Anatomy Worksheets 5th Grade Probability Worksheets Free Printable Hidden Picture Worksheets 238 Best Jubchay Hidden Download This Free Printable Hidden Pictures Puzzle From Hidden Pictures Printables 3193 Free Printable Hidden Picture Worksheets Free Printable Hidden Printable Hidden Picture Puzzles Free Clipart Highlights Magazine Hidden Pictures Preschool To Sweet Coloring Free Printable Hidden Picture Worksheets Kids Coloring Page Free Printable Hidden Pictures For Kids All Kids Network Printable Hidden Pictures Worksheets Activity Shelter Free Printable Hidden Object Pictures Image Result For Hidden.

Free Printable Hidden Picture Worksheets - Taylorgangclothingline

Health - I Had No Idea What Depression Felt Like, Until Suddenly, I Did. Every evening, I leave the office and make my way to Green Park tube station.

Health - I Had No Idea What Depression Felt Like, Until Suddenly, I Did

I walk down the stairs, I follow the grey markings on the signs towards the Jubilee line, to get closer to home. It’s a busy station. There are elbows and hushed, aggravated voices; and there are bodies – hundreds and hundreds of bodies, walking, rushing, pushing, desperate to get somewhere better. And among the thousands of bodies each day, and the tens of thousands each month and the millions each year that walk the same path through stations like Green Park, there are the hidden few, beside you on the escalator and lined up on the platform, who are desperate to get nowhere. Last night, as I walked through the tiled corridors, under the ugly lights in Green Park, one of those people died. On a different evening, a few weeks ago, I left the office to make my way to Green Park tube station. A Song Explains Love's Science : Shots - Health News.

Love is complicated, scientifically speaking. There's no single, specific "love chemical" that surges through our bodies when we see our beloved, and we can't point to a specific corner of the brain where love resides. Still, scientists have measured real changes in our bodies when we fall in love: an ebb and flow of signaling molecules. In that early lustful phase, sex hormones like testosterone fuel the libido (in both men and women). Teens Aren’t Partying Anymore. They're on Social Media. Empire Upon The Trails. MyUSCIS Home Page. Mapped: most hated food in each US state. Defense Attorney And Client Disagree On Guilty Plea At Supreme Court.

At the Supreme Court on Wednesday, all the justices who spoke signaled they have a problem with a lawyer who disregards his client's explicit instructions and concedes his client's guilt to the jury. At the U.S. Supreme Court today, justices both liberal and conservative signaled they have a problem with a lawyer who disregards his client's explicit instructions and concedes the client's guilt to the jury. The defendant, Robert McCoy, is charged with killing three family members in a vain attempt to find his wife.

NPR legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg reports. 125 Amazing Facts for People Who Like Amazing Facts. Are Gummy Bear Flavors Just Fooling Our Brains? : The Salt. Why Are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering From Severe Anxiety? America the Story of Us. The Judicial Learning Center. What is the difference between civil cases and criminal cases? Criminal vs. Civil Court Cases. The judicial branch must apply the existing laws to each individual situation, to be sure justice is administered fairly. Bystander Effect - Death of Matthew Carrington. The Bystander Effect. The Bystander Effect:The Death of Kitty Genovese. The Bystander Effect. The Psych Files - Episode 36: The Myth of the Kitty Genovese Story - ProMed Network.

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Law & Criminal Justice. Part 3. Part2. The Good Listener: What's The Perfect Soundtrack To Teenage Flirtation? : All Songs Considered. We get a lot of mail at NPR Music, and amid the Bachelor Bouquets we ordered ourselves in order to appear loved is a slew of smart questions about how music fits into our lives — and, this week, thoughts on music to play at a dance for nervous, flirtatious teenagers. What is Positive Psychology?

Improving Millions of Relationships… One Language at a Time. Stabbed in the Brain: Phineas Gage. Our Use Of Little Words Can, Uh, Reveal Hidden Interests. Schizophrenia Revealed To Be 8 Genetically Distinct Disorders. Just over 1 percent of the American population has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, a severe mental disorder that causes debilitating symptoms including paranoid delusions, auditory hallucinations, and impaired social behavior.

What teens really want to know about sex. The 10 most popular TEDx talks. Watch. Piaget's Stages of Development. iCreate Project. Cochlear implants - how do they work? 10 Best Eating Disorder Videos of 2013. Demi Lovato Talks About Eating Disorder (2013) Thigh Gap Surfaces as Teenage Girls New Image Obsession. Prosopagnosia. Synesthesia: A film by Jonathan Fowler. Coulrophobia Desensitazation. My Extreme Animal Phobia: Tough guy afraid of a puppy.

The Psychology of Colour. Woman Scared of Butterflies. Howie Mandel Talks About Living With OCD. Joshua Foer: Feats of memory anyone can do. How Language Seems To Shape One's View Of The World. Elizabeth Loftus: How reliable is your memory? How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk - Interactive Graphic. Addicted to Plastic Surgery. The Mother Addicted to Plastic Surgery. What Happens When A Language's Last Monolingual Speaker Dies? : Code Switch. Interview: Scott Stossel, Author Of 'My Age Of Anxiety' : NPR. Golden balls. the weirdest split or steal ever! Neil Hilborn - "OCD" (Rustbelt 2013) Derren Brown - Person Swap.