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Famous Quotes are Paired with Clever Illustrations

Famous Quotes are Paired with Clever Illustrations
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based illustrator Tang Yau Hoong has just released a brand new series where he pairs one of his older illustrations with a famous quote. A few years ago, we discovered Hoong and we quickly became fans after we saw his ability to cleverly incorporate negative space into many of his works. As he told us then, "I enjoy making illusion art because it has the ability to mislead us. We rely on sight in our lives and yet it is so fragile that we could easily be deceived by what we see." In one of our favorite new prints, Hoong takes one of Steve Jobs' famous quotes, "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" and illustrates it by putting two half eaten apples next to each other. Within the negative space, one can subtly make out Steve Jobs' silhouette. As he tells us, "Most of them are old illustrations that I redrew to match the style I was looking for and the meaning of the corresponding quote. You can pick up these prints over at Hoong's shop.

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6 Ways To Learn Something New Online Everyday The Internet is a double-edged sword – it can be used to procrastinate the day away, or it can be used to learn something new everyday. Here at MakeUseOf, we’re particularly focused on the latter. There are a lot of ways you can use the Internet to learn something new everyday in a matter of minutes. We’ve put together a list of six ways you can learn something new on the Internet on a daily basis – some of it will take no more than 10 minutes, while others are in-depth and will require at least an hour’s worth of dedication from you. No matter what you choose, you’ll walk away far more enriched than when you started. In addition to the sites listed below, TED is of course an additional resource which, it goes without saying, is a great way to learn something new.

The 15 Craziest Things In Nature You Won't Believe Actually Exist Mother Nature is beautiful and amazing because we can see many amazing stuff like these 15 things that you won’t believe they actually exist. All these places are real. It is hard to believe in that, but that is true. Visual thinking: los garabatos toman las riendas en la oficina Antes de las palabras estuvieron los dibujos. Ahora los garabatos retoman el poder con una forma nueva e innovadora de presentar proyectos o ideas: el visual thinking, que vuelve a las raíces creativas del ser humano compartiendo ideas y explicando conceptos dibujando. Para poder entender el nuevo recurso hemos hablado con Scott Matthews, el director creativo de Dachis Group, una empresa internacional experta en visual thinking basada en EEUU. “Para mí, visual thinking es hacer lo abstracto entendible: coger ideas, pensamientos y conexiones de la cabeza de una persona y plasmarlo en algo sólido.”, dice Matthews. “Cuando podamos convertir este tipo de cosas en imágenes dibujadas en una pared las personas lo pueden ver, entender la conexión, comprender dónde va conectado todo y se hace muy claro. “Es lo mismo que cuando entras por la puerta grande de un centro comercial, verás un mapa grande que te marca donde estás.

Most Beautiful Villages Around The World photo Popeye Village, is a group of rustic and ramshackle wooden buildings located at Anchor Bay in the north-west corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta. Photo by: Mosin Village on the bank of the Niger river, Mali. Photo by: Yann Arthus-Bertrand Hidden mountain village in Southern China.

elenigmadelafruta, cuenta y muestra cosas que pueden ser de interes. Opinión para conocer la Ley de D’Hondt JULIA RAMOS - Collado Villalba, Madrid – 19/10/2011 Si un partido político gobierna con mayoría absoluta, no teniendo como mínimo el 51% de los votos, sino que con algo más del 40% le vale, no es por el voto en blanco, es porque en la mal llamada modélica Transición se pactó aplicar en las elecciones la Ley de D’Hondt, perversa entre las perversas. From Flashcards to Freakouts: the Art of Learning Another Language and Not Going Crazy » My Spanish Adventure Here’s the hardest part, hands down, of learning any language, ever. Harder than memorizing tenses. Harder than subjunctive conjugations.

Flower of Life Occurrences of the ornament[edit] The Flower of Life symbol drawn in red ochre Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt Abydos (Egypt)[edit] Liverpool all-star game best pictures - our pick of some fantastic images There are some days as a photographer when you just need to point the camera and click in the knowledge you're going to take a great photo and so it was at Anfield yesterday for the Liverpool FC All-Stars game. Two teams captained by Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher took to the field, giving an entranced crowd the chance to see footballing legends take to the field again. Among the greats on show were the beloved Xabi Alonso, the forgiven Fernando Torres, the always-sung-about Luis Garcia and the please-come-back-for-good Luis Suarez from recent LFC history, as well as superstars including Thierry Henry and Didier Drogba. We've rounded up the best photos from a historic day for you to enjoy again, and you can see links to the rest of our coverage below the gallery.

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