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How To Make Wood Gas Biofuel (and an experimental gas collection method) 3 Awesome Homemade Metal Detectors. How to Make high speed electric bike 50km/h. DIY Big Berkey Style Water Filter System with 5 Gallon Buckets (for 1/4 the cost) DIY Hydrogen/Oxygen Generators From Grocery Store Items (HHO Fuel Cells & Split Cell Electrolysis) Youtube. How to recycle gold and silver from cpu computer scrap. (14) Simple gold recovery with salt and vinegar! How to Test NiCad Battery Packs. Nickel cadmium (NiCad or NiCd) battery packs are used to power many electrical devices, particularly cordless power tools.

How to Test NiCad Battery Packs

NiCad battery packs contain numerous individual cells that are wired together in a series to produce the voltage necessary to power your electrical device. Each NiCad cell produces 1.2 volts, but the milliamp hour rating (mAh) varies, depending on the type of cell. Test your NiCad battery pack to find out the voltage and mAh using a multimeter. Check the label on the NiCad battery pack to determine the output voltage and mAh, if it is fully charged.

The voltage is always a multiple of 1.2 so if the voltage is 6 volts, the pack contains six cells. Select “Voltage” on your multimeter. Look at the multimeter display and read the voltage. Keep the prongs on the NiCad battery pack and change the multimeter settings to measure amperes. (1) Мало кто знает об этой функции БОЛГАРКИ !!! (1) I turn Car Compressor into Working Engine. Building an Alternator Powered Bike. (2) I turn Fridge Compressor into 4 stroke Engine. (1) How to turn a fan into a high power generator. Make Your Own Solar Powered Led String Lights. ($5 Bucks Max) : 6 Steps. (17) Budget Build! $119 PAINT JOB For My Old Chevy Truck. How To Find An Electrical Short On Most Any Car Or Truck. Locate. DOUBLE ah capacity of Tool BATTERY PACKS 18v 20v Milwaukee Dewalt Makita Bosch Ridgid M12 Ryobi MAH.

US Concealed Online. At US Concealed Online we believe every eligible law abiding citizen of the United States should exercise their right to carry.

US Concealed Online

At the core of responsible firearm ownership is commitment to safety. This is why we are proud to offer the 1st step in securing your permit, of educational safety training. The State of Virginia allows for the issuance of concealed carry permits for both resident and non-resident applicants. This unique state endorsed program requires online (or optional in person) safety training. US Concealed Online is committed to providing this training to all users at no charge. Due to reciprocity laws between states, the Virginia non-resident concealed carry permit is currently recognized in 28 states. Begin Here. (1) How to Remove a Stuck Lug Nut on Your Car. (4) DIY Drill Powered Disc Sander. Making a Utility Table Saw - IBUILDIT.CA.

Leer este artí­culo en español Occasionally I need a table saw in a place where it’s not really convenient to have one, such as outdoors to rip some lumber for a project, or out on a small job site.

Making a Utility Table Saw - IBUILDIT.CA

At these times, I find that I’m either stuck bringing the lumber back and forth to my workshop for cutting, or cutting on site with my hand held circular saw. Neither of these is particularly convenient. Having come up against this problem in the past, I’ve used the old carpenter’s trick of mounting a circular saw under a piece of plywood laid on a pair of saw horses, and used that as a makeshift table saw. This works well, but is a bit iffy in the safety category and still not very convenient, especially the fence – this would be a strip of wood screwed or nailed in place. Starting with some basic drawings in SketchUp, I cut the piece that will be the top of the saw: It is 30″ wide, 20″ deep and 1/4″ thick.

Watch later. How to make a PVC HORSEBOW - DIY - easy way. (8) 16 AMAZING HOME MADE INVENTIONS FROM ANGLE GRINDER / YOU NEED TO SEE 2020. How to Make an Air Compressor from an Old Refrigerator: 9 Steps. (19) Building An Electric Motorcycle - Plans Available. (13) DIY Drill Powered Disc Sander. (1) Making a Knife From a Circular Saw Blade. (5) How to Make a DIY Pottery Wheel. How To Make a Mini LapTop at Home With a 3D Printer. (2) How to make a mini lathe in 10 minutes. How to Make Eyeglasses from Scratch. (1) Мало кто знает об этой функции БОЛГАРКИ !!! Let's Make some Rum (easy step-by-step guide) How to Use Drill Clutch Settings. So you got (or are getting) a new drill this holiday season.

How to Use Drill Clutch Settings

Maybe it’s your first cordless drill or a higher level drill than your dad’s old Black and Decker that has been around for 30 years. As you carefully take it out of the package and silently promise that you’re going to take care of it perfectly, you begin to look at the features. Many will have multiple speed settings; that’s easy enough to understand. Most high-end drills also have this perplexing collar with 20 or more settings that you can twist into.

