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Looking Deeper at Chart Types with Visualoop - The Data Visualisation Catalogue Blog. Back in 2015 I contributed a series of blog posts to Visualoop that looked deeper into each of the chart type I had already covered by looking into them in a bit more detail and at their history. If you’re not familiar with Visualoop, it’s a website dedicated to showcasing the best pieces of infographic design and data visualizations, as well as featuring various designers in the industry.

It’s both a great resource for designers looking for inspiration and also as a useful news source in the world of infographics and dataviz. Anyway, here’s the list of blog post I contributed, which I think will be useful if you want to read into each of these charts more: A Look at Arc Diagrams A Look at Area Graphs A Look at Bar Graphs A Look at Box Plots A Look at Bubble Charts. 5 способов сделать инфографику вирусной | SE Ranking Блог. Каждый раз, когда вы слышите об инфографике, слово «вирусный» обычно находится в том же предложении. Идея состоит в том, что материал явлется очень популярным и самостоятельно распространяется по сети. Но как сделать инфографику вирусной? Можно потратить недели на изготовление полезной и интересной инфографики, но если никто не знает о ее существовании, имеет ли это смысл? Необходимо поделиться своим творением для того, чтобы люди о нем узнали. Способ #1: Написать SEO-оптимизированный пресс-релиз Оптимизированные пресс-релизы хороши как минимум по двум причинам.

Во-первых, они помогают улучшить ранжирование по ключевым словам, видимость сайта, получить больше трафика и увеличить количество внешних ссылок. Во-вторых, пресс-релиз является прекрасной возможностью рассказать историю с помощью инфографики. Важно написать пресс-релиз так, чтобы он выделялся своим содержанием или оформлением. Используйте убедительный довод. Способ #2: Создайте пресс-релиз для социальных сетей Блоги. Improve Your Data Literacy: 16 Blogs to Follow in 2016.

Editor's Note: This is a curated list by the School of Data, a project by the Open Knowledge Foundation and Peer 2 Peer University that works to empower civil society organizations, journalists, and citizens with skills to use data in creating more equitable and effective societies. Data literacy is a never-ending process. Going to workshops and hands-on practice are important, but to really become acquainted with the “culture” of data literacy, you’ll have to do a lot of reading.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back: below is a curated list of 16 blogs to follow in 2016 if you want to: improve your data-visualization skills; see the best examples of data journalism; discover the methodology behind the best data-driven projects; and pick-up some essential tips for working with data. Using Feedly as your RSS Reader? Check out our shared collection which includes the blogs mentioned below plus other blogs!

Data Viz Done Right Flowing Data Flowing Data is Nathan Yau’s full-time job, and it shows. Index. On This Page... Repo for U of Miami School of Communication course on interactive data visualization for the web by Lynn Cherny (fall 2015 and spring 2016). The repo is best viewed on Lynn is @arnicas on twitter. Office Hours: Wolfson 1020A, M & Th 1-3 or by appt. Emails for homework: What the Course Covers 1. Originally intended as having a journalistic focus, the course contents will expand a little more in spring 2016 to address broader topics in visualization.

All the made-for-class example files are here. 2. Good practices with D3.js for data visJavascript and useful libraries like jQuery, lodashWeb Charting libs like Highcharts, D3, libs on top of D3 like Dimple.jsGitHub useDebugging how-to's 3. Grading based on weekly homeworks (60%) and a final project (40%) that uses many of the techniques in a storytelling project using data that interests you. Data Sources To Use Quantified Self Use yourself as data! Weather in Eindhoven. Sometimes beautiful data viz comes as a result of experimentation. That’s exactly what happened when freelance designer, Sonja Kuijpers, set out to practice designing with data and ended up creating this stunning radial weather chart, Weather Eindhoven 2014.

Using data from Weather Underground, the viz tracks rain, wind force and temperature in the Dutch city over the course of a year. Sonja studied Public Space at the Design Academy Eindhoven before working at a landscape and urban architecture firm. In 2013 she founded Studio Terp and as a freelancer focuses on infographic design. You can find out more about project in a guest post by Sonja on VisualLoop.

7 Great Places to Publish Infographics - Design Roast. Infographics, with their engaging visuals and authoritative voice, are recipes for success in today’s online environment. Their use has exploded, and many designers are reaching a global audience on the back of strong models that promote social sharing. Those unable to draw upon the influence of early-uptake networks, however, typically find the results somewhat underwhelming — and that’s where infographic directories come in!

