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Contents, Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles

Contents, Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Since May 6, 1997You are visitor number E66B7E in base 20 Raymond Smullyan, a Mathematician, Philosopher and author of several outstanding books of logical puzzles, tells, in one of his books, a revealing story. A friend invited him for dinner. He told Smullyan that his teenage son was crazy about Smullyan's books and could not wait to meet him. Having told this story, would it be wise to announce up front what this site is about? |Contact||Front page||Index||Store|

Touch Mathematics Physics Flash Animations We have been increasingly using Flash animations for illustrating Physics content. This page provides access to those animations which may be of general interest. The animations will appear in a separate window. The animations are sorted by category, and the file size of each animation is included in the listing. In addition, I have prepared a small tutorial in using Flash to do Physics animations. LInks to versions of these animations in other languages, other links, and license information appear towards the bottom of this page. The Animations There are 99 animations listed below. Other Languages and Links These animations have been translated into Catalan, Spanish and Basque: En aquest enllaç podeu trobar la versió al català de les animacions Flash de Física. Many animations have been translated into Greek by Vangelis Koltsakis. Most animations have been translated into Hungarian by Sandor Nagy, Eötvös Loránd University.

Operaciones aritméticas Puede que se haya quitado la página que está buscando, que haya cambiado su nombre o que no esté disponible temporalmente. Pruebe lo siguiente: Asegúrese de que la dirección del sitio Web que se muestra en la barra de dirección del explorador está escrita correctamente y tiene el formato adecuado. Si llegó a esta página tras hacer clic en un vínculo, póngase en contacto con el administrador del sitio Web para informarle de que el vínculo no tiene el formato correcto. Haga clic en el botón Atrás para probar con otro vínculo. Información técnica (para personal de soporte) Vaya a los Servicios de soporte técnico de Microsoft y realice una búsqueda por título con las palabras y . Abra la , que está accesible en el Administrador de IIS (inetmgr), y busque los temas titulados , y .

Maths Online - Free Maths Tuition For All Australian High School Students The Self-Directed Student Toolbox: 100 Web Resources for Lifelong Learners Friday 1st March, 2013 No matter your age, profession, or abilities, there's always something new to learn. Lifelong learning, as this process is often called, can begin in childhood and extend branches into various experiences and careers. Adult Education Guides The sites listed below will help you to prepare for lifelong learning practices, from developing positive attitudes about learning to providing information you'll need to gain credit for life experiences. AdultEducationPath : You'll find a lot of guidance in pursuing education on this site that can help you choose a program, find a job, or explore distance learning. Blogs The following blogs contain various perspectives on lifelong learning, continuing education, and adult learners. Continuing Education : Deb Peterson pens this continuing education guide for, addressing things like getting your GED, changing careers, and more. Career Are you reaching the end of your rope with your current job? Disabilities

Khan Academy stemNRICH Biologists are increasingly using mathematical tools to aid in research. These problems explore different biological contexts where maths has an important contribution to make. Bird Watch Stage: 2 and 3 Challenge Level: Do you know which birds are regular visitors where you live? Terrariums Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Build a mini eco-system, and collect and interpret data on how well the plants grow under different conditions. Food Web Is this eco-system sustainable? Food Chains When a habitat changes, what happens to the food chain? Counting Dolphins Stage: 4 Challenge Level: How would you go about estimating populations of dolphins? Investigating Epidemics Stage: 3 and 4 Challenge Level: Simple models which help us to investigate how epidemics grow and die out. Solving the Genome Puzzle

Vi Hart: Math Doodling Remember that video about doodling dragons and fractals and stuff? I finally finished part 2! Here is a magnet link so you can dowload it via torrent. Here it is on YouTube: You can tell I worked on it for a long time over many interruptions (travelling and other stuff), because in order to keep myself from hating what was supposed to be a quick easy part 2, I had to amuse myself with snakes. Here was part 1, via Torrent or YouTube. Science Fair Central: Students should start a shopping list as soon as they have chosen a topic. Your display can reflect your personality: Is every inch of my locker or bedroom covered with magazine clippings, posters, stickers, and sticky notes? Or am I more of a minimalist? What’s my idea of a good time: scrapbooking or skateboarding? Stand Out from the Crowd Whether they’re the kind of person who loves to design and decorate and dabble with computer graphics, or the one who always opts for the standard black-and-white report cover, this is a time for students to get creative. Students should read the helpful hints for tips on getting started as well as some Do's-and-Dont's.

Finding Unity in the Math Wars I usually avoid current events, but recent skirmishes in the math world prompted me to chime in. To recap, there’ve been heated discussions about math education and the role of online resources like Khan Academy. As fun as a good math showdown may appear, there’s a bigger threat: Apathy. And Justin Bieber. Educators, online or not, don’t compete with each other. Entertainment is great; I love Starcraft. What do we need? I could be walking into a knife fight with an ice cream cone, but I’d like to approach each side with empathy and offer specific suggestions to bridge the gap. The Big Misunderstanding Superheroes need a misunderstanding before working together. Bad Teacher < Online Learning < Good teacher The problem is in considering each part separately. Is Khan Academy (free, friendly, always available) better than a mean, uninformed, or absent teacher? But, really, the ultimate solution is Online learning + Good Teachers. Why Do I Care? I love learning. I was a good student. Finals came.