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Floor and Ceiling Functions The floor and ceiling functions give you the nearest integer up or down. Example: What is the floor and ceiling of 2.31? The Floor of 2.31 is 2 The Ceiling of 2.31 is 3 Floor and Ceiling of Integers Heart, love icon By Pixel Buddha View designer profile SVG - Base64 PNG - Base64 Help A Myth Busted: Do Resume Writing Services Really Get People Job Interviews? Regardless of the type of job someone is trying to get, the competition in all industries is extremely fierce. When a hiring manager considers several candidates for a certain position, the resume is the first sign of appeal, relevance, qualifications, and professionalism. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable to write perfect resumes and cover letters.

Elementary Particles A text summary of this presentation is shown below for easy reference Particles electron neutrino νe muon neutrino νμ tau neutrino ντ 15 amazing tools for online collaboration A team of designers does not always work in the same office; you work in distributed groups, some of you may be working from home, and clients can be based all over the world. This is where collaboration tools come in – they make it easier and faster for designers to get feedback and approve artwork in a professional manner, and they come in all sort of forms, from free Android apps to Chrome extensions. Some are created specifically for designers, some serve as a concept crafting whiteboard often with tools to make simple annotations, and some are all-in-one web apps that include an element of project management. Here we gather together some of the best available online tools to allow designers to take part in collaborational work in real time. 01. Slack

Top Resume Headline Examples There are resumes that make use of career summary or career headlines instead of using the resume objective section. These types of resumes are mainly used by executives and/or professionals who have many years of experience. The resume headlines are several expressive statements that briefly and creatively highlight key skills and accomplishments throughout a person’s career – These few statements must capture the reader’s attention. Usually, the heading/title of the said paragraph is the job title which the applicant is targeting, such as: Senior IT Project Manager, Vice President of Insurance, Management Consultant, Headteacher, etc. Here are some good resume headline samples that you can personalize according to your needs:

Online Etymology Dictionary me (pron.) Old English me (dative), me, mec (accusative); oblique cases of I, from Proto-Germanic *meke (accusative), *mes (dative), cognates: Old Frisian mi/mir, Old Saxon mi, Middle Dutch mi, Dutch mij, Old High German mih/mir, German mich/mir, Old Norse mik/mer, Gothic mik/mis; from PIE root *me-, oblique form of the personal pronoun of the first person singular (nominative *eg; see I); cognates: Sanskrit, Avestan mam, Greek eme, Latin me, mihi, Old Irish me, Welsh mi "me," Old Church Slavonic me, Hittite ammuk. Erroneous or vulgar use for nominative (such as it is me) attested from c. 1500. Dative preserved in obsolete meseems, methinks and expressions such as sing me a song ("dative of interest"). Reflexively, "myself, for myself, to myself" from late Old English.

The Most Relaxing Songs of All Time, According to Science In 2011, a British band joined forces with a group of sound therapists to create “The Most Relaxing Tune Ever”. Yet since 2011 the world has somehow become more stressed out, strung-up, and on edge. It’s about time we revisited some of those more tranquilizing numbers. 20 Things In Life You Realize Only When It's Too Late The thing about life is that it's a lesson that you can learn only by living. Experience is the best teacher they say, and it's true. That is why it is said that we grow wiser as we grow older. We do things, we make mistakes and we learn from them. But some of these mistakes can be too costly. The price we pay to learn our lessons can be too steep.

Compare and Contrast By understanding similarities and differences between two things, we can increase our understanding and learn more about both. This usually involves a process of analysis, in which we compare the specific parts as well as the whole. Comparison may also be a preliminary stage of evaluation. For example, by comparing specific aspects of A and B, we can decide which is more useful or valuable.

The Human Brain Sagittal view Frontal Lobe thinking, planning, & central executive functions; motor execution Parietal Lobesomatosensory perception integration of visual & somatospatial information MOSS Robot Construction System I missed your Kickstarter and/or Pre-orders, can I still order a kit now? Sorry, not right now! Please see the answer for "How can I order MOSS?" below.

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