By submitting to these infographics-only channels, you can boost the number of near-instant inbound links directing users to your site and improve your Google ranking at the same time. To help, I’ve narrowed your list of potential choices to these top seven sites: 1. Few people haven’t heard of, whether they’re in the content creation game or not. The analytical tools the site offers allow you to quantify your content’s viewership and visibility across your demographic. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Finding Your Own Visual Voice Online. Reads in Tweets – June 2015 - HOME - Innovation - DW.DE. April 2015. At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking web content I’ve come across during the previous month. Here’s the latest collection from April 2015. Visualisations/Infographics Includes static and interactive visualisation examples, infographics and galleries/collections of relevant imagery. De Statis | Nice interactive violin plot of the population in Germany by gender and over time Dataphys | ...and here's a 2013 project to show the 'Walkable Age Pyramid' of the German population Wall Street Journal | Collection of interactives celebrating '50 Years of Avengers' Tableau Public | A super slick Tableau project by Shine Pulikathara exploring five decades of crime in the US Wait But Why | Exploring different ways of showing 7.3 billion people Fast Print | 'An interactive visualisation of all keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC' FastCo Design | 'From Homer To J.K.

Articles Sundries. How to Make an Animated GIF Infographic. Eleanor Lutz has done some amazing design work with her company Tabletop Whale. She is known especially for her work creating animated infographics using animated GIF files. She has posted How to Make An Animated Infographic as a 2-part explanation that lays out her process in Photoshop (as an animated GIF file of course!). Recently I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking for a tutorial on how to make animations. So this week I put together a quick explanation for anyone who’s interested. I archived it as a link on the menu bar of my website, so it’ll always be easy to find if you need it.This is just a run-through of my own personal animation workflow, so it’s not a definitive guide or anything. There are plenty of other ways to make animations in Photoshop and other programs.I’ve never tried making a tutorial about my own work before, so sorry in advance if it’s confusing!

I’m seeing more infographics as animated GIF image files online. Also found on VizWorld. Weather in Eindhoven. Quantbait Is Recognized as a Leader in Publishing Digital Cartography! | QuantBait. Interview with Tiago Veloso founder of Visualoop - Labs of Latvia. Hi Tiago, please tell us more about yourself. What were you doing before Visualoop? Actually it's very unconventional story since I don't have any background in design, journalism or visualization itself. I studied and worked in travel, tourism and hotel management for over two decades, in several parts of the world until about 2009.

Then I decided to shift to working from home and having a different lifestyle. In those fields you work when everybody else is resting, so you don't have weekends and holidays like most people. I started to research how people were communicating, exchanging information and otherwise behaving on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other channels. If you search the term "infographic" on Google Trends, you will see the first spike at that time, that's exactly when I came in. Image: 'Infographic' on Google Trends: Interest over time What happened next? My interest for visual communication was born. The marketing guys were, of course, the first ones I came across.

Data Visualization Library | PolicyViz. I’ve been doing a lot of teaching and training on data visualization and presentation techniques lately. I’ve been working with folks at work, showing them best practices, some Excel tricks, and different tools and techniques. I’ve been doing a lot more client work recently and am gearing up for some public workshops in the early spring. In December, I finished teaching a fall semester data visualization course at the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University. And in a couple of weeks, I’ll finish my Statistical Applications for Visualization course at the Maryland Institute College of Art and then start a two-week data visualization evening class at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.

All of my workshops and classes are very hands on, so each one of them requires at least some preparation. Sometimes its because I’m working with a specific client or need; other times it’s because the number of people in the room varies from the norm. Infografías para crear historias | María Ripoll Cera. Imagino que lo habéis observado pero como los SEOs han descubierto que las infografías posicionan las webs, Internet se ha llenado de ellas. Los medios obtienen y divulgan gracias a ellas buena información, los bloguers nos regalan auténticas maravillas y otras más estereotipadas.

Pero las que a mí más me interesan son las que explican historias. Una infografía = una buena pregunta Toda infografía ha de tener en mi opinión un punto de vista y un objetivo para que sea incisiva. En marzo de 2014, 2 periodistas de La nación decidieron explorar el DC Comics Database (¡me encantaría saber por qué! se especializa en el turismo de eventos musicales y deportivos, y su contacto continuo con los mejores Dj’s les hizo ver que suelen colaborar entre sí para crear la mejor Dance music. Una infografía = experimentación Can books be summarized through their emotional trajectory and character relationships?

Mi propia infografía ¿Sabes dónde inspirarte para crear infografías? Year-end listicles we’re clicking | Storybench. Predictions for 2015 Nieman Lab’s top predictions for journalism in 2015: Melody Kramer on crowdsourcing, Alberto Cairo on visualization, Philip Bump on news notifications, Zeynep Tufekci on getting creeped out by algorithms, Latoya Peterson on how communication is changing, among others. Best-of lists Interactive storytelling The New York Times roundup of its best interactive storytelling, graphics and multimedia of 2014. Find 2013’s roundup here. Visualization The best data visualization projects of 2014 from Flowing Data. The best data journalism of 2014 from FiveThirtyEight. The best science visualizations of the year at Wired. The top 100 interactives of 2014 from Visualoop. Photography Top 10 photos in journalism from 500px. 2014: the year in pictures from the New York Times. Research 14 striking Pew research findings from 2014.

