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The art of iain mccaig

The art of iain mccaig
Greetings, Part Two! I first wrote a post for this blog back in 2008, but never published it, for reasons that elude me but almost certainly had to do with deadlines, tea breaks, or the arcana of technology. I have resurrected it here 'cause it's still woefully is still 'Coming Soon'--though wonder of wonders, my blog has stumbled onto the stage at last, thanks to years of gentle prodding by the ever-patient J. J., praise be. To celebrate the occassion, I've uploaded two 'Hot Tips and How To' Booklets that I really meant to include in 'Shadowline--the Art of Iain McCaig', but for one reason or another ended up missing the train. I originally created them for an online class that I gave for 'PixelCorp', a delightful school of scum and villany run by my old Star Wars brother-in-arms, Alex Lindsay.


How to Draw Hands: 35 Tutorials, How-To’s, Step-by-Steps, Videos, Studies, Poses and Photo References 85 Comments | October 19, 2009 I’ve found drawing hands one of the most challenging aspects of drawing the human figure. You can get away with quite a bit when rendering the human figure, but get the hand wrong and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Once you start learning about the hand in greater depth, you’ll find it is truly amazing just how complex the hand is even though we see it everyday. Sergey Svistunov Art Sergey Svistunov (fear-sAs) is a Russian digital artist based in Moscow. He has some insane character designs… I mean the creepy one! He is also a member of the group of hobbyists which draw fantastic Mortal Kombat character illustrations, well cheers for that man! Got me as a fan. Check him at

The Force Awakens Portfolio Since Industrial Light & Magic’s inception in 1975, every idea dreamt into existence found its genesis within the ILM Art Department. Forty years ago, legendary concept designers like Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston brought George Lucas’s brainchild of an asymmetrical Star Wars “used universe” to life, imagining fantastic worlds bursting with iconic heroes, villains, spaceships and aliens. The ILM Art Department continues to revolutionize film design today, coupling classical technique with the very bleeding edge of technology. Human Anatomy Artistic anatomy is a tough discipline. It can't be learned in a day. It took me several years and many books. You can learn anatomy from books, but buy wisely. Even if you can afford to buy books indiscriminately, you'll still have to trudge through them (like I did) only to find that some aren't worth the time. This is my list of favorites with comments.

SketchBookPro Upload SketchBook Blog Subscription preferences Loading... Working... SketchBookPro The Art Of Jeremy Enecio I recently ran into a stunning portfolio of art by Jeremy Enecio, a Phillipines born illustrator who migrated to the US when he was four. His work is absolutely beautiful, and even when he works digitally his work retains an incredibly painterly feel. I encourage you guys to check out eight more of his works after the break.

Anatomy Studies Demo: "Figure Studies" - Page 2 Some demos for the Analytical class on ambient lighting and back light situations: Head Drawing class Demo: Q: Can you give me a tip on how to capture quick 10-20 second gestures? A: To do good quick sketches you really need a lot of mileage from doing longer studies. It will help you understand the pose better and allow you to know what to look for in such a short time. Another key part about doing quick sketches is how to short hand what you see, which is also based on your knowledge and mileage on designing shapes.

Drawing Tutorials Get To Know Drawing Tutorials Online 22,267 views 7 months ago Great tutorials along with timely feedback equals impressive results for you. Illustrated Heroines American illustrator Keith P. Rein has taken as his subject a number of high profile female characters from TV and film and given them a macabre spin, complete with bloodied axes and lethal injections. The likes of Joan Holloway from Mad Men are transformed into vengeful heroines in these original artworks.