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Online Spinner Super Spinner Click the wheel below to spin: You can customize your own spinner with your own labels using the tools below the spinner. Changing the way you learn I love the creativity GoConqr allows me to tap into! We use the GoConqr tools to prepare clients for the PHR and SPHR qualifications. The mind maps are especially helpful in breaking down objectives to create a visual learning guide! Sandra M. Reed, HR & Management Consultant, US I’m convinced GoConqr contributed greatly to our excellent AS results which were our best ever – I couldn’t recommend it highly enough to other teachers. The Pirate Cinema Transforms Film Torrents Into Illicit Interactive Art There’s no denying that a lot of what travels on peer-to-peer networks is art in one form or another, but the file-transfers themselves usually aren’t considered art works themselves. Enter: The Pirate Cinema – the installation that aims to turn a heavily seeded Blade Runner torrent into something worthy of a gallery wall. The Pirate Cinema , which just ended a run at the Sight + Sound festival in Montreal yesterday, uses the top torrents from the Pirate Bay to project a steady stream of pop culture images and their electronic origins and destinations on the installation’s walls. The images – many of them still incomplete files – are meant to make “visible the hidden activity and geography of peer-to-peer file sharing.” Howell, who build the Pirate Cinema back-end using existing BitTorrent libraries and code written in PureData and Python, added that the project is a way off illustrating how new media change our everyday lives from a global perspective.

10 Fun Tools To Easily Make Your Own Infographics People love to learn by examining visual representations of data. That’s been proven time and time again by the popularity of both infographics and Pinterest. So what if you could make your own infographics ? In Mysterious Pattern, Math and Nature Converge In Cuernavaca, Mexico, a “spy” network makes the decentralized bus system more efficient. As a consequence, the departure times of buses exhibit a ubiquitous pattern known as “universality.” (Photo: Marco de Leija) In 1999, while sitting at a bus stop in Cuernavaca, Mexico, a Czech physicist named Petr Šeba noticed young men handing slips of paper to the bus drivers in exchange for cash.

Write - Boldomatic boldomatic About Get App Feed Discover Search Write News Shop Profile Sign Up boldomatic About Get App Feed Discover Search Write News Shop Profile Sign Up logged in Login Search for #hashtags, @writers or keywords Meine Gedanken jetzt... Meine Gedanken jetzt Share Share this AnswerGarden on various social networks using the following buttons. MicroGarden Statistics Created: 13th of July 2015 18:06Question: Meine Gedanken jetztYou can submit unlimited answers, but only a single copy per answer [Classroom mode]You have answered today: Creative coding; discovery and joy Creative coding; discovery and joy While I’ve spent the majority of the last decade thoroughly entrenched in the industry, the past few months of 2012 have seen me experiment a bit with the world beyond game design. During this break from the games biz I’ve been playing around with hardware hacking, interactive and generative installations and artwork, and delving into some theory on larger questions of art, design, and technology. As such, the following post deviates a little bit from the usual games-world content. The use of the word “creative”, especially in the context of something like “industry creatives vs. non-creatives”, has always struck me as problematic.

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