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How to Start a Fire Without Matches

How to Start a Fire Without Matches
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Bug Out Bags for Women The Survivalist is often envisioned being a man. But many of those how are Survivalist or Preppers are women, blogs like The Survival Mom, Survival Goddess and Letters From an Urban Trench are just three examples of this. Both men and women has the same basic need when it comes to Survival so the other articles about Bug Out Bags (BOB:s) are just as relevant to women as for men. The purpose of this article is mainly to show discuss the small difference that exists between women and men and show some of the products that are especially designed for women. It’s up to you First of all: A Bug Out Bag is a tool. Health and Physical Fitness Women in general have less muscle mass and a higher percentage of fat on their bodies compared to men. Skills and Experience When it comes to skills and experiences only your own interests and desire to learn new skills is the only limit. Equipment designed for Women Basically all survival equipment works just as well for as for men.

How to Heat Your Room for 15 Cents a Day Wanting to cut costs on the energy bill, especially now that temperatures are dropping for the season? Economics may be one reason to seek more sustainable energy sources, but this inventive way to heat the house is also purely fascinating. Journalist, YouTuber, and boat owner Dylan Winter created his DIY heater using tea lights and placed inside a bread tin and covered with two ceramic flowerpots. This creative system uses the scientific principles of convection heat transfer and, according to Winter, can heat his home for around 8 hours a day. The tea lights are first put into a bread loaf tin and covered with a small upside-down flower pot. The hole in the top of the upside-down pot is covered with the metal casing leftover from one of the tea lights. This system works because the candles produce gases full of heated particles that are captured and channeled through the pots. One does not need a huge amount of money to invest in this economical heating method, either.

Wonder How To » How To Videos & How-To Articles amazon Bug Out Bags for Kids Do you have a BOB for your kids? During a SHTF situation it will be extremely important for your kids to feel as safe and secure as possible. Having their own child sized Bug Out Bag, filled with familiar items and comfort foods, can be a real life saver during an emergency. With children, comfort items often become a top priority to ensure their overall mental health during a SHTF scenario. What Items should go into a kids bug out bag: Basic Survival Items: Make sure they are light weight and age appropriate, heavier items and gear should be in the adults bags. FlashlightEmergency whistle (clipped to the outside of pack so they can easily find it if they become separated from you)Laminated emergency contact list with name, home address, and telephone numbers.Pre-paid cell phonePonchoExtra socks, pair of gloves and knit hat or bandana (depending on your climate)Dust maskGogglesSmall pocket knife for the older kidsBand aids & wipesSmall bottle of hand sanitizer Comfort Items

How to make a rocket with sugar and kitty litter Got some powdered sugar and kitty litter just lying around? Sure, there are some more practical uses for both of those things, but let's add some potassium nitrate to the mix and blow it all sky-high. [optional caption text here] Image: [name here]/Shutterstock There's a special place in YouTuber Grant Thompson aka the King of Random's heart for rockets made from innocuous, everyday objects. But what if you could use some plain old powdered sugar and a little bit of potassium nitrate to create a homemade pyrotechnic mixture that can launch a rocket over 700 metres (2,300 feet) into the air? Watch the video above to find out how you can construct this awesome little homemade rocket, complete with a built-in time delay and a parachute ejection charge.

DIY High-Speed Book Scanner from Trash and Cheap Cameras I love books. There is some truly fantastic knowledge and information hidden out there in hard to find, rare, and not commercially viable books. I find that I want my books with me everywhere. Digital books change the landscape . UPDATE: We've outgrown the Instructables commenting system. UPDATE: If you're actually planning to build one of these things, you really should visit I've built two of these things now, and this instructable covers the best parts of both of them. Download a sample here.Download the entire book (115mb) here. We have written some open-source, free software to convert the images from your scanner into PDFs. EDIT: Many people have commented that an automatic page flipper would be faster.

20 Best Camping Gadgets For The Great Outdoors While the rewards of time spent in the wilderness are nearly priceless, not everyone possesses the desire or the means to truly rough it in for an extended period of time. And while Emerson, Thoreau, and Kerouac may have differed in opinion, we believe holding on to some semblance of our tech-driven lives helps us maintain some sanity and safety in the great outdoors; no one wants to quit cold turkey. Now, we’re not suggesting a direct transference of your home entertainment system to the nearest campsite, but we do want to shed light on some perks that even the most adventurous outdoorsmen may receive from a little tech assistance. And that’s the goal here: to not remove the stars from your vision but to make them more visible, to not prevent you from enjoying time alone with nature but provide you with a hot meal when the day is done, to light up the night without worry, and maybe even document a few moments as well. Soto Pocket Torch Don’t let a little wind get you down. Purchase: $23

Survival Food Tablets When the Survival Food Tabs were formulated, a host of factors were considered in order to adapt them to their purpose as a lightweight, emergency. life-sustaining food ration: 1. The less intake of food, the more efficient the body becomes. Basically, when food intake is reduced, it remains in the digestive tract longer and assimilates more completely. 2. 3. In the Survival Tabs, we have used protein of a high biological value, which is 100% utilized. 4. Evolved From the Early Space Program The Survival Tabs have a long history. The Best Possible Nutrition in the Smallest Possible Volume The resulting research was extremely involved and intense, and the product that evolved was used in the early space program. 12 Tabs provide 100% of the U.S. 10+ Year Shelf Life The Tabs have been produced and packaged to last at least 10 years. Bottom Line: The Survival Tabs are a convenient, compact, lightweight, lifesaving food ration for any emergency. Gluten free! Click Here for Size Chart