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How To Bypass Firefox 4.0 Beta’s Incompatible Add-on Error and Install Extensions Anyway The latest Firefox Beta is rather awesome, with tabs on top, and a new menu that looks like an awful lot like Opera. It’s all very slick, until you try and install your favorite extensions that haven’t updated yet. Here’s how to force them to work. Here’s the error message we’re talking about: Side note: want to test the new beta out for yourself? Head over to the Firefox Beta site, though it’s really in beta, and has a lot of changes, so you’ll want to think carefully before you do so.

Tutorials HTML Tutorials Applying meaningful structure to content. HTML Beginner Tutorial: A step-by-step guide to HTML basics. The Top 8 Free Online Image Editors Taking photos or making beautiful digital artwork is activities most people enjoy doing. Most people have heard of, and might be familiar with, Adobe Photoshop. It’s arguably the most popular image manipulation app around, especially for professionals. However, most people’s image editing needs would be met by apps available right in their browser.

Maven tools for JavaScript developers - Why use Maven for Javascript ? Maven's goals around software project management and comprehension can benefit JavaScript projects. Some of the benefits that can be readily attained are: project versioning, automated testing; continuous integration; dependency management; packaging; and release management. Opciones tecnológicas The more you read, the more you know Explore tech gaming inspiration photography

The HTML Hell Page "Hell is other websmiths." — Jean-Paul Sartre, updated Translations: GermanPolish blinking text Unlock PDF – Free Online PDF Password Remover From Google Drive From Dropbox To be certain that you are doing nothing illegal we need to make sure that you have the right to unlock your file. Please read our privacy policy for more details. I pinky swear that I have the right to edit this file and remove its protection. Unlock PDF! AMD · amdjs/amdjs-api Wiki This is a copy of the "AMD" document in the repo, kept here to maintain historical links. If this document differs from the one in the repo, the repo version is the correct one. The Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) API specifies a mechanism for defining modules such that the module and its dependencies can be asynchronously loaded. This is particularly well suited for the browser environment where synchronous loading of modules incurs performance, usability, debugging, and cross-domain access problems. It is unrelated to the technology company AMD and the processors it makes.

40 Online Generators for Web Designers Should Bookmark Online Generators for Web Designers can be a great way to save time in your web design projects. High-quality generators can create graphics or code or even layouts in a matter of seconds or minutes, things that might take an hour or more if done by hand. Online generator are those tools that help us to create those popular “XHTML valid” CSS banners, micro buttons or css website templates in seconds. The Best Windows Software Windows is bathed in a sea of free applications. Which ones can you trust and which ones are the best? Consult this list for ideas and discover apps you didn’t know existed. We’re continuously seeking out the best Windows software for all your needs. Almost all of the applications are free and you can quickly find what you need by browsing the listed programs by category. Note that some installers pack bloatware, useless adware that’s pre-selected to install.

JS RIA Archetype - The sample 'Hello World' project aims to provide a simple example of a JS RIA application which both acts as a demonstration of the javascript-maven-plugin features and provides a starting point for your own projects. The project utilizes jquery and jqueryui; jquery is used for selection and manipulation and jqueryui is used to handle a UI button. The project file structure is as follows:

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