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AIAIAI - Headphones - Earbuds - Dj headphones

AIAIAI - Headphones - Earbuds - Dj headphones
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AEDLE - High-end Audio Accessories DIY Pinhole Camera / Solargraphy Kit Make-It-Yourself Paper Pinhole and Solargraphy kit. Assemble in 1-2 hours ? no knife or scissors needed. Use 35mm film (not included) preferably ISO200. Technical Specs: Film type: Aperture 1.16mm. Focal length 20mm. Feautres: Assemble in 1 hour without knife or scissors. PA-Design : Accueil 25 Flash Portfolios for Your Inspiration Although HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery are able to accomplish a lot of exciting results and gaining popularity, Flash is still used by a number of impressive websites. In this post we’ll showcase 25 Flash portfolio sites. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next year or two with the future of Flash. For now, here is some Flash inspiration. Looking for hosting? WPEngine offers secure managed WordPress hosting.

Personal Factory (tm) - design, make & build your own custom products Pro-Ject Audio Systems Audiophile „Best Buy“ turntable Turntable innovation for vinyl starters with class-leading sound quality! A quiet-running synchronous motor with silicone belt is driving a low-resonance platter made from MDF. The main chassis is made from lightweight, but very stiff particle board. Utilising a straight 8,6“ aluminium tonearm with a single-pivot bearing made from steel, a spectacular good tracking of vinyl grooves is guaranteed. Because Essential comes with pre-mounted cartridge, connection to phono input of your hifi system is made fast and simple and your vinyl treasures can be heard in outstanding quality! • Belt drive with silicone belt • Low vibration synchronous motor • 8,6” single-pivot aluminium tonearm • Ortofon OM5e cartridge, pre-mounted • Connection to phono preamp or amplifier with phono preamp required • Pre-mounted interconnect cable with gold-plated RCA plugs • Colour options: Black, Red, White Reviews:

Amazon reveals its red hot $200 Kindle Fire tablet, lands November Here it is, the Kindle Fire, Amazon's 7-inch tablet. Amazon's not trying to slay the iPad with the Kindle Fire, it's a tablet for the rest of us. We're excited because it's small, minimal in design, and affordable at $200 — just the way a Kindle tablet should be. Why is the Amazon's tablet called the Kindle Fire? The Jelly Inside The Donut TechCrunch hit it right on the mark. The tablet does sport a fast dual-core processor, 8GB of internal storage, speakers, micro USB port, audio jack and its screen has a 1024 x 600 resolution and is made out of Gorilla glass with IPS technology so viewing angles are gorgeous. There are no cameras on the Kindle Fire, but that's alright. The Kindle Fire will come in one model: Wi-Fi. All your content is backed up into the Amazon Cloud. Made For Consuming Media, Not Creating Media The Kindle Fire will come with what we called the "Amazon Difference" — that is the suite of content services that Amazon has slowly built over the years. Via Amazon

b store | Home Case Studies | EPIC Agency When we first spoke about creating a twitter based game, we never, and I say never, thought it would get us this far in the development of what finally became an augmented reality, 3-D twitter based game. What was first a very small project, rapidly grew bigger and bigger, and bigger, and....became so much time consuming for us we had to put away some more sleep hours. Building a game The goal was to create a game which could be entirely playable using twitterdotcom with a mishmash of social networking, augmented reality, rich application and HTML5 (well,not on this one). “ No doubt this model will be picked up and used by a brand rather successfully with an integrated campaign, I can think of several opportunities already! As for the subject, and because our current graphic identity is clearly influenced by the spartan universe, and all these not so manly half-naked guys who once ran in fields of gold (what a poet!) Most of the challenge laid in the game and levelling design. Paperwhat?

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