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bodies-in-motion 30 second sequences from BiM Not long ago, I had twelve artists from Natural Motion (of Morpheme and Clumsy Ninja fame) into Somerset House, my home away from home, for a four day anatomy workshop. At the end of each day we would take about 20 minutes to draw from the Bodies in Motion library. sketching from BiM We made extensive use of the timer for gesture drawing. timelapse of a sequence of 30 second poses

untitled DAZ 3D, 3D Models, 3D Animation, 3D Software Forgot Your Password? Free 3D Software Suite Register to get Daz Studio& Hexagon FREE By submitting this form I agree to DAZ 3D's terms of service, privacy policy, and the end user license agreement. Already a member? Login here to get Daz Studio & Hexagon Tutorials & Videos Watch, Learn, Repeat details here Daz Studio Create 3D Art & Animations details here Hexagon Our Powerful FREE 3D Modeling Software details here Power Posers - Miniature anatomical figurines for artists by Digital Double Latest pitch video here More photos here: Power Posers is the first ever line of miniatures dedicated to artists, illustrators, comic book artists, storyboard artists, sculptors and anyone else that is enthusiastic about miniatures, gaming and the human figure. Backers get to pick from a total of 45 unique poses (90 counting male and female). Power Posers gives artists a personal life drawing model they can hold in their hands and view from any angle and under any lighting condition, readily available whenever inspiration hits. When time comes to fulfill your orders, you'll be able to pick from the following poses and specify whether you want sets A, B or C in male or female. You get nine figures that you select from the list shown above. Each pose will retail for $9 each. If the campaign is not funded, you WILL NOT be charged for your pledge. 1) A little bit of history 2) What I learned 3) Solving the problem with Power Posers

Jeanloup Sieff (1933 – 2000) was a Master French photographer Born in Paris to Polish parents Jeanloup Sieff (1933 - 2000) began shooting fashion photography in 1956 and joined the Magnum Agency in 1958, which enabled him to travel extensively. Settling in New York for much of the sixties he worked for Esquire, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue and Elle, photographing celebrities such as Jane Birkin, Yves Saint-Laurent, Rudolf Nureyev and Alfred Hitchcock amongst others. Sieff won numerous prizes including the Prix Niepce, the Chevalier des Arts et Lettres in Paris in 1981 and the Grand Prix National de la Photographie in 1992, and his work is housed in many private and international collections. Sieff is heralded as one of the great international photographic talents of the last half-century and has left an undeniable imprint on his generation. With great tenacity, Sieff pursued a personal and highly effective signature style, soaked in playful imagination with a touch of irony. "I have always maintained that there is no such thing as art.

Links to sites showing poses for life models This page provides links to several web sites that provide ideas for nude modeling poses. Photos above reprinted courtesy of On Air Video, Inc., which maintains the copyright to these photos. Life models will find this page a great reference for coming up with poses for upcoming figure drawing sessions. Figurative artists will find this page a great reference if they want to practice life drawing between sessions. However, two dimensional pictures can never replace drawing from a live model. See also pages showing thousands of examples of nude modeling poses, using a variety of models: Female standing poses * Female seated poses * Female crouching poses * Female recumbent poses * Male standing poses * Male seated poses * Male crouching poses * Male recumbent poses Web sites showing model poses Sites with videos of actual life drawing sessions Croquis Cafe – provides videos of different 1, 2, 3, and 5 minute poses each week. Sites simulating a life drawing session

STARTSEITE - AMAZON-WARRIORS - STARTSEITE La photo de nu : première séance Souvent imaginée, la première de vos séances de prises de vue est d’une importance capitale. De son résultat – moyen, catastrophique ou prometteur – dépendra souvent votre avenir dans la photographie de nu. Il importe que ce premier contact avec la réalité vous permette de réaliser au moins deux ou trois images que vous signerez avec plaisir et montrerez avec fierté. Pourquoi si peu d’images ? Tout simplement parce que si vous partez avec l’idée de remplir un album en une séance, vous ferez vraisemblablement quinze, vingt, voire trente images, dont le seul intérêt sera de réaliser un inventaire plus ou moins complet des caractéristiques anatomiques de votre modèle. Vous avez déjà fait cette première séance et obtenu le résultat que je viens d’évoquer ? « Pose pendant le stage » Enzo, modèle @rtis, photographiée par les plus grands photographes de nu. Des revues intéressantes ? Mentez pour ne pas décevoir. « Mais c’est un mensonge ! Assurément ! Pour réussir la première séance

Urban Sketchers Enrico Nawrath Enrico Nawrath Website (Enrico Nawrath) © Enrico Nawrath - all rights reserved untitled YouTube Videos | Shoo Rayner – Author I have several Youtube Channels. ShooRaynerDrawing Is about drawing, ideas how to and general advice for artists. DrawStuffRealEasy does what it says on the tin – it shows you how to draw stuff real easy. Then there is the ShooRaynerLife Channel which is a video blog about my life and thoughts and the odd story and joke. and now there is Shoowaii Shoowaii is a start that never quite caught alight.