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Dan Dengler Longboards. Loyal Dean. Red Cow. Firebird. To put it simply: Nobody is making longboards like us.


We are recycling history and turning it into something real, something tangible – not mass-produced. Creative guru and shape designer, Markham McGill, finds inspiration for his board shapes in unexpected places: vintage airplane propeller blades, the streamlined body of a mako shark, and 1960s surfboards — to name a few. If it moves with efficiency, power and grace, then it informs the vibe at Firebird Longboards. Each board features strength-enhancing “stringers” made from recycled, salvaged American hardwoods like oak, hickory, ash and walnut. Each deck is individually serialized. The Hawaiian Gun (48” x 9.5″) is a true crowd-controller, just like the one you used to learn to ride your first wave — the one you rode all the way up to the shorebreak.

The Superpin 3000 (40.5” x 9″) is our classic pintail, designed for the rider who likes to pull slightly tighter turns and glide with an economy of space. Erickson Longboards. Blacklock Longboard. Grizboards. LAVISH Longboards. Harvest Longboards. Longboard Revolution. Wozu ist Ihre Erfindung gut?

Longboard Revolution

Skateboards bzw. Longboards gibt es bereits seit den 60er Jahren und wurden ursprünglich als Alternative zum Surfen genutzt. Für einen Einblick in die Entwicklungsgeschichte ist der Film „Dogtown and Z-Boys“ empfehlenswert. Bis heute hat sich der Sport in verschiedene Bereiche aufgesplittet. Skateboards werden für Tricks in Vert, Pool oder Street verwendet, die Einsatzgebiete von Longboards unterteilen sich in Downhill, Slalom und Cruisen. Meine Longboards verfolgen den ursprünglichsten Gedanken des Skateboardens. Wie sind Sie drauf gekommen (Geschichte zur Erfindung)?

Ich baue bereits seit 10 Jahren eigene Longboards. Wie funktioniert die Erfindung? Der Lenkmechanismus der Composite-Achse ist eine vereinfachte Form des herkömmlichen Lenkprinzips von Skateboardachsen. Der große Vorteil der Composite-Achse liegt vor allem in der Gestaltungsmöglichkeit. STAIR ROVER. Filmed by Juriaan Booij Material : aluminum, maple, bamboo, PU rubber, PVC Inspiring action The piece aims to expanding the capability and possibility of extreme sports as we understand them.


Inherited from our natural instincts, sliding as children and snowboarding as adults, the focus is on one of the most influential and stimulating sports – skateboading, aiming to push the boundaries further. The piece creates a groundbreaking form of sport which previously never existed and utilises the hidden energy of our cities – stairs. Inspiring values Extreme sports are hugely various and engages many people to be involved. Creating a legacy No city is so fascinating and encouraging as London.

Ambition Snowskates. All of our snowskates are out of stock on our online shop, but that doesn't mean you can't get your hands on one before next season!

Ambition Snowskates

Get one in a physical store near you or buy from another online shop: Xtreme Grip Pack $49.99 / approx. $48 USD For the ultimate snowskate experience! Xtreme grip is designed to increase the traction between your feet and the board. NOW SOLD IN STRIPS FOR MAXIMUM CUSTOMIZATION Exclusive Covered Studs 14 Pieces Recommended by all team riders Gold Team Series Snowskate $124.95 / approx. $119 USD Completely redesigned this season with a new shape, size and construction; the team series is the perfect choice for any level of rider looking for a price-point snowskate without compromising quality and performance.

Snow Skateboard. Icewinder. Hamboards. Original Trucks. Original longboards and trucks were designed with one thing in mind: Control.

Original Trucks

Control over your speed and control over your direction, the control you need for longboarding progression. Original longboard trucks deliver the control your longboarding has been looking for. Weave in and out of pedestrians on the city sidewalk, pop off the curb and carve out that long downhill before zigging back onto the sidewalk to avoid on-coming traffic. Can’t get to the mountains? The control Original trucks give you can turn any slightly sloping bridge, parking garage, tennis court or flat neighborhood street into a carving longboarder’s paradise. Quick changes of direction are essential, but in longboarding control over your speed is what really makes Original special. Don’t get speed wobbles! Take control of your speed and take control of the future of your longboarding; Original Trucks will show you the way. Revenge Truck. Sidewinder. Smoothstar Thruster. Designed specifically for surfers in mind.

Smoothstar Thruster

Thruster III is an advanced stronger spring loaded turning mechanism that fits onto skateboards front trucks. The Thruster III is not recommended for decks under 36″ in length. The Thruster III allows the front trucks to turn freely way beyond a normal front truck turning set up. It allows the board to become self propelling, no pushing is required. When fitted to your board, your skateboard becomes one of the best surf training tools available, strengthening your back leg and conditioning your torso for weight shifting and improved balance. Other Planet Skate.

Overview The Revolution from Other Planet Skate is the first non-king pin truck to pass the International Gravity Sports Association (IGSA) technical inspection (June 2010, at the Maryhill Festival of Speed).

Other Planet Skate

Dirtsurf Concept. Terça-feira, 17 de março de 2009 Postado por Maurício Duarte G. dos Santos às 07:37 Marcadores: DESIGN DE PRODUTOS.

Dirtsurf Concept

Skullboard. Streamliner Racing Skateboard. Billy Lush. Cruzboards. Cruzstick. Sk8pole. Beach Mountain Land Paddles. Thruster Land Paddle. Spikeboarding. Susoix. Tante Paula Elektroroller. ZuumCraft. Myway. Reflexx Scooter. Scroover. Snow Scooter.