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The Blog » This blog is about software for mindmapping and organising information. This blog will keep you bang up to date on developments in the world of visual networks and all types of business maps. Mind maps Mindmapinspiration’s Gallery Mindmapinspiration has a Gallery and, as usual with Paul Foreman’s inspiring work, it’s great.

DORA - 柴火创客空间 出自柴火创客空间 DORA Open Robot Assistant Project This project is aimed at building a cheap GENERAL-PURPOSE robot that does REAL-WORLD job, such as fetch a beer from fridge. a more detailed explanation on the goal of this project: Why DORA? Project website: DORA Project Dorabot Prototype I, Now in Sudoroom hackerspace, Oakland, CA, USA. Tools to make visual process models Here’s a collection of process modeling tools that haven’t appeared on Mind-Mapping.Org before. As well as helping you make process diagrams, most offer simulation or analysis of processes, and some can make flowcharts and organization charts as well. They range in price from free (a very capable simulation tool supported by the National Science Foundation and Google) to nearly US$2,000. All Clear All Clear produces functional diagrams from text instead of the user manipulating the diagram directly. Although billed as flowchart software, it can also make organization charts and process maps and includes a process analyzer.

Indoor Navigation Robot using OpenCV Interesting Project Having a Raspberry Pi myself, I have been amazed on the variety of solutions that can be done with a £25 ($35) computer. Update: This can be done and here is some proof: there is a video of this with the wireless keyboard Dendroscope — Algorithms in Bioinformatics Software for visualizing phylogenetic trees and rooted networks. Download Dendroscope 3 here. Dendroscope 3 - An interactive viewer for rooted phylogenetic trees and networks Researchers studying phylogenetic relationships need software that is able to visualize rooted phylogenetic trees and networks efficiently, increasingly of large datasets involving hundreds of thousands of taxa. The program should be user friendly (easy to run on all popular operating systems), facilitate interactive browsing and editing the trees and allow one to export the result in multiple file formats in publication quality.

Jeff's Inventions I recently gave a talk at embedded systems night at a Chicago hackerspace called Pumping Station One ( In it, I explained why I chose to go with embedded vision for obstacle avoidance in my autonomous car and discussed options for overcoming the performance issues with embedded systems. Continue reading

TreeSheets The ultimate replacement for spreadsheets, mind mappers, outliners, PIMs, text editors and small databases. Suitable for any kind of data organization, such as Todo lists, calendars, project management, brainstorming, organizing ideas, planning, requirements gathering, presentation of information, etc. It's like a spreadsheet, immediately familiar, but much more suitable for complex data because it's hierarchical. ROS on RaspberryPi - JR 8-Mar-2014 - ROS Hydro with rosserial_arduino This install is based almost exactly on this ROS wiki page (~ Nov 2013) by JonStephan, with only a few details changed. This install starts with the Raspberry Pi Foundation NOOBS v1.3.4 zip file I downloaded 7 March 2014. Select the Raspian OS for installation. Default values should work for all the installation options. Shortcut!

Argunet Argunet Editor is a free argument map editor for analyzing and visualizing complex debates. You can use it offline and save your debates on your hard-disk. Or you can use it as a client-server application.