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British Life and Culture in the UK - Woodlands Junior School Listen A Minute: Easier English Listening and Activities INTRODUCTION ”The Magic Finger” by Roald Dahl. Årskurs 4 läser just nu ”The Magic Finger” av Roald Dahl. Eleverna har själva fått välja om de vill läsa lite snabbare eller lite långsammare med mer tid för tolkningar och frågor. Det blev till slut två ganska jämna grupper (i alla mina tre klasser). TMF Målet med uppgiften är att: – Kunna läsa boken på engelska, tolka den för att förstå innehållet. – Kunna analysera innehållet för att bearbeta och diskutera. – Kunna använda olika strategier för att förstå och kommunicera. – Kunna kommunicera sin läsupplevelse. Arbetsgång: PLANERING & INTRODUKTION (Läs mer…) Presentation av boken och författaren Roald Dahl för hela klassen. GRUPP B (Läs mer…) Alla elever har ett eget exemplar av boken och en papperskopia för att kunna göra egna anteckningar direkt i texten. GRUPP A (Läs mer…) Alla elever har ett eget exemplar av boken. EXTRA (Läs mer…) Vid behov har några elever fått med sig en bok hem. Kommentarer: Kommentarer och tankar före, under och efter arbetet.

6 Reasons I'm Not a Perfect Teacher, and That's OK - WeAreTeachers I’m really good at a lot of things. I’m a good cook. I know how to identify a variety of native plant and tree species. I can quote virtually every inspirational speech from all five seasons of Friday Night Lights. I’m a good teacher in a lot of ways. 1. Y’all folks with your Pinterest and your chevrons and your cute crafts and your organized supplies impress me, you really do. 2. My kids do some amazing work. 3. People who keep a list of assignments that students should have in their binders: How? 4. I can do it for, like, 15 minutes at the beginning of class. 5. If I keep candy in my room, I will eat it. 6. This one is sometimes an intentional choice. This barely scratches the surface of ways I’m failing as a teacher. But consider this the opposite of a New Year’s resolution.

Grammar + Songs | Songs and Activities for English Language Learners Songs can be an effective way to introduce or reinforce a grammar topic. Click on the topics below for companion songs and activities. (In a blog article posted Oct. 4, 2016 at, I list some of the benefits of using songs to teach grammar that I’ve observed in my own classroom.) Adverb Clauses in the Song “Baby, I’m Yours”Comparisons with LikeGerunds as Objects of PrepositionsGerund or Infinitive after begin, start, continue, like, love, hate, can’t standGet to Do SomethingGotta: Informal Spoken English for Got ToI’ve Got It and I’ve Got ‘EmMust Have + Past ParticipleNoun ClausesParticipial PhrasesReflexive PronounsUsed to + a Verb in the Simple FormUsed to vs. Verb Tenses: Future with Gonna: Questions Beginning with Who’s gonna…Future with Gonna: Talking About the WeatherFuture with Gonna: Talking About PlansFuture with Will: Offering to HelpFuture with Will: Making PromisesFuture with Will: Contractions I’ll and It’llPresent Perfect: It’s Been vs. 2. 3. 4. Used to vs.

Betygssamtal utifrån checklistan i ESP - Mia Smith Som betygssättande lärare är man van vid att frågorna kommer strax före lucia. ”När ska vi ha betygssamtal?” Det eleverna i det läget vill veta är vilken bokstav de kommer kunna läsa sig till på pappret i kuvertet som skickas hem några veckor senare. Ska jag lägga dyrbar undervisningstid på detta? Jag har valt att lägga mina individuella samtal efter jul i år. Eleverna vet redan vilket betyg de har fått, och i det här läget kan vi i stället blicka framåt. Hur lägger man då upp samtalen? Eleven har fyllt i olika nivåer på olika förmågor. Som lärare ser jag enbart fördelar med att använda mig av checklistan, till exempel kan jag se att någon enstaka förmåga utmärker sig. Även om eleverna inte tycker att själva ifyllandet är det mest spännande momentet under läsåret upplever jag att eleverna får en större förståelse för ämnets uppbyggnad när vi använder dem. Checklistorna finns för de olika stegen i GERS-skalan.

ESL Speaking Murder Mystery Game Learn English with a Murder Mystery This is a 15 to 20 minute group work fluency exercise. Each person is one character. There are 12 characters in the game. If you have a large class, consider splitting the class into smaller groups. If you have fewer than 12 students the first 8 characters are essential for the game. Print enough character cards for the students in your class. The character roles are here: esl-murder-mystery-game. Instructions for the students Read the information about your character. Game Background During a high school reunion, the guests heard a loud scream at 8.45 pm. Game Play Your job is to talk to the other characters and ask: who they arewhat they remember about Miss Greenspoonwhat they were doing when they heard Miss Greenspoon scream as she was killedcollect clues and use your brain power to find out the name of the murder Teach writing? Get the ebook Teach Essential Writing Skills. Save time.

The Parent Trap (1998 film) - Wikipedia In 1986, American Nick Parker (Dennis Quaid) and Briton Elizabeth James (Natasha Richardson) meet and get married during an ocean cruise on the RMS Queen Elizabeth II. After the birth of their twin daughters—Annie and Hallie (Lindsay Lohan)—Nick and Elizabeth get a divorce. The divorcing couple agrees that each parent will raise one of the twins without telling her about her sister, and thereafter lose contact with one another. Nick raises Hallie in Napa Valley and becomes a wealthy wine grower, while Elizabeth raises Annie in London and becomes a famous and successful wedding gown designer. In 1998, Nick and Elizabeth coincidentally enroll their daughters at the same all-girls summer camp in Maine called Camp Walden. Living together in the Isolation Cabin, Hallie and Annie discover they were born on the same day, and each has half of a torn wedding photograph of their parents. When camp is over, the twins put their plan into action.

BBC Learning English - Dramas from BBC Learning English 40 Teacher Catchphrases You May Want to Steal - WeAreTeachers Some teachers are naturally gifted for throwing down a memorable verse. And truly, we’ve all had those teachers whose lines have stuck in our minds for years! One of our favorite teachers threw out the challenge on our WeAreTeachers Helpline to share our favorite catchphrases in the classroom and the response was huge. On Attitude: Every day is a brand-new day. On Making Choices: Make it a great day, or not: The choice is yours. On Making Mistakes: It’s OK to be wrong; it’s not OK to not try. On Work Ethic: This is not a job to do as FAST as we can, it’s a job to do the BEST that we can. On Behavior: Control it, don’t let it control you. Just for Fun: Don’t make me pull this classroom over. Memorable Exit Lines: Be fabulous when you exit our door. What do you say ALL THE TIME, teachers?

Easter ⋆ Background Sweden is a secular country, so these activities are mostly nondenominational The Theme Page is divided into levels instead of activity types Beginner 1-3 Easter | Learning A picture with Easter words you can listen to, then match up the words in three different ways. Here Comes the Easter Bunny – kids will love this delightful Easter song (written/recorded by Matt R., Easter Word Search Worksheet | Have Fun Word Search: Find the Easter themed words in the word search puzzle. Lower Elementary 3-4 Easter: Vocabulary Lesson | Sprout countries will be celebrating Easter this weekend. The well-known story by Beatrix Potter as a cartoon Part 2 Elementary 4-6 197. Intermediate 7-9