Podcasts The top 10 podcast episodes of 2014 brought to us by The People Podcast, including Studio360, Unfictional, StartUp, and Brian Lehrer. Other Miscellaneous lists. December in Latin America: All the tech news you shouldn’t miss from the past month - Tech News - Tech Rumors - TechRumors.Co. December was a fairly quiet month for Latin America’s tech scene itself. However, some macro changes that took place may have a long-lasting impact, such as the rapprochement between the US and Cuba. Here’s the news you don’t want to miss: Internet for Cubans? Not so fast… The White House’s recent move to start normalizing relations with Cuba is probably one of the biggest events of 2014. From a technology perspective, it could have a positive impact on Internet connection quality on the island, as the White House stated that US telcos are now “allowed to establish the necessary mechanisms, including infrastructure, in Cuba to provide commercial telecommunications and Internet services.”

However, the MIT Technology Review rightly points out that an open Internet won’t arrive overnight, as it remains to be seen whether the dictatorship is willing to relinquish its stronghold on freedom of speech. Skype’s real-time translator goes live for registered users on Windows 8.1 New 0 0 0 0. Acquires Infographics Blog Visualoop. Big news in the world of infographics. In December, the online design site closed a deal to acquire the infographics blog and news site Visualoop. December 3, Riga. –, the company behind the popular infographic creator, has acquired Visualoop, one of the leading data visualisation news sites from Brazil. The website covers infographics and data visualisation in English and Portuguese languages.

“Our ambition is the make Visualoop the leading data visualisation blog in the World,” says Uldis Leiterts, co-founder and CEO of “It would strengthen our presence in Brazil, it would also support the social mission of to educate and raise the overall interest in data visualization” Along with acquisition reveals a Portuguese version it’s web-based infographic creator. Congratulations to Tiago Veloso, the Founder and Editor of Visualoop! “As you imagine, Randy, this is a very special moment for Visualoop, and for me personally. Latvian buys Brazilian data-visualization blog Visualoop. has announced its purchase of Visualoop, one of the leading data-visualisation blogs in Brazil. Visualoop writes about info graphs and data-visualisation in English and Portuguese. The exact price of the business acquisition deal is not revealed. «Our goal is to make Visualoop the leading news media in the world in terms of data-visualisation,» – says founder and CEO of Uldis Leiterts. «This business deal will strengthen our presence in Brazil. Cooperation with capable media will improve the position held by and contribute to the mission to increase interest toward data-visualisation in the world.» Starting December 3rd, will start offering services in Portuguese. The service is also available in English and Japanese. «I believe the sphere of data-visualisation will benefit from a strong and independent media. An independent editors council has been formed in order to provide editorial independence.

Visualoop was founded in 2010. This Month in Data: November 2014 | Pivotal P.O.V. ESA Rosetta Philea lands on Comet! • Reloade. Reference material. Use Infographics to Make an Impact. Best of 2014 French Story Maps Competition | MapThing. Thinking inside the box | randomactsofcartography. Maps Mania: Global Carbon Emissions on Google Maps. What a Sinking Ship Can Tell Us About Teaching Data Visualization | Journalism + Design. Top Ten #ddj: The Week’s Most Popular Data Journalism Links. Why Infographics are better than Textual Blog Posts? How To Promote Your Business With A Blog. Incredible Design: This is Visual Journalism [74] | Visual Loop | D@J.

Advanced Content Promotion Checklist and Guide | Process Street. Where to find great infographics - Social Media Business Academy. OK Fest 2014: Open that data! | Internews. Global data journalism resources. World Cup Infographics Worth Seeing | Blitz Web Design. 9 Visualisation Blogs Followed at Boxever. World Cup 3D Data Visualization | Smart HiveSmart Hive. World Cup Infographics Worth Seeing | Blitz Web Design.

9 Visualisation Blogs Followed at Boxever. The making of the “Seven days of carsharing” project. 22α Malofiej Βραβεία Infographics | gr design. Magyar portfólió a VisualLoopon - Infograf. Η «Καθημερινή» στα 50 καλύτερα infographics της χρονιάς. انتشار آثار طراحان ایرانی در سایت Visualoop » دومین جشنواره اینفوگرافیک فارسی|داده های رنگی.


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