These are your drill clutch settings. Keyless Drill Chuck [766027-7] for Makita Power Tools. (1) Primitive Technology: Wood Ash Cement. Making Soap. Making ferrofluid from scratch. Mobile Auto Bodywork & Paint Job (fixing a dent with a uni-spotter) How to unlock a car door (without a key) 6 Ways to Open a Lock □ NEW. DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR OLD REFRIGERATOR COMPRESSOR / How to make Homemade air Silent Compressor. Motorized Bicycle Forum. I just built a simple, but powerful welder and it works great!

Motorized Bicycle Forum

I've been really needing to get someone to weld a 48T sprocket to a hub for my bro's trailer, but got tired of waiting on people, so I decided to do it myself. A typical MIG or rod welder is 24V and 90-170 Amps in most cases, and just uses a short circuit to melt the metal. I based my DIY welder from this knowledge, and did it my own way. - The DIY welder consists of Two 12V car batteries.

Both batteries rated at 630A/525CCA. - Also 6 AWG wire to connect the 2 batteries in series to get 24V. - Heavy-Duty 6AWG jumper cables with good clips - 2/10/60A 12V battery charger to feed the batteries. - 14AWG solid copper household electrical wire to use as welding rod With some trial and error, I got it working right! The battery charger was alternated between the two batteries during breaks to keep them charged. The welds aren't pretty, but they melted easy and hold VERY well, and plenty of material was used to make a strong weld.

(3) Bleeding Brakes by Pedal Pumping. Waste Oil Furnace for Melting Metal : 7 Steps. AdWords We use AdWords to deploy digital advertising on sites supported by AdWords.

Waste Oil Furnace for Melting Metal : 7 Steps

Ads are based on both AdWords data and behavioral data that we collect while you’re on our sites. The data we collect may include pages you’ve visited, trials you’ve initiated, videos you’ve played, purchases you’ve made, and your IP address or device ID. How to Build a Propane Forge Burner: 6 Steps. AdWords We use AdWords to deploy digital advertising on sites supported by AdWords.

How to Build a Propane Forge Burner: 6 Steps

Ads are based on both AdWords data and behavioral data that we collect while you’re on our sites. The data we collect may include pages you’ve visited, trials you’ve initiated, videos you’ve played, purchases you’ve made, and your IP address or device ID. This information may be combined with data that AdWords has collected from you. Tire Sandals: Innovative Footwear Made From Old Tires. Make Your own Tire SandalsAdapted from Participating in Nature: Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living Skills I'm hard on shoes.

Tire Sandals: Innovative Footwear Made From Old Tires.

It's not uncommon for me to go through half a dozen pairs of shoes, or more, each year. I maintain an active lifestyle, hiking, playing, camping, and working. Water wears out a shoe quicker than anything else. A few trips in and out of the creeks, puddles, and swamps, and they just come unglued. DIY Altoid-Tin Solar Radio for $3. (3) Building An Electric Motorbike...Out Of Plywood? Plans Available. (1) AA battery ??? What you can do with an old AA battery 1.5 v. (1) HOW TO CLEAN YOUR ENGINE - NO WATER NO SCRUBBING. Make a Propane Air Tank QUICK N EASY. DIY Fixing Broken Flashlight Glass. Fixing a broken flashlight glass – you can do it with stuff you upcycle from the recycling bin!

DIY Fixing Broken Flashlight Glass

It’s easy and essentially free, both things that I really like. You might like these related posts: Fixing a flashlight might seem a bit old school, but the fact is most preppers and homesteaders have at least a few of these around the house. We keep one in every room, and then a large stockpile of them by the basement door where they’re easy to find. Your phone battery might die, but an old-fashioned flashlight with a supply of D cell batteries is a great thing. Flashlights have so many varieties that you are sure to find one that is reliable when you need it.

But as reliable as they are, we tend to use them in extreme conditions. The good news is that you don’t need to trash your flashlight and buy a new one just because the protective glass is broken. Gold extraction with BORAX for small-scale miners - Rather Rich & Healthy than Poor & Poisoned. Powder Coating At Home With Amazing Results! Electroplating - Easy DIY Nickel, Copper, Zinc Plating.

BEER TO BOWIE KNIFE - HUGE BOWIE KNIVES FROM 100% RING PULLS - knife casting at home - Melting Metal. 2K clear over CHEAP rustoleum paint (AMAZING RESULTS!) Spray Painting Myths & Misconceptions. How to convert old printer to useful tool - COOL IDEA. Cutting Wooden Gears & Sprockets the EASY way - by VegOilGuy. How to Cut Sheet Metal with Baling Wire. How to Wind Toroidal Mobius Coils. This was an original post from Wizzers workshop before John Logan and his site disappeared.

