background preloader Welcome to, home to thousands of free scripts that enhance the sites you already use Findscripts that enhance your browsing experienceShareimplement your awesome idea using javascriptJoinbe a part of improving the web Learn how to use Greasemonkey with Firefox. Popular scripts Browse all scripts Hard Drive Recovery - Great Hard Disk Data Recovery Software Reference Always keep your System backed up. Software tools can not always recover lost data. Please read our post on how to backup your computer (disks). You can even take a backup on a cloud storage which is reliable too.

How To Bypass Firefox 4.0 Beta’s Incompatible Add-on Error and Install Extensions Anyway The latest Firefox Beta is rather awesome, with tabs on top, and a new menu that looks like an awful lot like Opera. It’s all very slick, until you try and install your favorite extensions that haven’t updated yet. Here’s how to force them to work. Here’s the error message we’re talking about: Side note: want to test the new beta out for yourself? Head over to the Firefox Beta site, though it’s really in beta, and has a lot of changes, so you’ll want to think carefully before you do so.

Is The Death Of JavaScript Upon Us, Or Is A Universal Language Transformation Underway? Editor’s note: Péter Halácsy is co-founder and CTO of Prezi. Follow him on Twitter @halacsy. Startups identify with JavaScript. Travian3 Beyond - ML&CN for Greasemonkey Active development of this script stopped at the end of the year 2009 ! Support for this script ended 4th of February, 2010 ! In other words... There will be no further versions of this script ! At least not provided on this page... Languages available: ae, ar (cl, mx) ba, bg, br, cn, cz, de, dk, en, es, fi, fr, gr, hr, hu, id, il, ir, it, jp, kr, lt, lv, my, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, rs, ru, si, sk, th, tr, tw (hk), ua, vn Free Data Recovery and Data Backup Tool - Easy Way to Backup Your PC Data We had featured 9 Free Data Backup and Recovery Software Apps earlier. Here is another FREE one, EASEUS TODO Backup. We tried it on one of our old IBM Thinkpad Laptop running on Windows XP Pro. Orion Network Performance Extensions from SolarWinds Quick, Do-It-Yourself Deployment Download, Install, and deploy Network Performance Monitor in less than an hour, using three simple steps. Automated Network Device Discovery Online Backup Services to Backup Files From Your Computer Easily and Safely By taking a backup of your important files, you protect these files against future data loss like data corruption, accidental deletion, hard drive failures etc. The biggest nightmare one can have is to see their hard disk crash and they have not backed up their files. Compared to earlier days, there are many online backup services that not only makes your job of backing up data easy but also provide a various advanced features like high level of data security by encryption, continuous backup, automatic backup without the need for physical medium like tapes and CDs etc. Here in this post we review online backup services where you can store your files easily and safely.

The Incredible Machine (series) Screenshot from The Incredible Machine Version 3.0 The Incredible Machine (aka TIM) is a series of computer games that were originally designed and coded by Kevin Ryan and produced by Jeff Tunnell, the now-defunct Jeff Tunnell Productions, and published by Dynamix; the 1993 through 1995 versions had the same development team, but the later 2000–2001 titles had different designers. All versions were published by Sierra Entertainment. The entire series and intellectual property was acquired by Jeff Tunnell-founded PushButton Labs in October 2009.[1] The general goal of the games is to create a series of Rube Goldberg devices: arrange a given collection of objects in a needlessly complex fashion so as to perform some simple task (for example, "put the ball into a box" or "start a mixer & turn on a fan".) .

NotMyIP - Comment faire pour masquer en ligne Votre IP série Need of Hiding Your IP Serial No. Internet uses IP for the identification of individual computer and devices. This IP address is like an identification of your online presence and can reveal lots of thing about you to others. Besides that, most websites you visitor tracking with the help of their IP Address. While most of them use that data for know the online behavior of their visitors, but some of them also use for other purposes, which may be detrimental to your online privacy. To maintain strict confidentiality, you might want to Hide your IP address serial number.

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