How to Wind Toroidal Mobius Coils

A couple of years ago I ask Mr.Logan if I could publish this particular info of his as I found it really useful when I first started making these coils. He gave me permission, so for all my readers here is the article. an original coil design developed at Wizzers Workshop and the first such online tutorial anywhere on the web… updated Sep. 2006. Produce Hydrogen from Water - Do it yourself. How to build your very own glass speaker! How to make a DIY Thermoelectric Generator. Build Your Own Copper Coil Alcohol Burner Stove! Drill Holes in Glass Easily ● Wine Bottles, Mason Jars ( in under a minute ! )

Getting to the Dark Web is EASY (and safe): Here's how.. Make a 1000w equiv. LED flashlight - aka DIY Sun-Blaster! How to find the combination to a master lock. How to Hem Jeans While Keeping Original Hem. How to make a Microscope. How to make a Mini USB MICROSCOPE (500X Zoom) using Webcam. I built a PC out of rope and wood... How to Recharge Batteries. Gold Testing (What Gold Buyers Don't Want You to Know!) Easy Dual Fuel Furnace Burner: 7 Steps (with Pictures) Checking and replacing a fuel sender unit. If the fuel gauge reads empty when you know there is fuel in the tank, the cause may be a faulty sender unit the electrical device that measures the level. Or it may be a faulty gauge or a break in the wiring between the gauge and sender.

It is also possible for the fuel tank to read 'full' constantly, although the car has travelled some distance and has obviously used an amount of petrol. The cause may be a fault in the insulation of the wiring, resulting in a short circuit. Safety precautions An empty tank can be more of a risk than a full one. Before doing any repair or replacement work on the tank, take off the battery leads, as a precaution against accidental sparks.

The sender unit is mounted through the tank wall, and removing it leaves a hole. Tutorial: How to install a refill valve on a BIC lighter. Must watch!! How to refill a bic lighterrefill a lighter. 15 Ways to Search Google 96% of People Don’t Know About. Pick a Lock in SECONDS with a Bump Key - Scam School. 10 Free Operating Systems You Maybe Never Realized Existed. Advertisement Chances are, your computer came with Windows or macOS. These operating systems may seem free, but they’re not. Manufacturers have to pay Microsoft a license to ship with Windows, and you need to buy a copy if you want to install Windows yourself. macOS updates are free, but they’re only available to people who have purchased Macs. The cost is hidden in the price of the computer. There are many operating systems that actually are free. 1. If you’re using a free operating system that isn’t Linux, then it’s probably based on BSD.

Even if you’re not a free software lover, you may be using parts of FreeBSD without realizing it. 2. Most free operating systems provide an alternative to Windows. ReactOS is a free and open source operating system, so it can’t utilize any of Windows’ actual code. 3. 2 Ways to Open a Lock □ (NEW) How To Make Moonshine. How to make simple electric bike.

Make an Open Kayak From Recycled Bottles: 8 Steps (with Pictures) Now you're ready to take it out on the water. By far the best method of paddling is a regular kayak paddle. I've used a canoe paddle before, but it's significantly more difficult to keep the boat going straight. I weigh about 180 pounds, and what might be called the "deck" of the boat sits juuuuuust above water level. How To Cast a Bronze Skillet. How To Make Wood Gas Biofuel (and an experimental gas collection method) Fully Adjustable DIY LED Grow Light and Grow Box - Complete Light and Cabinet Build (all Under £300!): 17 Steps (with Pictures) As the project was divided into several distinct Sections I have divided the bill of materials up in this was as well. Making copper the ancient way. How to make gold 24k. Teach process gold refining 99.99%. tips refine gold scrap fine gold recovery.

Gold Recovery With Bleach Computer Scrap Pentium Pro CPU. How To Mod A Cheap Action Camera To Use C-Mount Lenses For Infrared Videography & Time Lapse. How To Melt Aluminum With A Hole In The Ground. How to travel the world with almost no money. How to connect BigQuery to Microsoft Excel® and other apps with our new ODBC driver. Posted by Tim Swast, Developer Programs Engineer Google BigQuery enables standard SQL queries to petabytes of data, but what if software you depend on doesn't support the BigQuery API? With the release of BigQuery ODBC drivers, it’s now easier than ever to connect an enterprise application to BigQuery — simply use the drivers to connect BigQuery to the tools that analysts and data scientists already use. As an example, I'll show you how to use the ODBC drivers to connect BigQuery to Microsoft Excel® 2016 on Windows® and visualize data.

Note that the ODBC drivers are not compatible with Excel on macOS. First, install the BigQuery ODBC driver. Once the ODBC driver is configured, open Excel. Choose "Google BigQuery" as the data source.